Timeline: 4051-4100



  • A coup d'etat ends democracy in the United Federation of Planets, once again restoring the Earth Empire.



  • Births: Agitha (September 17)


  • The Twili Zant (38), after a frustrating encounter with the Twilight Princess Midna (45), has an encounter with a spectral being, a projection of Ganondorf Dragmire, who has been laying low in the Twilight Realm for quite some time. Zant begins worshiping Ganon as his god.1


  • Zant (39) overthrows the Twili princess Midna (46), transforming her into a diminutive imp form.
  • November 19. The Hylian Kingdom of Hyrule is invaded by Zant and his shadow beasts, bringing Twilight with him, which covers the kingdom. Princess Zelda (17), the Kingdom's sovereign, is forced to surrender.2
  • November 19. The invasion simultaneously hits Ordon Village in Ordona Province. Shadow beasts abduct the children of Ordona, including Ilia, Beth, Malo, Talo, and Colin. The boy Link (17) is grabbed by a shadow beast, but the Triforce of Courage resonating within him causes him to be transformed into a wolf. He passes out and is taken to Hyrule Castle's dungeon.3
  • November 20. The imp Midna meets Link in wolf form, and helps him get free. They rendezvous with Zelda, and then escape the Castle and the Twilight-covered area altogether. Link procures a sword and shield from Ordon Village, and then encounters the Spirit of Light Ordona, who sets him to rescue the other Spirits of Light. After Link frees the light enough to restore the Spirit Faron, the Spirit both rids the province of Twilight and restores Link's Hylian form. Link finds himself clad in the green clothes of the legendary Hero of Time.4
  • November 21. Link and Midna reach the Forest Temple. Link rescues several monkeys, and first meets the hideous abomination called Ooccoo. The monkeys help him traverse the temple, and even help him destroy the monster Diababa. The destroyed monster leaves behind a fused shadow, which Midna claims for herself. After, Faron sends Link out toward Eldin Province.5
  • November 22. Link and Midna pass through Hyrule Field until they reach the Twilight wall surrounding Eldin Province. Turning temporarily back into a wolf, Link restores the Spirit Eldin, and frees the Province of Twilight. Link travels to Kakariko Village, where he is reunited with Colin, Beth, Malo, and Talo. Link's horse, Epona, appears, and Link calms her down enough to return to Ordon. While in Ordon, Link learns the art of sumo fighting from Mayor Bo, while also receiving Iron Boots. Link returns to Kakariko at sundown, just in time to see King Bulbin capture Colin. Link chases Bulbin, fighting over Bulbo-riding Bulbins, until they reach the Bridge of Eldin. A pseudo-joust ensues, with Link defeating King Bulbin, knocking him from the bridge. Colin is none the worse for wear.6
  • November 23. Link enters the Goron City on Death Mountain, and convinces the temporary leader Gor Coron that he can help after defeating him in a sumo match. Link agrees to go into the mines and stop the Big Brother Darbus, who has mutated into a monster and is being kept secluded and bound. After making his way through the maze of the mines, and encountering three more Goron elders, Link confronts the monster that was Darbus: Fyrus. Upon Fyrus's destruction, Darbus comes to his senses, and Midna takes the second fused shadow.7
  • November 24. Link reaches Lanayru Province, and eventually restores the Spirit of Light Lanayru, after thawing the Zora people and restoring the water flow to Lake Hylia. Link travels to Hyrule Castle Town and is reunited with Ilia, who has been overcome with amnesia. Link, riding Epona, accompanies the tavern owner Telma and Ilia on their trek to Kakariko Village to bring the Zora boy Ralis to the shaman Renalo for medical treatment. He once again has a joust of sorts with King Bulbin, who is once again flung from a bridge. The ghost of the Zora Queen, Rutela, leads him to a special suit that allows him to breathe underwater.8
  • November 25. Link travels to Lake Hylia and Zora's Domain and he breaches the Lakebed Temple. He defeats the monster Morpheel and earns the third Fused Shadow. Upon his and Midna's return to the surface of the lake, they are attacked by Zant, who forces Link back into a wolf form that persists after his return to normal light. He also mortally wounds Midna by subjecting her to the full light of Lanayru. Midna teleports herself and Link to Hyrule Castle. Link takes her to see Zelda, who gives Midna her life force to restore her to health and allow her to exist fully in the light, and Zelda disappears. Midna and Link set out to the Sacred Grove in the old Kokiri Forest in search of the Master Sword. Zant enshrouds the castle in a shell.9
  • November 26. Link and Midna travel to the Sacred Grove, where a Skull Kid teases them through the Lost Woods, but eventually leads them to the Master Sword. Link is transformed back into a Hylian, and draws the sword out, claiming it as its master. Midna takes the curse of Zant and makes it so Link can become a wolf whenever he needs to. Link and Midna eventually make it to the Gerudo Desert, and begin trekking across it.10
  • November 27. Link makes it to the Arbiter's Grounds, an abandoned prison. He discovers the Spinner weapon. Zant appears and activates the skeletal monster Stallord before disappearing. Link defeats Stallord, and opens up the Mirror Chamber. Midna is crushed to find the Mirror of Twilight shattered, with much of it missing. The spirits of a tribunal appear to them, and reveal that Zant was empowered by Ganondorf Dragmire. The spirits set Link and Midna on a quest to recover the three fragments of the Mirror of Twilight.11
  • November 28. Link visits Hyrule Castle Town, and returns to Telma's Bar, where he meets the "Resistance", which includes young soldier Ashei, young scholar Shad, and his old friend, a disguised Rusl. He also meets the bizarre "Bug Princess" Agitha (14).12
  • November 29. Link and Midna travel to Snowpeak. Link briefly runs into Ashei. He meets the Yeti Yeto, and follows the beast back to his home in the ruins of a large mansion. Link meets Yeto's wife Yeta, who has become ill, unknowingly from exposure to the Mirror of Twilight shard. She tries to return it to Link, but before she can, she is transformed into the ice monster Blizzeta. Link defeats the monster, leaving Yeta safe in the aftermath. Link takes the shard with him.13
  • November 30. Returning to the Sacred Grove, Link uses the Master Sword to travel to the now dimensionally-askew Temple of Time. He recovers the Dominion Rod, which Ooccoo claims is hers. He faces the spider monster Armogohma, and destroys it, procuring the third part of the Mirror of Twilight.14
  • December 1. With information from Ilia, and with the help of Darbus, Link finds Old Kakariko Village, and rescues the elderly Sheikah Impaz by ridding the town of Bulbins. Impaz gives Link the Ancient Sky Book. Receiving another item from Impaz, Link returns to Ilia, and gives the item to her. It restores Ilia's memory.15
  • December 2. After getting the help of Shad to restore the Dominion Rod and getting an ancient cannon to work, Link (followed by Ooccoo and her spawn) are shot into the "City in the Sky", where the Oocca dwell. Link faces and destroys the dragon Argoroth, and receives the last of the Mirror of Twilight fragments.16
  • December 3. Returning to the Arbiter's Grounds, Midna recreates the Mirror of Twilight, and she and Link enter the Twilight Realm. Midna is revealed to be the Twilight Princess. In the Twilight Realm, Link finds the Sol items that light the realm, and reactivates them, restoring the Twili people. Zant attacks, and after a protracted battle, Link defeats him. An enraged Midna slays Zant after receiving the full power of the Fused Shadows. She returns with Link to Hyrule Castle.17
  • December 3-4. Midna, using the Fused Shadow, breaks the barrier around Hyrule Castle, and she and Link storm it. In the courtyard, they have a final and subdued confrontation with King Bulbin. Link and Midna make it to Zelda's throneroom, where Zelda is strung up. Ganondorf appears, and separates Link and Midna. He takes possession of Zelda's body, and attacks Link in it. Link defeats the puppeted Zelda, and Ganondorf transforms into his beast form, Ganon. With Midna's help, and Link taking his wolf form at times, Ganon is also defeated. Midna restores Zelda, whose soul had been hidden within Midna for days. When Ganondorf attacks again in a spectral form, Midna teleports Link and Zelda away, and attacks with the full power of the Fused Shadow. Apparently defeated, Ganondorf appears in the ruins of Hyrule Castle. Zelda calls upon the Light Spirits, who create her Light Arrows and Bow for her. She and Link ride Epona into battle against Ganondorf. Ultimately, Link ends up in a sword duel with Ganondorf, and kills him (again) by plunging him in the chest with the Master Sword. Zelda and Link find Midna alive, restored to her true form.18
  • December 5. After returning the Master Sword to its pedestal, Link, Zelda, and Midna travel to the Arbiter's Grounds, where Midna returns to the Twilight Realm, but destroying the Mirror of Twilight as she goes.19


