Timeline: 4001-4050



  • January 1. In an alternate timeline bubble, the clone "Superman X" (created from the DNA of Superman) is released from his incubation tank. He begins a one-man crusade against the forces of Imperiex with only the help of the A.I. K3NT to assist him.
  • Desperate, Superman X travels back to the 31st century in his bubble, recruiting members of the Legion of Super-Heroes (Brainiac 5, Chameleon Boy, Lightning Lad, Timber Wolf, and Triplicate Girl). Seeing his temporal display, Imperiex decides to travel to the past and attacks the Legion there.1
  • After nearly a year in the past, Superman X returns to the future, now an honorary member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.
  • After an encounter with Glorith and her lapdog, an alternative version of Cosmic Boy, Superman X goes insane. He decides to become the new Imperiex, and travels back to the past in order to destroy the Legion, inadvertently traveling to the prime Universe.


Therth Year 842

  • Frieda Reiss is injected with a serum that transforms her into a Titan. She eats her uncle, a Titan shifter, gaining the ability to return to human form, and inherits the memories and powers of the Coordinate.


Therth Year 844

  • In the mountains in the interior Wall Maria, a trio of killers murders Mikasa Ackerman's parents, and takes her captive in order to sell her as a sex slave. Another child, Eren Yeager (9), kills two of the murderers, but nearly falls victim to the third, when Mikasa finds an inner strength and kills the man herself. In the aftermath, the Yeagers adopt Mikasa into their family. Eren gives her his scarf as a sign of his acceptance of her into his family.2


Therth Year 845

  • September. The Marleyan "Warriors" Reiner Braun, Bertolt Hoover, Annie Leonhart, and Marcel Galliard are attacked by a Titan. Marcel shoves Reiner out of the way of the Titan, and as a result is eaten. Reiner and Bertolt escape. The Titan, once a girl named Ymir (72), having consumed a shifter, absorbs Marcel's Titan power, becoming a shifter herself, and reverts to her human form for the first time in 60 years.

October 10. Bertolt Hoover transforms into the Colossal Titan, breaking the external gate in the Shiganshina District on the edge of Wall Maria. Titans begin to flood the city. Debris hits the Yeager household, trapping Carla Yeager, who is eaten by a Titan. With the city only partially evacuated, Reiner Braun transforms into the Armored Titan, destroying the gate between Shiganshina and the interior of Wall Maria, forcing the evacuation of the entire Wall interior. Among the survivors are Eren Yeager (Carla's son) (10), Mikasa Ackerman (Carla's adoptive daughter) (10), and their friend Armin Arlert (10). Reiner Braun and Bertolt Hoover, and their ally Annie Leonhart (11), join the refugees.
October 10. Grisha Yeager injects himself with a serum that turns him into a Titan. He kills most of the Reiss family, including eating the Titan Shifter Frieda Reiss, absorbing her Titan powers, including the Coordinate. Rod Reiss flees.
October 14. Historia Reiss (10) and her mother are confronted by Rod Reiss and his goons. His lead goon, Kenny Ackerman, murders Historia's mother. Rod helps Historia survive by giving her a new identity of Krista Lenz.
October 15. Grisha Yeager is reunited with his son, and injects the boy with the Titan serum. The transformed Eren eats his father, absorbing his father's Titan powers, including that of the Coordinate, but the trauma results in Eren forgetting the encounter entirely.


The imperial government of the human population on Thiserth's Paradise Island conscripts 250,000 refugees from the interior of Wall Maria in an attempt to reclaim the lost territory. The move is done as a thinly-veiled exercise in population control. There are less than 200 survivors total. Among the dead are Armin Arlert's grandfather.


  • September 14. The 104th Trainee Corps gathers at four locations in the interior of Wall Rose. Among the Southern Division class, training under Keith Shadis, are Mikasa Ackerman (12), Armin Arlert (12), Marco Bodt (13), Reiner Braun (14), Sasha Braus (13), Mina Carolina (12), Hannah Diamant, Bertolt Hoover (13), Franz Kefka, Jean Kirstein (12), Krista Lenz (12), Annie Leonhart (13), Daz Lerner, Samuel Linke-Jackson, Connie Springer (12), Nac Tius, Thomas Wagner, Eren Yeager (12), Ymir (74), and Mylius Zeramuski.


May 11-12. Sixteen members of the 104th Trainee Corps are given an assignment. They are made to ride horses in two eight-man squads on a short expedition. One of the squads, led by Marco Bodt (13), includes Armin Arlert (13), Eren Yeager (13), Jean Kirstein (13), Krista Lenz (13), Mina Carolina (13), Connie Springer (13), and Sasha Braus (13). While camping out in a wooded area, they are ambushed by bandits, who steal their 3D Gear, and abduct Krista. The rest of the kids come up with an ambitious plan to rescue her, and manage to succeed.


