Timeline: 400-301 BCE


399 BCE

  • April 25. Socrates (70) is executed by the Athenian government by way of drinking hemlock.

378 BCE

  • September 30. The gods Vishnu, Ra, and Odin (610) team up to fight off a nameless evil encroaching on the Sol system. They manage to destroy it, but one of their blows knocks a fragment into a time warp leading to millions of years in the past.

367 BCE

  • May 5. Ptolemy is born.

358 BCE

  • April 29. Seleucus is born in Orestis, Macedon.

356 BCE

  • July 20. Alexander III is born in Pella, Macedon.

October 20. Hephaestion is born in Macedon.

336 BCE

  • Alexander (20) ascends to become King of Macedon.

October 20. Metron is born on New Genesis.

333 BCE

  • Alexander (23) visits the Persian satrapy of Gordium. Encountering the infamous Gordian Knot, he slices it in twain.

325 BCE

323 BCE

  • May 18-June 11. The Doctor and Susan, and Ian Chesterton (32) and Barbara Wright (30) (both 1963) arrive in the TARDIS outside Babylon. They meet Alexander the Great (32) and his retinue. Over the next few weeks, they are on-hand as a conspiracy kills off most of Alexander's closest allies and heirs, including his best friend/lover Hephaestion (32). The Doctor and his friends are briefly accused of the crimes. After Alexander is poisoned, the conspirators are revealed, though Seleucus (35), who partook in the conspiracy, escapes suspicion by killing the final conspirator.

June 11. Alexander the Great (32) succumbs to his poisoning. The Doctor, Ian, Barbara, and Susan depart Babylon in the TARDIS after his death.
There is no clear heir to the Macedonian Empire, and many fight for control, including Ptolemy (44) and Seleucus.

304 BCE

  • In the Anunnaki's realm, the angel Lucifer stages a revolt. He and his followers (including Rodin) are defeated handily, and cast into a hell realm.


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