Timeline: 3003



  • January 4. Nyeun Lialla (20) visits Legion World, hoping to get the Legion's assistance in finding out about her father's recent change in personality. The meeting is interrupted when Cosmic Boy (19) from a year earlier arrives in the present, and pulls the full Legion into the past. They join in the battle against the Fatal 500, along with various other Legionnaires and analogous heroes from other times and realities. In the end, the Fatal 500 are defeated, Lialla's father, the Persuader (), dies saving her life while she takes his axe, and the Legion from one alternative reality bubble are lost amongst the bubbles. The 500 or so Legionnaires travel to Legion World.1
  • While the multiversal Legionnaires are on Legion World, Brainiac 5 and his counterparts work on a way to send them all to their own realities. Catalyst sleeps with an alternate, whiny Invisible Kid, and quickly dumps him. Karate Kid ends his "relationship" with Sensor (much to her relief), while simultaneously considering one with Lialla.2
  • January 6. Turanga Leela accidentally impregnates Kif Kroker.3

January 12. Kif Kroker gives birth to dozens of children. Among them is the girl who will one day be called Kiffany.
M'Onel takes over leadership of the Wanderers.
Omar Magz arrives on the Outpost, and abducts his brother to the headquarters of the New Valorites, in hopes of saving Dyrk's life, as he has planted a genetic virus on the Outpost. Magno refuses to go along with Omar, and eventually makes Omar snap back to his senses. Omar and Dyrk work to rescue the Legion, and are captured. Valour executes Omar, burning him to death with his optic blasts. In a rage, Magno rips all of the iron from the clone's body, killing him. The Valorites teleport away, and Life Lass heals her messiah. The Legion arrives at the secret HQ, and find the cure. Magno takes a leave of absence from the team to mourn.
January 13. Erias, still a Zeta beam, finally regains humanoid form in the Legion Outpost. The Legion hold him there for a time.
January 15. The second class of the Legion Academy begin their first day. Among the returning cadets are Gas Girl, Inertia, Metabolass, Pulse, Rads, Siphon, Singer, Tremor, and Tsunami. The new class includes Saltar Vula of Korugar, Atomic Lass; Remolan'r of New Tamaran, Brightfire; Josh Burroughs of Xanthu, Echo Lad; Eros (disguised as a human), Emo Lad; Karina Gast of Thanagar, Fortune; Triana Den of Risa, Infrared; Quislet of the extra-dimensional realm of Teal; Josie Bluehare of Darvan, Sandstorm; Pür An’nan, formerly of Sklar, Toxic Kid; and Ben and Eric Lunzz of Winath, XL. Eros drops out almost immediately. Rannian Erias is soon enrolled in his place, becoming Zeta Boy. Fortune considers leaving the Academy as well.
Pulse and Metabolass begin dating.
Late January. Kinetix and Bio meet the Phantom Stranger, who gives them some insight into their destinies.
Magno discovers that Saturn Girl and Shvaughn Erin had altered his brother's mind. Magno resigns from the Legion in disgust.
Feeling abandoned, XS seeks comfort in Star Boy's arms, and the two finally become a couple.
February 2. The demon Etrisayne gives birth to a human baby girl after a short pregnancy.
The Leadership Squad decides to help the new graduates integrate more by sending them on special missions, each one teamed with a veteran Legionnaire. The first mission is Bio and Beacon. They meet up with the Doom Patrol on an archaeological dig, and are attacked by Sinestra. Sinestra kills Bio, but he is resuscitated by Kinetix. Bio asks Stretch out.
Amp Girl and Spark visit Korbal to check on the power supply, and are attacked by Lightning Lord. Spark loses her powers again, and is forced to make a deal with Metron to get them back.
Ferro and Nightwind travel to Gilead, and face off against a wind demon. Though it is captured, they are faced with what to do with it. Nightwind begins actively pursuing romance with Ferro, and his face turns attractive. He learns that she is blind.