September 2-4. The Southern Division of the 104th Trainee Corps travels to Trost for evaluation by Garrison Southern Division Head Dot Pixis. While there, Jean Kirstein and Sasha Braus compete in a cooking competition to further impress Pixis. While Sasha successfully hunts and slays a giant boar, her pork dish of meat only is unable to surpass Jean's home-made omelette.


August 31. The 104th Trainee Corps Southern Division graduates in a ceremony in Trost. There are 218 members of the graduating class. The top ten scoring students are Krista Lenz (15) (10th), Sasha Braus (16) (9th), Connie Springer (15) (8th), Marco Bodt (16) (7th), Jean Kirstein (15) (6th), Eren Yeager (15) (5th), Annie Leonhart (16) (4th), Bertolt Hoover (16) (3rd), Reiner Braun (17) (salutatorian), and Mikasa Ackerman (15) (valedictorian). Armin Arlert (15) and Ymir (77) are among the highest-ranking other students.
September 1. Bertolt Hoover transforms into the Colossal Titan, and destroys the external gate of Trost. The Trost Garrison mobilizes, and the 104th Trainee graduates join the fight. The vanguard against the encroaching Titans is decimated. The first cadet squad (Armin Arlert, Mina Carolina [15], Nac Tius, Thomas Wagner, Eren Yeager, and Mylius Zeramuski) sent against the Titans is decimated, with all but Armin eaten. The maimed, consumed, and dying Eren unwittingly transforms into a Titan, bursts out of the body of his eater, and goes on a rampage against the other Titans.
September 1. After getting Trost businessman Dimo Reeves to stop blocking the evacuation of Trost, Mikasa Ackerman joins the cadet squads. Grief-stricken after learning of Eren's supposed death, she is saved from being eaten by Eren's Titan form. She, Armin, and Connie join with a group led by Jean Kirstein to take back the Garrison HQ, successfully liberating it and refueling their gear, though with several more losses. Before scaling the wall, Eren's Titan collapses, and his regenerated body is rescued. The discovery of Eren as a Titan causes Reiner Braun to call off the destruction of the inner gate of Wall Rose. After a tense confrontation with the Garrison, Garrison Commander Dot Pixis (63) agrees to allow Eren to try and plug the external gate to Trost with his new powers.
September 1. Although initially mindless, Eren Yeager gains full control over his Titan form, and successfully plugs the hole in Wall Rose with a giant boulder. This is the first victory humanity has against the Titans. There are very heavy losses amongst the military to achieve the victory. Two Titans are captured for study by the Scouting Legion.
September 1. Marco Bodt (16) overhears Reiner Braun and Bertolt Hoover discussing their mission, leading to their and Annie Leonhart's taking his ODM Gear. A Titan grabs and kills him, eating his arm and half his face.
September 3. Jean Kirstein finds and identifies the body of Marco Bodt.
September 4. Eren Yeager awakens from a coma. He meets Recon Corps head Commander Erwin Smith and his second Levi Ackerman, who welcome him into the Scouting Legion.
September 5. Commander-in-Chief Darius Zackly presides over a tribunal to decide whose custody Eren Yeager is to be turned over to. After dramatic displays (including Levi Ackerman beating Eren up), Zackly hands him to the Scouting Legion.
September 6. Annie Leonhart kills the two Titans being studied by Zoe Hanji. In inspections after, she uses Marco Bodt's gear to pass inspection.
September 7. The delayed ceremony for deciding what branch of the military they will join for the 104th Trainee Corps commences. Twenty-one trainees join the Recon Corps, including Mikasa Ackerman, Armin Arlert, Reiner Braun, Sasha Braus, Bertolt Hoover, Jean Kirstein, Krista Lenz, Connie Springer, and Ymir.


The Doctor (sixth incarnation), Peri Brown (), and Frobisher () team up with a Draconian warrior, Kaon, and two others to stop the menace of the Skeletoids. They are successful.


  • Births: Strax (November 4)


  • Births: Midna (February 4)


  • Births: Zant (September 5)


  • The Sontaran field nurse Strax (12) is pulled from the Battle of Zaruthstra to join the Doctor in a siege at Demon's Run in 5145.3


The Doctor (fifth incarnation), Peri Brown (21), and Erimem (21) come to Peladon on the day of the young King Pelleas's wedding to an Earth woman. Discovering that the ancient Osirian Sekhmet has been killing royal women, including the Pel queen, a Martian princess, and the King's betrothed, Erimem nearly sacrifices her life to stop her, but the Martian prince Zixlyr sacrifices himself to stop her. Erimem decides to remain behind and marry Pelleas to fulfill her destiny as a leader.


  • The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Frobisher () travel to Actinon, a planet at a tribal level, where they are captured and sold into slavery. They are bought by a Draconian warlord, Kaon (whom the Doctor has not yet met), that had crashed on the planet some time ago, and they join him in battle against a rival warlord to save his captured daughter. They are successful, though Kaon is killed.4


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