Timeline: 3004-3010



  • The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Charley Pollard (21) arrive on an isolated island on a human colony world. The island is filled with lycanthropes. Blundering results in the persecuted werewolves nearly being eradicated by the standard human majority. The Valeyard appears to procure a psychological weapon, and frightens Charley with his knowledge of her identity.1
  • May 26 (Saturday). Pol Krinn, Time Trapped, with Bits, Booster Gold, and Skeets, arrives in Brainiac 5's (19) lab. Brainy gives Pol a Legion Flight Ring.


  • Kid Quantum, Golden Boy, and an alternate James Cullen from 3003 appear briefly in this time, and Pulse briefly battles the Time Trapper.
  • January 11. A batch of clockwork animals complete construction in Counter-Earth's Tijuana, Mexico. One of them, low on alcohol as it is freshly active, is knocked into a time warp by its own future incarnation, who is currently engaged in a mad slam door time-travel adventure.2


Tanzir Gand is born to Tasmia Mallor and Lar Gand in Forataair, Talok VIII.


The Doctor, Steven Taylor (2251), and Sara Kingdom (4000) arrive on a mining asteroid. Sara saves the miners as well as a native aquatic life-form.


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