Timeline: 31001-40000




  • February-November. The Kingdom of Askr on Xenith continent on the planet Symqures begins suffering assault from the Emblian Empire, led by its ruler Veronica (16) and her brother Bruno. The Order of Heroes, led by the multi-bodied immortal Anna, and including Askran royals Sharena (19) and Alfonse (19), engages the invading forces. The invaders are aided by fighters throughout the planet's human history, who are "bound by contract" to attack anyone Veronica or Bruno decides is a target. The youth named Kiran (21/2017) appears as a result of the temporal flux, and is offered use of the summoning gun Breidalblik. The Askrans and Emblians war against each other, as Kiran allows Anna's forces to include heroes from the various eras as well, with the sapient owl Feh bringing orbs to empower the summoning gun. During the conflict, Alfonse and Sharena learn that Bruno is their former friend Zacharias who had disappeared. The heroes (some of whom are actually villainous) summoned by the various forces, and sometimes from different periods in their own lives, include: Abel, Alm, Amelia, Arden, Arthur, Arvis, Athena, Ayra, Azama, Azura, Barst, Bartre, Berkut, Boey, the Black Knight, Caeda, Cain, Camilla, Camus, Catria, Cecilia, Celica, Charlotte, Cherche, Chrom, Clair, Clarine, Clarisse, Clive, Cordelia, Corrin (in both male and female incarnations), Deirdre, Delthea, Donny, Dorcas, Draug, Effie, Eirika, Eldigan, Elincia, Elise, Eliwood, Ephraim, Est, Fae, Faye, Felicia, Fir, Florina, Frederick, Gaius, Genny, Gordin, Gray, Gunter, Gwendolyn, Hana, Hawkeye, Hector, Henry, Hinata, Hinoka, Ike, Inigo/Laslow (two versions), Innes, Jaffar, Jagen, Jakob, Jeorge, Joshua, Julia, Kagero, Karel, Katarina, Klein, Lachesis, Legion, Leo, Leon, Lilina, Linde, Lissa, Lloyd, Lon'qu, Lucina/Marth (two versions), Lucius, Lukas, Luke, Lute, Lyn, Mae, Maria, Marth, Mathilda, Matthew, Merric, Mia, Michalis, Minerva, Mist, Narcian, Navarre, Nephenee, Niles, Ninian, Nino, Nowi, Oboro, Odin Dark, Ogma, Olivia, Olwen, Oscar, Palla, Peri, Priscilla, Raigh, Raven, Rebecca, Reinhardt, Robin (in both male and female incarnations), Roderick, Roy, Ryoma, Saber, Saizo, Sakura, Sanaki, Selena, Seliph, Serra, Seth, Setsuna, Shanna, Sheena, Shigure, Sigurd, Sonya, Sophia, Soren, Stahl, Subaki, Sully, Tailtiu, Takumi, Tana, Tharja, Tiki (two versions), Titania, Tobin, Ursula, Valter, Virion, Wrys, Xander, and Zephiel. The forces are all eventually recruited to the Askran cause.1
  • November. On Xenith, the Flame Kingdom of Múspell invades the Ice Kingdom of Nifl. The royal family is apparently slaughtered, with Princess Fjorm the only known survivor. Sharena, Alfonse, Anna, Kiran, and their cross-time allies rescue Fjorm from Múspell's evil king Surtr, who has joined forces with Embla's Veronica. They hold off the invaders, including Surtr's generals Loki, a shape-shifter, and Laegjarn and Laevatein, his daughters. Fjorm's siblings all turn up alive, including her older brother Hríd and older sister Gunnthrá, and younger sister Ylgr. Surtr kills Gunnthrá, but she is able to present herself as an ally through a dream state. Surtr's enslaved warrior Helbindi helps Ylgr and Veronica escape from Surtr's Rite of Flames sacrifice, and is killed. Another set of displaced heroes are added to the Askran and Emblian/Múspell armies, including Ares, Aversa, Canas, Ethlyn, Finn, Flora, Garon, Gerome, Gharnef, Grima, Hardin, Ishtar, Jamke, Julius, Kana (in both male and female incarnations), Karla, Kaze, Kliff, L'Arachel, Legault, Leif, Lene, Lewyn, Libra, Linus, Lyon, Maribelle, Marisa, Micaiah, Mikoto, Morgan (in both male and female incarnations), Myrrh, Nanna, Nina, Noire, Oliver, Ophelia Dusk, Owain (a younger version), Quan, Rhajat, Saias, Shiro, Siegbert, Silas, Silvia, Soleil, Sothe, Sumia, and Walhart. In addition, an alternate reality bubble version of Princess Veronica is summoned, and she faces some prejudice at first. All of the displaced eventually join the Askran cause, once again, including the murderous villains from their own times. Laegjarn submits to the Rite of Flames, and dies after fighting the Order, her injuries too severe. Her sister, Laevatein, surrenders in order to accede to Laegjarn's final wishes. Fjorm performs the Rite of Frost on herself, gaining enough power to kill Surtr, but resulting in her suffering her own potentially fatal injuries.2





