Timeline: 4101-4200



  • The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) and Rose Tyler (21) arrive in the TARDIS on Krop Tor, in orbit of a black hole. They battle an ancient monster called The Beast. There are several human casualties as well as a large number of Ood slaves.1


The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) and Martha Jones (2008) visit a milk bar on a space station. The Doctor is briefly abducted by a Sycorax collector of "last survivors".


The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) and Martha Jones (2008) appear aboard a starship, and become involved with preventing the crew and ship from plummeting into a star.


The Headhunter and Lucie Miller (2006) go in the recovered TARDIS to the planet Orbis. The Doctor (eighth incarnation) has been there for 600 years, helping the Keltans fend off the Moscullari. At first not recognizing Lucie, the Doctor eventually regains his memory of her, but does not want to leave Orbis. The Headhunter's plot is to get a stellar manipulator from the Doctor's possession, which she succeeds in, though Orbis is destroyed. The Doctor and Lucie head for Earth.


The Doctor ("tenth" incarnation) and Donna Noble (2009), aboard the TARDIS, arrive at the Ood Sphere, the homeworld of the Ood. They help liberate the Ood from their human corporate slaveholders.


The Doctor (eighth incarnation), held captive by the Consensus for six years, is "rescued" by rebels, who believe that the idea of the star the prison is within is not unstable, as the Doctor believes. The Doctor realizes it's all a plot by the Consensus to get the Doctor to let the star explode. He saves the day.


Iris Wildthyme (sixth incarnation) and Panda flee the New Naxian Empire and arrive on the Earth colony Trull. There fan Wayne Bland tricks Iris into switching bodies, and Iris has to work to get her body back and save the day from the Traugam, a giant alien which wants to have sex with the planet. Ultimately, Wayne takes over the Traugam's body, and all ends well.


The Dalek Empire invades a number of worlds in the Milky Way Galaxy, beginning with Conus IV.


The Doctor (seventh incarnation) visits the planet Spiridon, now known as Zaleria, during its second occupation by the Daleks. He encounters the Velyshaa Kalendorf and the human "Angel of Mercy" Susan Mendes, and helps them survive an uprising against the Daleks by the natives. The Doctor agrees to help them gain the native Spiridon power of invisibility, and remains their captive for years.


The Doctor (seventh incarnation) releases a virus that causes the Daleks on Spiridon to die from the visual phase-shift of the Spiridons, while also restoring the Spiridons to revert to their natural invisible state. The Doctor nearly dies of the virus himself, but is saved by his TARDIS, and finally leaves Spiridon.


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