Timeline: 3701-3900



On the planet Mordee, Leela of the Sevateem's mother is killed on Mt. Kregnon, protecting her daughter from predators.


January. Leela's father Sole is executed on behalf of his daughter, who is charged with heresy.
The Doctor (fourth incarnation) arrives on the planet Mordee. Encountering the Sevateem, he meets the savage woman Leela and befriends her. They manage to take down the mad computer Xoanon, which had been infected with a copy of the Doctor's own consciousness. Xoanon, fully healed, begins working to guide the Sevateem and Tesh into a unified society. Leela leaves Mordee on the TARDIS.


  • October 7. Mother Askani () sends one of her followers back to the year 1999 to save the prophesied Askani'son. The child is brought to this time, the young Askani woman having died as part of the temporal transition. The toddler Nathan Summers () is dying from infection by a transmode virus. Mother Askani orders the child cloned in case they are unable to save him. On top of all these actions, she wills the consciousnesses of Scott Summers and Jean Grey from 2000 into bodies similar to their originals. They awaken as the Askani are attacked by Apocalypse and his army. Mother Askani, who is Jean and Scott's crosstime daughter Rachel, goes into a coma, and Jean and Scott escape the facility with Rachel and Nathan. Apocalypse finds Nathan's clone, believing him to be the Askani'son, and takes him into his care, hoping to someday use the boy's body as his own host.1



  • The anarchist Stryfe recovers the Askani android Zero and suppresses its primary programming, using it as a tool for teleportation.


  • Births: Zira (May 26)


The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Davros are hired by the corporation TransAllied Incorporated (TAI). Davros attempts reform and ultimately fails, killing the CEO and setting off a nuclear explosion. Davros is defeated and escapes, seemingly killed in an explosion.


The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Molly O'Sullivan (1918) arrive on a sleeper ship, and meet a recently awoken crew, which includes Liv Chenka, who hates him. They face the Eminence, who first rises near Time's Horizon, a temporal distortion. Liv learns the Doctor's acts on Nysxzie are in his future, and after the defeat of the Eminence, she joins him on the TARDIS.




  • A vessel from the late 25th century Earth Empire arrives in orbit of the Planet of the Apes. The three human explorers, including Ulysse Mérou (), make planetfall, and find themselves amidst a horde of animalistic humans fleeing hunting parties of the ape rulers of this planet. Mérou is taken captive along with a number of other humans, while one of his cohorts is killed, and the other is lobotomized. Mérou, shot in the throat, is unable to speak to the ape observers who take him in.2
  • The chimpanzee animal psychologist Zira (35) finds herself intrigued by the human she names Bright Eyes. He appears to be of advanced intelligence for a human. He starts communicating with her with a form of sign language, and eventually speaking to her after his throat heals and she realizes he is speaking a true language.3


On a mission for the Time Lords, the Doctor (third incarnation) and Jo Grant (1972) appear on the planet Peladon, and meet the young King Peladon. They help uncover a plot by the Peladonian High Priest to prevent Peladon's admission to the United Federation of Planets. The plot is ultimately unsuccessful. The Doctor and Jo meet the Toaneel Ambassador Alpha Centauri.


  • Peladon is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.


  • The New Martian Republic's government is overthrown in a military junta. Peladon begins allowing Martian refugees onto the planet's surface.
  • When the political situation on Peladon begins reaching a boiling point, the Doctor (third incarnation) returns, reuniting with Peladon and Alpha Centauri. An Ice Lord loyalist murders his own uncle and tries to pin the blame on the Pel people until exposed by the Doctor, and he then reveals his goal is to find an Ice Lady Princess that Alpha Centauri has been keeping hidden. The Ice Lord dies in a final confrontation, and Peladon's faith in both Alpha Centauri and the Doctor is shaken.4


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