Timeline: 4501-4900



  • The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) and Rose Tyler (21) visit the planet Serac, a planet recently fallen to the Sontarans and home of a mining rig. With the help of the thoughtful Sontaran Lerox, they stop the disgraced Colonel Snathe from taking control of the Thanatos super weapon, who attempts to destroy Sontar itself.1


The Doctor (seventh incarnation), Elizabeth Klein, and Will Arrowsmith (both 1990) infiltrate Garundel's weapons auction in an attempt to recover the Nazi scientist and his persuasion device. After dealing with the Sontarans, they end up having a deadly encounter with Garundel, who kills his traitorous assistant, and the scientist is taken into the custody of the Daleks.





  • The Doctor (third incarnation) and Sarah Jane Smith (23/1974) arrive on the desolate colony world of Dust. There they encounter the mysterious Gallifreyan "I.M. Foreman", who runs a carnival with his latter 12 incarnations as amnesiac sideshow freaks. A vengeful Father Kreiner arrives, unleashing the insane thirteenth incarnation of Foreman. The first twelve incarnations escape, arriving on Gallifrey, where their TARDIS-like transport explodes, causing each to get amnesia and regenerate into their next stages. They are found by Foreman's initial incarnation. Foreman's thirteenth incarnation merges with Dust's biosphere. The Doctor is fatally injured and dies, beginning to regenerate. Sarah Jane takes his body into the TARDIS and departs, and the TARDIS, realizing the Doctor's regeneration here is a paradox, preserves the correct timeline, restoring the third Doctor. Father Kreiner is sucked into the Time Vortex.2


  • The Doctor (eighth incarnation) visits the Folkestone Library in Folkestone, England. He meets librarian Samson Griffin and his sister Gemma. The two join him on his travels.3


Earth is invaded and conquered by the Daleks. Samson Griffin, Davros's puppet, is dropped off at home. A resistance begins to form, led by Harriet Griffin.
The Doctor (eighth incarnation), Charley Pollard (1930), and C'rizz reenter the universe and run across the Daleks and Davros. Finding themselves on Earth, the three are split up. Charley meets up with Samson Griffin and helps the troubled young man refrain from suicide. He takes her to his mother's party, learning about the Daleks and Samson's amnesia in regards to his sister. C'rizz meets up with Gemma Griffin, now a puppet of the Daleks. The Doctor and Davros talk, and Davros tries to get the Doctor to help him transfer his mind to a cloned body, but instead the Doctor destroys it, and Davros's identity is supplanted by that of the Dalek Emperor. The Daleks are driven off Earth, Gemma is killed by C'rizz, and Samson and the Doctor's memories are restored.


  • April 1. An old Gastly (93) evolves into a Haunter from pure amusement.


The Doctor (eighth incarnation) visits the planet Dust, which is coterminous with I.M. Foreman's thirteenth incarnation.4


The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Ace McShane () arrive on the planet Tarsus VI, which is about to be destroyed in the explosion of its sun, due to a temporal anomaly. They manage to get away on a starship, and Ace helps a single member of a suicide cult to make it aboard. Soon the ship is sabotaged, and the cultist is discovered as the culprit. Due to a message from the Doctor's "eleventh" incarnation, they realize they must save the ship's captain, who tries to sacrifice himself to save the disabled ship. The cultist realizes she cannot take away others' right to choose their own fate, and ends up sacrificing herself instead.
The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) and Donna Noble () arrive on the planet Death's Deal, known for its dangerous surface. The Doctor gets a message from the "eleventh" Doctor. While also stopping the proliferation of dangerous crystals, they help save the lives of Krux and Lyric Erskine.


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