Timeline: 3901-4000



  • The unpopulated planet Desperus is established as yet another prison planet. The criminals there are those considered too dangerous to live, and left to their own devices with no care as to whether they survive.


  • July 25. King Peladon (49) of Peladon's daughter Thalira is born.


  • After the Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Mel Bush (26) are separated, Mel spends several weeks on the planet Lethe, where she takes up a position as a programmer, working on the disguised Davros's "Juggernaut" robots, which are actually Mechanoids from Mechanus. The Doctor eventually shows up, secretly working for another faction of Daleks, and Davros is revealed. Mel is forced to use her backdoor control of the Mechanoids to stop Davros.1



  • The Doctor (third incarnation) and Sarah Jane Smith (23) arrive at Peladon. They once again rescue Ambassador Alpha Centauri, and help Peladonian Queen Thalira defeat a rebellion and the planet's conquest by a faction of rogue humans and Ice Warriors.2


The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Frobisher visit the tropical pleasure planet A-Lux, and find it a frozen wasteland. After meeting the Dreilyn heat vampire Olla, they discover that the climate has been changed by Ice Warrior renegades. The Doctor manages to reverse the polarity of the neutron flow on their heat siphon, and make it a heat pump, defeating the Ice Warriors. Frobisher decides to stay behind, while Olla joins him on the TARDIS.


The girl Ymir (12), leader of a small religious sect, is exiled and injected with a serum, and transforms into a mindless Titan.


The Doctor (second incarnation), Jamie McCrimmon, and Zoe Heriot () arrive at the Frenko Bazaar, and Jamie is abducted to be sold as a slave. The Doctor and Zoe rescue him, and they try to free the other slaves, but it is not until they free a pair of Martians that the slaves build up the will to rebel. The Ice Warrior leader declares the ship his, and his fellow former slaves his crew. As the Doctor and friends return to the TARDIS, Jamie and Zoe suddenly vanish, abducted to a limbo realm by an alternate timeline bubble's Adam Mitchell.






  • Mavic Chen negotiates the United Federation of Planets' entry into the Galactic Council. He is given the semi-ceremonial title of "Guardian of the Solar System" and named as a Federation ambassador-at-large with much discretionary power.





  • Kenny Ackerman () comes to the Underground of Mitras, seeking his sister Kuchel. He finds her having died, with her son, Levi (5) sitting near the corpse. Kenny, in a strange moment of compassion, decides to take the child in and raise him.


The Doctor and Leela arrive on the planet Colophos, where they and surveyors encounter the last surviving Colophon, a brilliant scientist named Morax. Morax had been responsible for his planet's life's eradication and had been held captive for a thousand years of punishment. Morax uses his wiles and invisibility to escape the planet, but dies on a ship in orbit as his molecular structure collapses.



When the Daleks assault the Space Security Service's base on the M5 asteroid, officers Sara Kingdom, Mark Seven, and Jason Corey must use stealth to stop them. They manage to drive the Daleks off, who take the captive David Kingdom with them.




The TARDIS, carrying the Doctor, Vicki Pallister (2494), and Steven Taylor (2251), arrives on the planet Galaxy IV. There they run into a group of stranded and belligerent Drahvins, who are attempting to steal the friendly Rills' ship, which is similarly stranded. The travelers help the Rills leave the doomed planet, but the Drahvins refuse to cooperate, and end up dying when it explodes.
The TARDIS arrives on Earth carrying the Doctor, Steven Taylor (), and Sara Kingdom (). Sara is preunited with her brother Bret Vyon, and meets Mavic Chen, who gives her a promotion. Sara realizes she is in a predestination paradox, and destroys a giant Clock which allows for instantaneous interstellar transportation, in order to free its enslaved human food source. The act of destruction apparently forces the hand of Chen into allying with the Daleks.
The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Sam Jones (1997) visit Micawber's World to attend the wedding of the Doctor's former companions Stacy Townsend and Ssard. At the same time, the Olympic Games are held there, the Foamasi are moving in, a cult is protesting inter-species marriage, Sam has ambiguous romantic feelings for young athlete/cultist Kyle Dale, and the Wirrn are secretly absorbing everybody into their gestalt. Ultimately, the Doctor and Sam defeat the Wirrn with the help of the Foamasi.


  • September 6-9. The Doctor, Steven Taylor (), and Katarina (1250 BCE) arrive on the planet Kembel in this era. The travelers discover a conspiracy between Solar System Guardian Mavic Chen, the Galactic Council, and the Dalek Empire to conquer the universe. They team up with Space Security officer Bret Vyon. After procuring the canister of turanium, a very rare compound needed for the conquerors' doomsday weapon, they flee with Vyon in a stolen ship. Landing on the prison planet Desperus, a criminal stows away, and Katarina dies when she opens an airlock to save them from his attempts to return them to Kembel. After traveling to an experimental testing facility, Vyon is killed by his sister Sara Kingdom. Kingdom corners the Doctor and Steven and is transported with them to the planet Mira. There, Kingdom learns the truth behind the conspiracy, and helps the Doctor and Steven steal a Dalek time machine. Transporting to Kembel, they hand Mavic Chen a false turanium, and flee in the TARDIS.
  • Mavic Chen and the Daleks discover the ruse, and follow the TARDIS back to 2494 BCE.
  • September 15. After Mavic Chen and the Daleks return, the Doctor, Steven Taylor (), and Sara Kingdom (32) return to Kembel in the TARDIS. The Daleks murder Chen, and the Doctor escapes with the doomsday Time Destroyer. Activated, it emits waves of hyperchronal energy, which ultimately kill Sara and the Daleks, and age the planet into a desert wasteland. The Doctor and Steven escape in the TARDIS.3


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