Timeline: 4951-4960



March 25. Byron Colby is born in Oreburgh City, Sinnoh, Biisere.


September 20. Takeshi Koga is born in Fuchsia City, Kanto, Johtokanto Territory.


  • The Doctor (fourth incarnation), Sarah Jane Smith (24/1974), and Harry Sullivan (30/1974) arrive on Space Station Nerva. Together, they help defeat the Cybermen's attempt to destroy the "Planet of Gold" Voga.1



April 24. The Pokémon League is incorporated. Among its founders are Viridian City gym leader Agatha Smith-Jones (40), Cinnabar Island gym leader Chevy Blaine (38), Mahogany Town gym leader Colin Pryce (40), Professor Matilda Pulaski of Cianwood City, Mayor Levi Sasuka of Mikan Island, Captain Barnaby Drake (30) of the Biiseri Navy, and Biiseri Union Vice President Greg Simpson.
Barnaby Drake and Agatha Smith-Jones recruit two others to found the Elite Four.
Agatha Smith-Jones sells her gym to Elizabeth Giovanni. The gym subsequently remains closed for decades.

  • October 20. Sammy Oak (12) comes across the legendary Pokémon Celebi. It transports him to the year 4997. He eventually gets transported back to the present.2


April 22. Charles Shijima is born in Cianwood City, Johto, Johtokanto.
October 28. Luana Drake is born to Raquel and Barnaby Drake (32) in Mandarin Island South, Orange Islands, Biisere.




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