Timeline: 301-350




  • Construction is completed of a lighthouse on the mysterious Island.



  • The Doctor (eighth incarnation) arrives near Londinium, and prevent Decurion Sebastius Gralae from sacrificing his legion, and giving him the money to pursue his dreams of marrying a woman named Julia. He kills his evil older self after the arrival of the TARDIS and Charley Pollard (19) and Lucy Martin (1806). Gralae's fellow legionnaires battle a group of Nimon, slaughtering them, and a Dalek as well.1


  • July 25. Constantine (33) becomes Emperor of the Western Roman Empire.


  • Sauron adopts the identity of the Necromancer, and sets of his headquarters at Dol Guldur in the southern Mirkwood Forest.


  • February. Roman Emperor Constantine (37), through the Edict of Milan, bans persecution of religion, especially against Christians.
  • June 12. Hobbit cousins Déagol and Sméagol (33) find the One Ring. Sméagol is immediately enraptured by it, and murders his cousin.2


  • A group of Quill insurrectionists, led by Andra'ath (36), are captured by the Rhodians. Andra'ath and the others are sentenced to have creatures called arns placed in their heads, forcing them to be subject to their intended victims of violence. Andra'ath is forced to be Prince Cha'arlth's (16) protector and slave.3
  • The malevolent race called the Shadow Kin invade Rhodia, slaying nearly every inhabitant on the planet. Prince Cha'arlth (17) and his slave Andra'ath (37) manage to get away long enough for the lad to find the sacred Cabinet of Souls. As he opens it, the Doctor ("twelfth" incarnation) appears in his TARDIS, and helps the pair escape. Cha'arlth takes the Cabinet with him.4


  • Just as Moana approaches her time to become chieftain of the island of Motunui, the taint left by Māui's theft of the heart of the goddess Te Fiti reaches her home. At the same time, her grandmother Tala gives her the heart of Te Fiti, knowing it needed to be returned to save the world. As Tala suddenly dies, her spirit (now in the form of a ray) and an ocean spirit lead her away. Along with her chicken, Moana eventually finds Māui, and he comes to eventually respect her. After fighting a giant crab monster to recover his shape-shifting power hook, Moana and Māui reach Te Fiti's island, which is guarded by the fire demon Te Kā. After nearly suffering defeat, Māui and Moana have a falling out. Moana gets a pep talk by Tala's ghost, and she manages to get past Te Kā, with a returning Māui providing a distraction. Upon reaching the location of Te Fiti's island, Moana realizes that Te Kā is Te Fiti. She approaches the fire demon, returning her heart, and she turns back into Te Fiti. The taint dissipates. A triumphant Moana returns home to begin a new age of exploration for her people, while Māui reclaims his self-esteem as a true hero.5


  • May. The Doctor (fifth incarnation), Peri Brown (19), and Erimem (19) arrive in Nicaea, on the eve of the historical Council. When Erimem meets Arius (68), a "heretic", she rallies to his cause and speaks out of turn at the Council, invoking the wrath of Emperor Constantine (53). The Doctor is in hot water with Constantine, and Erimem for a time feels betrayed by her friends. Ultimately, Constantine restores peace to Nicaea, and Erimem returns to her friends on the TARDIS.6
  • The Council rules that Arius's views are indeed heretical, and he is exiled for a time. Among the signers of the Nicene Creed is Bishop Nicholas (55) of Myra.


  • May 14. Arius (79) dies.



  • December 6. The Catholic Bishop Nicholas (73) dies. The god Odin, lover of the season of Yule and generous givers, resurrects him as an agent of giving.


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