Timeline: 4991-4994



  • March 3. Dr. Arne Marius first activates the dog-like robotic companion K-9.
  • September 4. Jessica Porsley receives a scholarship to attend Pokémon Technical School. There she meets James von Rich (13) for the first time. The two will eventually independently flunk out.1
  • October 9. Johtoan teenager Dewey McGinnis pressures his best friend Craig Abramowitz to join him in sneaking onto the grounds of Gladys Muchmoney’s estate to go skinny dipping. While Dewey ends up making out with Muchmoney’s daughter Alicia, Craig is assaulted by Muchmoney’s Snubbull, which bites his penis. Craig manages to escape, but the Snubbull gets a taste for tube-shaped things.


  • January 17. Jessica Porsley enrolls in Chansey Nursing School. She initially shows promise, and gains a friend in a specific Chansey.

February 14. Jessica Porsley (14) is unable to maintain her good standing at the Chansey Nursing School. She drops out of the class, leaving her friend the Chansey behind.
May 2. Jessica Porsley is reunited with James Von Rich (13) as they are traveling along Cycling Road in Kanto. They together join the Bridge Bike Gang.
September 30. A Psyduck hatches near a pond in HopHopHop Town in Kanto.
December 12. Amarillo Verde’s (5) parents are murdered by agents of Team Rocket. She is sent to the Viridian City Home for Children without Pokémon or Parents.


March 13. Lance Aino (19) joins the Johto-Kanto Elite Four.
May 5. A Pidgey hatches in the Viridian Forest of Kanto.
June 24. The orphan Meowth (10) meets the pampered Meowzie, and falls for her.
December 23. Bonnie Iwa gives birth to ten sons and daughters, including Forrest, in Pewter City, Kanto, Biisere.
December 23. A hiker named Anthony leaves his Geodude, Random, for a young Brock Iwa (12).


  • January 1. Flint Iwa abandons his family.

April 6. A number of Zubat eggs hatch in the caves inside Mt. Moon in Kanto.
April 19. Bonnie Iwa dies.
April 22. After attending Bonnie Iwa's funeral, Gaven Suriname, Pewter City Gym Leader, gives the orphan Brock Iwa (12) control of his gym, as well as his beloved Onix (30). This allows the boy to be emancipated, and given custody of his ten baby brothers and sisters.
April 24. A Koffing hatches in the attic of the Von Rich Mansion in Kanto.
May 1. A Bellsprout hatches in the grassy area outside Crimson City, Kanto.
May 18. Lorelei Prima (22) deposes Barnaby Drake (68) as a member of the Elite Four. She puts her gym up for sale.
May 19. Gourd Waterflower and Rose Grady purchase the rights to the Cerulean Gym, moving it to their water park within the city. They let their daughter Misty (9) know that she is to become Gym leader when she is ready. Her parents have Lily, Daisy, and Violet (all 14) administer the gym for her.
May 22. On the day Lorelei Prima signs over her gym, Misty Waterflower harasses her until Lorelei gives her her Starmie (7).
June 4. The talking Meowth (11) is brought to William Giovanni (35), head of Team Rocket. At first excited by the new Pokémon, he is eventually driven to bursts of rage from the Meowth’s endless talking.

  • June 15. Hoping to help Sabrina Natsume (13) with her troubled mind, her parents give her an Abra egg. She immediately connects with the intelligence within the egg, and it hatches. She and the Abra develop a strong telepathic link.

July 1. Jessica Porsley (16), James Von Rich V (16), and Cassidy Willows (15) are officially admitted as Team Rocket trainees.
July 9. A Goldeen hatches in a pond in the Viridian Forest of Kanto.
July 12. Young Tracey Zimmerman (12) runs away from home while his father sleeps.
July 15. Young espionage agent Dewey McGinnis accidentally maims Misty Waterflower’s Starmie while flirting with her sisters. It recovers, re-growing its severed limb. The limb becomes Misty’s new Staryu.
August 18. Lucas Parker (7) and his family move from Sandgem Town to Twinleaf Town. Lucas meets Dawn Palmieri (7), Barry Palmer (7), and Kenny Davis (6).
October 1. An Ekans hatches near Cerulean City.
October 22. James Von Rich and Jessica Porsley are partnered as Team Rocket grunts. They are given the partner Pokémon of Giovanni’s talking Meowth.
November 2. Norman Pulaski (34) takes over the Petalburg City gym, becoming Leader. He moves his family over from Cianwood City, Johto to Littleroot Town. His children May (8) and Max (4) meet Professor Herbert Birch's son Brendan (8).
November 4. Eugene Sinclair wins the 4994 Johto League Silver Conference.
November 9. Professor Sam Oak (49) catches a Pikachu that seems familiar. He has a lightning bolt engraved on its Ball.
December 1. A batch of Voltorb hatch outside the Kanto Hydroelectric Plant. Among them are the Voltorb that will be called Boom-Boom and the Big Bomber.
December 25. James von Rich receives a Koffing for Christmas.


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