Timeline: 3301-3500



  • The Eight Legs matriarch The Great One leads her people into conquest and subjugation of the humans on Metebelis.



The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Lucie Miller (2006) arrive on the planet Olympus in time to save a pair of youths from killing themselves. They soon discover the planet is filled with clones, and their leaders posing as Greek gods and imprinting their minds over their clones' bodies when they are about to die. The Doctor and Lucie interfere, and the pattern is ended when the young clones feign being their predecessors.


Veltroch is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.


The Doctor (second incarnation) and Jamie McCrimmon () arrive on Helicon Prime, and get caught up in a murder mystery. They investigate a tontine, and the Doctor eventually gets the planet Helicon Prime to not be moved from its location. Singer Mindy Vor is the true culprit.


  • Draconia is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.


After a Veltrochni ship is destroyed by forces from a strange planet, Darkheart, whose residents are holdouts of the old Earth Empire, the Federation sends one of its starships, the USS Piri Reis, to investigate. At the same time, the Time Lord Koschei (second incarnation) and his companion Ailla (unbeknownst to Koschei, a Time Lord herself) arrive on Piri Reis, and the Doctor (second incarnation), Jamie McCrimmon (1746), and Victoria Waterfield (1866) arrive on Darkheart. The Darkheart residents use its special powers to erase aliens from existence and rewrite others' entire species. The Doctor and Koschei work together for a time, but when Ailla is seemingly killed, he takes on his own agenda, and destroys the planet Terileptus in an attempt to take control of Darkheart and create order. Victoria is briefly seduced to his side. When Ailla resurfaces, having regenerated, Koschei becomes despondent and betrayed, becoming the Master. The Doctor is forced to trap the Master in the Darkheart's event horizon as it is destroyed. He manages to escape after burning through most of his remaining regenerations.


The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Mel Bush arrive at space Station Dark Space 8, where they pretend to be members of the crew, and investigate a murder mystery with the backdrop of an Intergalactic Song contest.


Iris Wildthyme (sixth incarnation) and Panda visit Radio Yesterday and stop a conspiracy by the Naxians to steal the music of the 1960s. Iris is reunited with her erstwhile husband, Sam Gold, who dies during the adventure.


The Doctor (seventh incarnation), Ace McShane (), and Hex Schofield () visit a scientist trying to create a machine which expands intelligence, and discover it has been used to spread a virus which causes the dumbing down of all intelligent beings by the scientist's cultist housekeeper. The Doctor, despite being infected, figures out a way to kill the virus through already stupid people.


The Doctor (fifth incarnation) and Nyssa visit the music archive planet Concordium, and then travel to 1968 to investigate a threat to the music. The Entropy Sirens, who dwell in chaos, attempt to use music to plunge all time into chaos, but the Doctor uses the two eras' sonic output to cancel each other out.


The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Peri Brown infiltrate the resort Paradise 5 on Targos Delta and find a scheme where people are turned into cannon fodder for beings on a higher plane. The Doctor and Peri put a stop to it.


Due to sabotage by Vislor Turlough (16/1983), the TARDIS, also carrying the Doctor (fifth incarnation), Nyssa (40), and Tegan Jovanka (23/1983), appears on the space station Terminus. Nyssa is infected with a deadly plague, and after her recovery and curing, she elects to remain behind on the station and help those suffering return to health.[1]


Nyssa is briefly abducted to the Death Zone on Gallifrey in the year 6701.


The medical ship Traken lands on the planet Reeve, a world devastated by its proximity to Gallifrey and as a result the relative effects of the Time War. The ship's controller, Nyssa (46), and her assistant, "Doctor Foster", along with her robot nursing staff, assist after a terrorist attack on the planet. Foster is revealed to be a Time Lord (in fact, Nyssa's former companion the Doctor, now in his eighth incarnation) and is accused of planting bombs. A doctor on the planet, disguised as a human by removing one of her two hearts, is in fact both the terrorist and a Time Lord. The Doctor departs Nyssa's side after the terrorist escapes, never revealing to Nyssa who he is.2

  • Nyssa marries a man named Lasarti.


September 24. Neeka is born to Nyssa and Lasarti.


While dreaming, Nyssa has a vision of the Doctor. Using her husband Lasarti's directed dreaming (which Lasarti joins in), she makes contact with the Doctor, and learns he is dying. Helping him face off a threat from The Master and his minion Kamelion, the Doctor embraces a Watcher entity, and Nyssa learns she helped him move on to his next life.


The TARDIS, carrying the Doctor (fifth incarnation), Nyssa and the robot Loki (both 3530), and Tegan Jovanka and Vislor Turlough (both 1983) transports back to the research station on Helheim. There they encounter the crew, who mostly die, as the base computer goes mad, its future incarnation infecting its programming. Loki is also killed. The travelers depart in the TARDIS, Nyssa reluctantly rejoining the TARDIS crew as she has no other means of escape. One of the crew members escapes, infected with a radical strain of Richter's Syndrome.


The Cyberman Kroton is awoken from suspended animation by a pleasure cruiser. After helping them escape a temporal anomaly they were stuck in for 628 years, the passengers age to death in moments, leaving Kroton alone again.


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