Timeline: 3011-3100



  • When Flip Jackson (22) is pulled into a TV-based reality generator, the Doctor (sixth incarnation) comes to her rescue on the planetoid Transmission. She is killed, and the insane villain of the program begins slaughtering people, but the Doctor is able to wipe out the fictional constructs and through chicanery restore Flip to life.1


  • Cosmic Boy (19) from 3002 arrives at this point, and recruits a group of second generation Legionnaires to join him in battle against the Fatal 500.

Kid Quantum, Golden Boy, and an alternate James Cullen briefly appear in this time period. Jazmin is reunited with her daughter, Crystal (Kid Cosmic).


The Doctor (fifth incarnation) and his companions Adric (3101), Nyssa (1981), and Tegan Jovanka (1981) visit the planet Deva Loka. While Nyssa sleeps, Tegan gets possessed by an entity called the Mara, which threatens the native Kinda, and the Doctor and Adric face a mad human security officer. The Mara is defeated, and the colonial expedition ends.


Lyle Norg (the former Invisible Kid) gains majority share in the freight company Planet Express. He uses it as a cover for some of his independent intelligence operations, and recruits among the crew's children for his secret Guardians of Democracy.
Cosmic Boy visits this point, where he recruits the Guardians of Democracy for his battle against the Fatal 500 in the year 3002.


June 6-7. Pol Krinn, Time Trapped, arrives at this point, and is greeted by R.J. Brande. They have dinner with United Planets President Rokk Krinn and First Lady General Jazmin Cullen. Pol is also visited by Glorith, who asks for him to save her.


The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Sarah Jane Smith (1976) visit Farrash, whose population is facing a crisis in regards to abortions and genetic engineering.



  • Births: Aryll (December 6)


December 24-25. The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Mel Bush (28) are forced to participate in a temporal assassination on the planet Puxatornee.


  • May 20. On the world of Hyrule, on Outset Island, Link celebrates his 10th birthday. He receives an outfit resembling that worn by the Hero of Time (unknowingly Link's own past incarnation) that he dons. The Halmeroc King, a giant bird, engages in battle with a pirate ship off the coast, capturing Tetra (9), the young captain of the vessel. A cannon shot results in the bird dropping Tetra into the grove in the cliffs of the island. Link, after getting a sword to help him, travels up to where Tetra landed, and helps her down from a tree. They are heading back to the shore when the Helmaroc King captures Link's sister Aryll (7), flying off to the Forbidden Fortress, not realizing Aryll is not Tetra. Link is allowed to join Tetra's crew as she feels responsible for Aryll's abduction. Link gets the family shield from his suffering grandmother, and departs Outset Island with Tetra.2


The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Mel Bush (29) follow a distress call to find a planetary facility where the Sontarans had been performing experiments, but the lone survivor Sontaran has gone mad. A group of Sontarans show up, and begin to go crazy as well. Ultimately, a silicon-based life-form with telepathic abilities begins to absorb the test subjects, and the Doctor is forced to wipe out the gestalt life-form that has developed, but leaves it to develop again without Sontaran influence. The Doctor, Mel, and another escape.



The Doctor (seventh incarnation) faces a time loop on Earth colony world Kaldafria, which he defeats by getting the two sister princesses to reconcile, and aging an extra-dimensional spider-thing to death.


December 24-25. The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Mel Bush arrive on Puxatornee searching for crystals, and are pulled into a temporal loop which they escape from twice.


Earth is temporarily evacuated due to deadly solar flares. The British government enslaves a star whale.


  • Talisha and Morell are killed in a forest fire, leaving their sons Varsh and Adric orphans.


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