Timeline: 3101-3300



  • October. The TARDIS passes into E-Space. The Doctor (fourth incarnation), Romana (second incarnation), and K-9 (Mark II) arrive on the planet Alzarius. They help the Alzarians realize that they are native to their world, and they activate the extraterrestrial Starliner. The boy Adric (15) stows away on the TARDIS after the death of his brother Varsh. The rest of the Alzarian people depart the planet in the restored Starliner.1
  • Trapped in E-Space, the TARDIS transports the Doctor, Romana, K-9, and Adric to the planet Hydrax. They take down a coven of vampires.2
  • While investigating a possible way back to N-Space, the Doctor is injured, and Romana and Adric find themselves in the midst of an attack by Farrian invaders from N-Space on the E-Space world of Ballustra. Separately, the Doctor and Romana and Adric defeat the Farrians.3
  • In a final attempt to escape E-Space, the TARDIS runs afoul of a ship of slavers attempting to return to normal space carrying enslaved Tharils. The privateers die when their ship blows up, and Romana and K-9 elect to stay behind to help the Tharils overthrow their masters.4


Toaneel is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.


Arcturus VI is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.


Bernice Summerfield () comes to the planet Hydrax on a mission for the Doctor. She meets up with Romana (second incarnation), and they try to create a peace between the nobles and the peasants. Their efforts are disrupted by the demon Agonal and its vampire minions. The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Ace McShane come and help them defeat the vampires.


The Doctor (sixth incarnation) arrives on the colony world Absol, where he helps solve a murder mystery, which leads to the discovery of an evil scientist having saved his consciousness to download into others, and robots killing people to try and get a host. The killer's identity gets downloaded into all the robots to stop their killing, and the Doctor deletes the identity.


Terileptus is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.


The Doctor (seventh incarnation) stops an attempt by giant genetically engineered termites to enslave the human population of Callisto. The Doctor invites the young woman Jevvan Petrovna Adrea to travel with him, but she turns him down.


The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Peri Brown arrive via the TARDIS on the planet Necros. They are pulled into a plot by Davros and the Daleks as part of their ongoing civil war.


The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Lucie Miller () visit Sirius Station, home of the entertainment program Max Warp. They solve a murder mystery (in which no one ends up having been killed) wherein one of the hosts of Max Warp tries to reignite a war between the Varlon Empire and Kith Oligarchy.


The Doctor (fourth incarnation), Romana (second incarnation), and K-9 (Mark II) arrive on the spa planet Vita Novus, where enormously fat people become thin overnight. While the Doctor and K-9 spend time in the gift shop, Romana unravels a conspiracy where the people's body mass is stolen and their minds altered. The travelers manage to defeat the manager's scheme.


  • Michael Burnham, in the Red Angel time suit, appears in this time, crashing on the planet Hima. She sends the suit into the time vortex to self-destruct. She soon runs across Cleveland "Book" Booker, a noble rogue whose ship she collided with. The pair end up traveling to the Mercantile on the planet, and end up teaming up when things go poorly when dealing with the Emerald Chain officials there. After escaping, Book and Burnham find a remnant Federation outpost. Burnham sets a goal to find her ship, Discovery, apparently lost in time, and find out the source of the Burn disaster in hopes of reestablishing the Federation as a presence in the galaxy.5


The Doctor (third incarnation) and Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart (1973) arrive on the decrepit museum planet Ampar, and have a run-in with the Doctor's old associate G.L.


The Doctor (second incarnation), Ben Jackson (24), Polly Wright (25), and Jamie McCrimmon (23) arrive on the colony world of New Houston. There they find a conspiracy by planetary head Meg Carvossa, a former friend of the Doctor's. They are for a time forced against an oppressed civilization of androids.


The Gastropod Mestor conquers Jaconda. It enslaves the erstwhile ruler, the Time Lord Azmael (thirteenth incarnation).


The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Peri Brown arrive on the planet Jaconda and help liberate the planet from the Gastropods, though with the final death of the Time Lord Azmael.
The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Evelyn Smythe respond to a call, and visit the planet Chronos. While there they encounter Cybermen using a portal to pass to the planet, and the Doctor and Evelyn manage to defeat them with the help of a partially Cyber-converted human, Reese Goddard, from an alternate reality bubble's 1951. After the Doctor and Evelyn leave in the TARDIS, the defeated Cyber-Planner is revealed to be an impossibly ancient Evelyn Smythe.


The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation) takes Amy Pond (2010) to starship UK. While there, they begin investigating a mystery, and are joined by Queen Elizabeth X, and uncover that the starship's secret. Amy realizes the whale is good, and frees it.


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