Timeline: 401-425



  • June. Sigmund (39) marries the Hun Borghild.1


  • August 23. The N'Kai Nokkar (397) arrives on Earth, and sets up an outpost beneath the island of Rapa Nui.2


  • Uxas approaches the boy DeSaad (435), and tricks him into killing his cat. The traumatized boy leaves New Genesis for Apokolips, swearing fealty to Uxas.



November 13. Attila is born among the Huns.

  • December 31. A confederation of Germanic tribes, including the Suebi, Alans, and Burgundians, cross the river Rhine and begin an invasion of the Roman holdings in Gaul.4


The Tan China (2460) meets the child Tan Japan (1066). He adopts the boy as his "little brother".


  • March 25. Borghild, full of hatred for her stepson Sinfjötli (20), tricks Sigmund (45) into convincing the youth to drink poison. He dies. A grief-stricken Sigmund takes his son's body to the fjords, where he runs into the god Odin (1395), who takes the body with him to Valhalla. When Sigmund returns, he banishes Borghild.5


  • September 12. Visigothic King Alaric (40), having completed a sacking of Rome, dies in Casenza.6

December 31. Hrothgar is born in Denmark. He is the son of King Halfdan.


September 8. Gudrun is born to Grimhilde and Gjuki in Worms.


March. The hero Sigmund (49) marries Hjördis (secretly Signy [49]), wife of Hunding.7
September 6. Sigmund (50) comes across an old man and challenges him, not knowing that the old man is Odin (1399), who is there to get vengeance on behalf of his wife Frigga (1211), who is sickened by the incest and adultery the twins have been committing. In their fight, Odin shatters the mystical sword Gram, leaving Sigmund open to attack by Hunding, Hjördis's husband. As Sigmund lay dying, he tells Hjördis that she is pregnant with his child, and the child will one day become a great hero using the fragments of Gram.8 The Valkyrie Brynhildr (46) defies Odin's orders, and takes Hjördis and the remnants of Gram and hides them away. Odin feels forced to curse Brynhildr, but she convinces him to lessen the sentence, as she was acting towards Odin's true desires. Odin strips Brynhildr of her birthright as a demigoddess, and places her in a deep sleep. He entreats Loki (409), god of fire, to surround her with a mystical flame, and that the only one who can pierce it must be worthy of her (based, as always, on Odin's standards).9


May 13. Sigurd is born to Hjördis (50). His father is the late hero Sigmund. Hjördis's husband, Hunding, has Sigurd sent to the dwarf Regin (259) to raise.10


  • October 2. Hypatia (55) is killed by a mob.


July 18. While out hunting, Prince Pwyll (18) of Dyfed feeds the kills of an extra-dimensional king's to his hounds. The king, Arawn, is furious. They make a deal so that they switch bodies and lives for a year and a day. Pwyll takes lordship over the realm of Annwn.


July 19. After killing Arawn's rival, Hafgan, Pwyll (19) and Arawn's bodies return to normal. Because Pwyll didn't have sex with Arawn's wife, they become good friends.


August 7. Pwyll (20), prince of Dyfed, comes across the goddess Rhiannon (1125) riding a white horse, and pursues her. Unable to catch her, he eventually calls out to her. She tells him of her plight, how she does not want to marry her fiancé, Gwawl ap Clud. She has him promise to come back in a year and a day and marry her.


  • August 2. Moroni (57), son of Mormon, dies after completing his father's writings, set on gold plates, and burying them. He transforms into an angel and ascends to Yahweh's heaven.11

August 7-8. Pwyll (21) travels to Rhiannon's (1126) home for their wedding. He accidentally promises her hand to her ex-fiancé, Gwawl ap Clud. Feeling stupid, he and his buddies put Gwawl in a sack and beat him until he gives up his claim. Pwyll and Rhiannon are married.



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