  • August. In the Symquresi Kingdom of Aytolis, twins Lianna (14) and Rowan (14), heirs to the rule of the nation, meet with their friend Prince Darios of Gristonne. Darios is under the influence of the Chaos Dragon Velezark, and unconsciously begins tearing space-time, allowing in monsters, who proceed to attack the castle. Queen Yelena is abducted, though believed to be killed. Rowan, Lianna, and Darios escape the rubble with the Shield of Flames (the Fire Emblem), the item that Velezark and Gristonne king Oskar know is necessary to empower and free Velezark. In the immediate aftermath of the attack, the three young royals encounter the temporally-displaced Shepherds of Ylisse from the year 30111: Chrom (19), Lissa (15), Frederick (30), Cordelia (18), and Robin (16). They face off against the similarly displaced Validar (66), who temporarily possesses Robin, with the help of the mysterious Marth, who shortly reveals herself to actually be Chrom's future daughter Lucina (17), and Lissa's future son Owain (16). The Ylisseans join the twins' cause. One of the Gleamstones that empower the Fire Emblem comes from Chrom.3
  • As the twins, Darios, and the Shepherds progress towards Gristonne, they split up to engage different groups, who are also displaced in time from 26312: the Hoshidans and the Nohrians. Rowan's group meets the Hoshidan royals Sakura (15), Hinoka (22), Takumi (17), and Ryoma (28), as well as Takumi's retainer Oboro (), who join them in alliance after several misunderstandings. Lianna's group encounters the Nohrian royals Elise (14), Camilla (27), Leo (18), and Xander (29), and Leo's retainer Niles (), who similarly ally with them after their own misunderstandings. When the two groups meet, the brief clash between the groups is ended when the evil wizard Iago () from the warring kingdoms' time appears, having taken possession of Ryoma and Xander, as well as their mutual sibling Corrin (19). The large group of allied heroes manages to free their friends and defeat Iago. Xander and Ryoma agree to a truce while they are stuck in this strange time. Gleamstones emerge from Corrin, Ryoma, and Xander.4
  • As the Aytolisians and their allies attempt to make their way into Gristonne via a secret route, they find Darios captured and themselves nearly overrun. Before they lose anyone else, they are rescued by the Archanean League heroes Marth (18), Caeda (17), Tiki (1106), and Navarre (26) from 20992.5
  • August-September. Over the next several weeks, as the heroes regroup, they are occasionally joined by warriors from other eras: Lyn (18) from 26982; Celica (17) from 20993; Linde (20) and Minerva (26) from 20992; Azura (21) from 26312; and Olivia () and Tharja () from 30111. Additionally, one of the Annas of this era joins them.6



  • November 1. Zelda, crown princess of Hyrule and daughter of King Rhoam (64), is born. Zelda's mother gives her another name: her little bird.
  • Other births: Link (May 20)


  • The Queen of Hyrule dies. She is survived by her daughter, Zelda, husband King Rhoam, and dearest friend Urbosa.



  • The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Sarah Jane Smith (25/1975), via TARDIS, miss their destination time by over 30,000 years, and end up on the planet Zeta Minor. They encounter Monestran scientists and military, who face the threat of antimatter monsters who do not want any of the planet's material taken away. They also have to deal with the incredibly thick-headed Captain Salamar.7


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