October 21. The Hyrulean Time Guardian Cia (28/10031), solely composed of her dark side, arrives in this era in the Twilight Realm adjacent to Hyrule. Her presence somehow resurrects the Twili Usurper King Zant, whose resurrection in turn causes the Twilight Princess Midna (48) to revert to her cursed imp state. Cia recruits Zant to her cause.[19]
October 22. Cia's actualized kindness, Lana, arrives through a temporal fissure to try and stop Cia. Arriving in Hyrule of this era in the Eldin Province, she immediately faces Midna, who has returned to the light world in order to restore her former self, assumes Lana is Cia's ally, and fights her intermittently. The bizarre girl Agitha (16), now fully realized as a "insect princess", aids Lana in navigating around the land. Once Midna realizes that Lana is not Cia's ally, they team up. The three women return to the Twilight realm, where they battle Zant and a similarly resurrected Argorok dragon. After Lana closes the Gate of Souls and Cia retreats, Midna and Agitha travel to Lana's native era to help stop Cia.[20]
October 30. Disturbances in her era cause Midna to return to her time for a bit, alongside Princess Zelda (17) of the future era. They also meet Linkle (17/10031), who has somehow wandered into the past era. The three of them manage to lead a force to the defeat of a doppelganger of Zant.[21]


Arriving on the colony world Red Rocket Rising, the Time Lord Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Lucie Miller (19/2006) discover the planet has recently been partially evacuated due to devastating asteroid bombardment. After the Daleks arrive claiming to help the people, they discover a secret location where human-stock Daleks are being created, and their creator has called the original Daleks to help. The Daleks reveal they are responsible for the planet's bombardment, and that they destroyed the evacuation ships, all in an effort to keep the bloodline pure. The Doctor foments a human rebellion against the now warring original Daleks and human Daleks, who annihilate each other. The planet begins rebuilding.[22]


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