Timeline: 451-500



  • June 3-12. Oberon rebels against and deposes Queen Mab. The Children of Mab are renamed the Children of Oberon.


March 29. Queen Gudrun (41), having slowly plotted, murders her husband the Hunnic King Attila (46) by getting him drunk and burning down their home.1


March 17. The child Tan Italy Romano comes into existence in the southern Italian peninsula in the Roman Empire. The Tan Roman Empire (1206) adopts him as a "grandson".


  • October 12. Uther Pendragon (20) founds the Celtic Kingdom of Camelot on the island of Great Britain.


  • March 17. The child Tan Italy Veneziano comes into existence in the northern Italian peninsula in the Roman Empire. The Tan Roman Empire (1208) adopts him as a "grandson".


February 19. Beowulf is born to Ecgþeow and his wife in Geatland in northern Europe.


March 2. Flavius Momyllus Romulus Augustus is born in the Roman Empire.


November 7. Grendel is born to Nerthus in Denmark. His father is the human King Hrothgar (59).


  • Orestes seizes the throne of the Western Roman Empire.2
  • October 31. Orestes installs his son Romulus Augustus (15) as Emperor.3


  • September 4. The Tan Rome (1228) is slain by his friend Germania (965).
  • September 4. Roman Emperor Romulus Augustus (16) is deposed. The Western Roman Empire falls.
  • Births: Morgaine (September 30)


August. The time-traveling Heliopolitan god Thoth gathers a small sect of Egyptians who worship him above all, and takes them to the island later known as Greenland, where they found the city of Feithera. He mystically alters them to become bird-like humanoids.4


The Urodellian entrepreneur Garundel (398) crashes his ship in northern Europe.


  • December. Hrothgar's (69) demigod son Grendel (10) begins making nightly visits to his father Hrothgar, slaying Hrothgar's people.
  • The hero Beowulf (22) and his Geatish band arrive in the land of the Danes, visiting the hall of King Hrothgar. Beowulf fights the monster Grendel in the nude. He rips the creature's arm from his body, and Grendel goes off to die.
  • Beowulf briefly encounters the time-traveling Doctor (seventh incarnation), coming from the Black TARDIS, who is abducted by the Elder God Fenric. Beowulf also meets the Urodellian entrepreneur Garundel (400), Ace McShane (31), and Lysandra Aristedes (46/2026). Garundel, after getting his own arm torn off, is placed in suspended animation.
  • In the aftermath, Beowulf seeks Grendel's mother, the goddess Nerthus (1160), in order to slay her. Instead of slaying him, she makes a pact with him as part of a greater vengeance.


  • The first colony on Vulcan’s sister world T’Khut is founded.
  • July 10. Uther Pendragon (49) enlists the aid of |Merlin (95) in order to seduce Igraine, the wife of Duke of Cornwall Gorlois. Taking on Gorlois's form, Uther impregnates her. That very day, Gorlois is killed in battle.


  • March 6. In Camelot, Igraine gives birth to a son, Arthur. The wizard Merlin, aware the child is son of King Uther Pendragon, takes the infant to Sir Ector to raise.


July 14. The child Tan France comes into existence in Gaul.


June 25. Bertilak de Hautdesert is born on the island of Great Britain.



  • Vulcan scientists develop warp drive.


November 15. Lancelot is born to Elaine and King Bac of Benwick in Benwick on the island of Great Britain.


While his mother is tending to his wounded father, the Lady of the Lake (the nymph Nimue) takes the infant Lancelot and begins raising him underwater.


  • November 20. Morgaine (31) and King Lot of Lothian's son Gawain is born.


  • January 1. Uther Pendragon (64) dies.
  • The Vulcan Travelers, now known as the Rihannsu, make planetfall on the twin worlds of ch'Rihan and ch'Havran.
  • Fergus Mór mac Erc founds the Kingdom of Dal Riata in western modern Scotland.5
  • July-December. Arthur (15), called Wart, encounters the wizard Merlin (111), who takes him on as a pupil. He also meets Merlin's owl familiar, Archimedes. Merlin teaches Wart about rudimentary science and other learned matters, and spends some time transforming the boy into animals.


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