Timeline: 4201-4500



  • The Eminence begins assaulting outposts of the Earth Alliance, creating armies of its Infinite Warriors.


  • The art thief Bev Tarrant and her gang arrive on the planet Kar-Charrat. Soon, her entire group is killed by the Daleks. She meets the time-traveling Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Ace McShane (20), and they work together against the Daleks, who are all destroyed, along with the vast library on the planet, thought the native water life forms are able to reclaim their world as a result.1


The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Ace McShane () arrive on the planet Duchamp 331 in an attempt to find Edvard Munch's famous The Scream painting before it disappears from history. They discover, while being reunited with Bev Tarrant, that the painting holds an ancient malevolent entity, brought to the planet decades earlier by the Master (thirteenth incarnation), who lost his Trakenite body as a result. The entity, the Warp Core, and the planet itself, is destroyed in the end, with every single inhabitant of the planet dying. The Doctor takes Bev with him.


The Eminence conquers the human colony world of Delafoss.


The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Leela arrive on the colony world Delafoss, long under the control of the Eminence. They join the human resistance, working to take out the prototype ship the Infinite. The Eminence takes over the Doctor, who barely manages to hold full possession off while serving as an unwilling general. The Doctor, with help from a remote Leela working with the Earth fleet, manages to get Infinite destroyed, and Delafoss liberated.
The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Melanie Bush () arrive on the planet Kalsos decades too late, arriving at the time of the end of the war against the Eminence. They survive the destruction of the Tower of Kalsos, and are taken to the planet Ridian, where they become acquainted with people hoping to end the blights which have hit several of the colony worlds. Realizing it's part of a plan of biological warfare, the Doctor, Mel, and siblings Barlow and Sisrella Teveler travel to Earth in a sleeper ship in order to procure untainted samples of plants from the Seed Archive on Earth.
Upon arrival on Earth, the Doctor manages to hold off the Eminence from taking control of him, while Barlow fights off its control long enough to sacrifice himself to save his sister. The Doctor, Mel, and Sisrella return to Ridian, and Sisrella begins work on restoring the planet to a habitable world.


The Doctor (seventh incarnation) arrives on a station orbiting the planet Antikon, where experiments are conducted to try and cure the disease called The Decay, and the Dar Traders help out in this regard. The Doctor discovers the Decay is a life-form trying to communicate with others via death, not realizing death doesn't work that way. The Decay is destroyed. The Doctor asks Danika Meanwhile to join him on his travels, but she turns him down.




  • On the planet Ember, Abigail Pettigrew learns she has a terminal illness. As a way of making her remaining time mean something, she volunteers to be collateral for a loan, and gets cryogenically frozen in the vaults of Eliot Sardick.2


  • December 24. The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation) visits the boy Kazran Sardick on Ember, and they face a sky shark together. During this meeting, they unfreeze the young woman Abigail Pettigrew, who joins them for an adventure. She returns to cryogenic suspension, but they promise to wake her up every year. The Doctor leaves, but shortly returns and brings young Kazran forward to 4398 to convince his older, horrible self to save others.3




The Master (in his decayed post-Trakenite form) is set up on the human colony planet Perfugium amnesiac by the abstract entity Death.


The Doctor (seventh incarnation) comes to Perfugium to fulfill his agreement with Death to kill the Master (thirteenth incarnation). He fails, and the Master's true personality resurfaces. The Doctor also learns he was the one who killed the bully when he and the Master were children.


  • The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation) arrives on Ember, and, unable to save his honeymooning friends Amy Pond and Rory Williams from a crashing ship, appeals to planetary leader Kazran Sardick. Refused, he travels back and alters Kazran's past to hopefully change the future, but this fails, as it makes him more bitter because of a lost love. The Doctor brings Kazran's 12-year-old self (4340) to the present, which finally convinces Kazran to change. They awaken Abigail Pettigrew one last time, and she saves the ship with her singing.


The TARDIS, carrying the Doctor (second incarnation), Jamie McCrimmon, and Zoe Heriot (), arrives on the planetoid Lavonia in time for a peace conference between the human Xanthan Empire and their ancient enemies the Tibari Republic. The Doctor and Zoe's minds are taken over by an alliance between a Tibari renegade Atrika and the Daleks. They resist being used to try and assassinate the Xanthan leader until Atrika turns against the treacherous Daleks, destroying them all, but dying in the process.


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