Timeline: 4981-4990



  • March 31. Billy Whatley (9) and his family move to Goldenrod City, Johto.



  • February 1. Samuel Oak opens a lab in Pallet Town.
  • May 16. A male Meowth born amongst a litter is rejected by its mother. Sensing a "humanness" about him, she refuses to feed him, and his mother's human family attempts to drown him. A hiker named Anthony rescues him.1


  • August 7. Miyamoto Porsley, a Team Rocket agent, is killed while tracking the legendary Pokémon Mew in the mountains. Her body is eventually found, along with a single hair from the legendary Pokémon.2 She is survived by her daughter, Jessie.


  • March 10. Delia Ketchum gives birth to her son, Ash Ketchum.3 The child's father is Samuel Oak, who does not acknowledge his son because of the potential controversy.4
  • March 10. That very same day, Daisy Oak, a 15-year-old girl in Pallet Town, secretly gives birth to a boy as well, whom she names Gary. Her father, Samuel Oak, fearing the stigma of an unwed teenage daughter, begins lying and saying Gary is the son of another daughter, the fictional May.5
  • August 2-3. Caroline Yates and Herbert Birch (23) make love the day before her wedding to Norman Pulaski. Herbert is madly in love with Caroline, and she agrees to run away with him. In the morning, she marries Norman after all. Herbert decides to travel.6




  • June 21. Herbert Birch (27) marries Helga Börg. He adopts her son Brendan (3), whose surname they change to Birch.


  • March 12. Johtoan espionage agent Cheryl McGinnis is killed in action when she encounters a psychotic killer while on an unrelated mission. She is survived by her husband Morris, father Maurice, and two children, Dewey and Casey (2).
  • March 15. Hiroshi and Kasumi Ishihara finalize their divorce. Hiroshi begins working at the Goldenrod City Radio Tower and changes his surname back to Aida; Kasumi remains on her family farm and maintains custody of Ethan (2).
  • September 30. While attending a conference in Goldenrod City, Caroline Pulaski and David Elm (30) get drunk, and have a night of passion. Elm blacks out, and Caroline winds up pregnant.


  • May 15. Karen Ellis (14) wins the 4990 Kanto League Indigo Conference tournament.


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