Timeline: 351-400



  • February 29. Hypatia is born in Alexandria, Egypt, Roman Empire.





  • September 17. The Earth goddess Jord gives birth to Brynhildr in Svealand. Her father is the human Bundli. The Norse god Odin is accepts the role of the child's godfather, and names the girl as a future Valkyrie.


  • The Confederacy of Vulcan is founded as the nation states unite under one planetary government.



  • May 12. The fairy Crysta is born in the FernGully area of the rain forests near Mt. Warning in Australia.


  • The Nephite (light-skinned Lehite) prophet Mormon, in North America, is mortally wounded in battle with the Lamanites (dark-skinned Lehites). Just before the battle (which wipes most of the Lehites out), he passes his writings (set on gold plates) on to his son Moroni (22).1
  • February. During the wedding festivities of Gautland King Siggier to Signy (22), a disguised Odin plunges the mythic sword Gram into the trunk of the great tree Barnstokkr, and issues a challenge for those present: only the worthy can pull the sword free. All the attendees fail save for Signy's brother Sigmund (22). Siggier comes to hate Sigmund for his feat.2
  • May. Signy's father and brothers, including Sigmund, come to Gautland at Siggier's invitation. The Völsungs are ambushed, and King Völsung is murdered. Nine of the ten brothers are tortured over successive nights until they die. Sigmund escapes after biting off his sister's mother-in-law's tongue (she's a wolf at the time), killing her. Sigmund hides in the forest, and Signy begins coming out to supply him.3


  • June. Signy, full of hatred for her husband, seduces her brother Sigmund, hiding in the woods all this time, by disguising herself as a völva. She becomes pregnant.4


  • March 23. Signy gives birth to a son, Sinfjötli. The child's father is Signy's brother Sigmund.
  • October 4. Gunther is born to Grimhilde and Gjuki among the Burgundians of northern Europe.[7]



  • September. The Doctor, Susan, Ian Chesterton (32), and Barbara Wright (30) arrive in Alexandria in this era. They decide to stay awhile to explore this time and place of learning. Ian takes on a job, and meets the scholar Hypatia (30). They become close relatively quickly. The Library is attacked by Mim forces, and the Doctor and his friends manage to get them to leave, but the Library is destroyed. However, many of the lost books are salvaged in the TARDIS.5


  • Aric of Dacia (20) is among several hundred Visigoths abducted by the alien species called the Vine, and taken back to their homeworld.


  • Aboard a Vine vessel headed to their homeworld, the human slave Aric (24) finds the sapient plant creature Shanhara, the entity that is the X-O Manowar armor. Aric bonds with it, and leads a slave rebellion. Aric barely manages to escape the Vine fleet alive, with most of his allies killed.


  • Signy (35) sends her son Sinfjötli (10) to his father/uncle to live with him. Sigmund (35) decides to finally leave the woods, and departs with his son.[10]


  • The Germanic god Odin entreats the dwarfs to forge an uru hammer to give to his son Thor (396). Named Mjölnir, Odin enchants it with the power to control the storms, and to be only wielded by those whose "worthiness" meets Odin's standards.


June 17. Pwyll is born in the land of Dyfed in western Great Britain.
August 26. Sigmund (38) and Sinfjötli (12) kill Siggier, fulfilling their need for vengeance. Signy (38) fakes her death in the aftermath.


7^ Semi-historical person. Dating arbitrary/estimated. His parents are also legendary.
10^ Events of the Norse Völsunga saga.

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