Timeline: 3501-3700



  • September 17. Nyssa (65) and Lasarti's second child, Adric, is born.


  • Nyssa (80) and her robot friend Loki arrive on an abandoned research station on Helheim, seeking a cure for Richter's Syndrome. The TARDIS soon shows up, carrying the Doctor (fifth incarnation), Tegan Jovanka (23), and Vislor Turlough (17). When the station computer, mad, blows the station up along with Nyssa's transport, she and Loki are forced to join the others on the TARDIS, and travel back to 3490 to investigate the mysteries surrounding the place.1


Lasarti informs his son Adric (15) that his mother has been lost and is presumed dead. Nyssa arrives briefly outside her home, but does not enter due to temporal machinations.


Lasarti dies.


The Doctor (fifth incarnation), Nyssa (), Tegan Jovanka (), and Vislor Turlough () arrive on the planet Valderon. Their arrival is greeted by Adric, Nyssa's son, who believed his mother died twenty-five years earlier. Nyssa learns of the continuing fight against Richter's Syndrome, and her family's plight in her absence, including her own daughter's infection and her husband Lasarti's death. Crushed by the changes, the travelers are attacked on another front as a "prediction" machine accuses Tegan and Turlough of future murder. The prediction machine is revealed to be the Doctor's one-time Type-50 TARDIS, seeking revenge. It causes the corrupt planetary governor's death, and seeks to destroy the planet by temporal paradox, as it helps Nyssa return to her family and avoid their time without her. Adric convinces his mother to not rejoin him in the past, and the paradox is upset, and a further paradox, that the Doctor had been unaware of Nyssa's being a mother, is resolved with the Doctor promising to act surprised. The Type-50 TARDIS dies. Nyssa and Adric cure Richter's Syndrome, and Nyssa rejoins the Doctor for one final trip.


The Doctor (sixth incarnation) arrives in the Kurgon system, and is pulled into the machinations of the Siren of Time Elly, freeing the Temperon entity, and changing the course of history. After a trip to 6784 Gallifrey and a team up with his fifth and seventh incarnations, the timeline is restored.


Construction is completed on Space Station Nerva in orbit of Jupiter.


The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Leela () end up on Space Station Nerva seeking an alien ship carrying 19th century British soldiers, now carrying skin monsters the soldiers have become, facing their disease and the possible end of humanity. Ultimately, the Doctor is successful in stopping them and restoring the transformed humans.


The Eight Legs attempt to conquer the universe by collecting the Metebelis crystals, and use their powers to travel through time to 1974 in order to retrieve a missing one. The Doctor (third incarnation) and Sarah Jane Smith (1974) spend some time there and liberate the human slaves.
The Doctor (third incarnation) returns and faces the Great One. She dies from the radiation exposed by the Metebelis crystal, and the Doctor escapes to the past, dying.


The Doctor ("ninth" incarnation) and Rose Tyler () visit the art gallery on Oriel, and meet an artist, Cazkelf, who uses hypnotic powers to steal psionic energy to power up his distress signal. The Doctor takes him to his homeworld, only to find it devastated. The Doctor returns him to Oriel where he can at least make art.


The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Peri Brown follow a distress call to a Ghaleen, a cosmozoan resembling a whale that can travel in time and space. Under attack by whalers, the TARDIS also is attacked. The ship's disgruntled captain attempts to kill the space whale and its insane ancient castaways, but is killed himself.


  • Births: Leela (April 20)



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