Timeline: 3500-3001 BCE


3454 BCE

3452 BCE

  • The Master (twelfth incarnation), followed by the Doctor (third incarnation) and Jo Grant (23/1972), arrives in Atlantis. Allying with Queen Galleia, they depose King Dalios, who dies in captivity. The Master releases the creature Chronos (a powerful Chozo mystic) who tries to destroy Atlantis. The time travelers escape into their TARDISes.2

3435 BCE

3404 BCE

  • The final portion of Atlantis is sunken on Earth when many of the gods, resentful of their own attachment to human worship, cause cataclysms to hit. Its population is transformed into aquatic life forms. The sorcerer Arion repeats Zhered-Na's spell, transforming his people into water-breathers, but they appear almost entirely human. Many coastal locations are flooded, with a massive loss of life. When the gods come to regret their decision, they restore these areas, but in their shame wipe out most of the evidence of the Hyborean and Atlantean civilizations.
  • The Mesopotamian man Utnapishtim (Noah) gets word from the Anunnaki Enki to build an ark, which he names The Preserver of Life. He takes various animals and his family aboard, and survives the flooding via mystical protection, which grants immortality to those aboard.3
  • As a result of the flooding, the angel later known as Eclipso is cast out from El's court, and his place as Angel of Vengeance is given to Aztar. Eclipso is trapped in a stone called the Heart of Darkness, and placed on Earth's moon.

3401 BCE

  • Utnapishtim's son Ham sees his father naked while the man is passed out drunk. Utnapishtim angrily curses Ham's son Canaan.4

3341 BCE

  • The Ringwraiths, the undead nine Kings of Men wielding Rings of Power, begin terrorizing Middle-Earth.

3325 BCE

  • The city-state of Dhanyawadi is founded in southeast Asia.5

3299 BCE

  • The Psions reach Oa, and meet their Malthusian progenitors. They Guardians reject the Psions, and exile them to the planet Vega X. There they begin experimenting on the natives of the star system.
  • The Psions mate an Okaaran female and a Branx male. The Okaaran, X'Hal, dies, but is resurrected, becoming like a goddess, naming herself queen of the nearby planet Tamaran.
  • December 26. X'Hal gives birth to twin boys, one of whom, Lambien, is later considered the first true Tamaranean. The other is a black-skinned hulk named Sodarian.

3278 BCE

  • Sodarian founds the Citadel on the first planet of the Vega system. He clones himself, creating the Citadelian race.

3251 BCE

3202 BCE

3144 BCE

  • Narmer unites Upper and Lower Egypt under one rule, becoming the first Pharaoh of the United Kingdom of Egypt.
  • November 29. The Tan called Egypt first appears as a small girl in the Nile River Valley on Earth.

3096 BCE

  • The planet Kurl is colonized by Trill explorers.

3077 BCE

  • A virus plagues the planet Kurl, resulting in attempts to reengineer the symbionts for survival.

3068 BCE

  • The reengineered symbionts on Kurl become parasites, and are systematically exterminated. The colony is abandoned. Some of the parasites survive, and vow revenge.


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