Catspaw and Blok travel to Catspaw's home and face off against a mad scientist who wants to turn people into Dryads. Catspaw temporarily spends time as one herself.
While investigating Hawkwoman, Hawkboy and Star Boy are confronted by her. The Katar Hol soul takes over Carter's body, and Star Boy, Kinetix, and Sheila Jawari are forced to stop him. In the end, they are both returned to normal.
Catalyst and Brainiac 5 travel to Anubis VIII to investigate unrest. They encounter Rosie for the first time, and Brainy's disdainful behavior causes Catalyst to seek help from Retro in the investigation. In the end, Brainiac 5 apologizes to Condo.
Sabre and Iota travel to Cquaa with Dr. Gym'll, where they are kidnapped by the insane Lek's. Defeating her, the Jocquaa's sexual dysfunction is cured.
Monstress and Crusher travel to Khundia, where they discover a Dominion-based plot to get Khundia to leave the Federation. Teaming with Crusher's cousin Q'Laht Strumm, they defeat the terrorists. Monstress considers dating Q'Laht for a time.
Investigating the old site where they were altered by the Dominators, XS and Beast Boy are forced to fight against a pair of Dominators with their powers. They, along with Invisible Kid and Stopwatch, manage to defeat them.
Traveling to Robotica, Karate Kid and Babbage discover that Robotica is being taken over by the Phalanx. Karate Kid is infected with their transmode virus. A quantum wave banishes the Phalanx back from the reality, but brings the Borg in.
February 23. Boom Boy and Umbra travel to College Planet to investigate rape/murders. Discovering that it is the Legion of Substitute Villains' supposedly deceased member Chip Turne, they confront the undead villain. Boom Boy takes out Turne, but accidentally kills Turne's intended victim. The Legion holds a hearing, and in a vote, put him on suspension. Disgusted, Boom Boy resigns from the Legion. Shortly after, he is abducted and brainwashed by Granny Goodness.
February 25. Cosmic Boy and Retro travel to Ophedrus to follow up on the Anubis VIII incident. There they encounter Rosie, and manage to break down her Brainiac 4 manipulation. She joins the Legion as Lady Liberty. Retro's quick thinking impresses Cosmic Boy, and a happy Deen is rewarded with making love for the first time to Ming.
March 5. Garth Ranzz and Imra Ardeen are married. In addition to the ceremonies, Karate Kid takes Lialla on their first date.
Imra Ardeen resigns from the Legion immediately before they go on their honeymoon.
On the wedding day, Element Lad asks Wave and Probe to assist him with his muted emotions, and they unwittingly destroy a psionic block in Jan's mind. Invisible Kid learns the truth from R.J. Brande, and Element Lad is forced to finally confront his fears.
March 9. Fortune is pulled into the conflict between Hawkboy and Hawkwoman. Hawkboy gives Fortune wings, but this fails after a time. Hawkwoman seeks to recruit her.
Oshi of Pangya enters the Legion Academy as Scout.
March 13. Xezha escapes Apokolips and arrives on Phlon. There she meets the Wanderers. As a refugee from Apokolips, she is taken in by the Legion. The Leaders decide to send her to the Academy, where she quickly gets into a sexual imbroglio with Echo Lad. She takes the code-name Übergirl.
Legion World is visited by Granny Goodness and the brainwashed Boom Boy. She is willing to leave Xezha alone in exchange for Xezha's Boom Tube.
Jin-Sang Ahn sleeps with a fire elemental. She gives him a mystical STD.
Late March. Stopwatch discovers that R.J. Brande is the Martian Manhunter.
March 22-27. The SW1 Legion arrives on AQR33. Meeting the native Legion of Superior Heroes, Brainiac 5 finds a way to restore the ailing Jack Hawksmoor. Hawksmoor tells the Superior City Boy that he will be executed, and desperate, City Boy goes to Invisible Kid for help. The Legion and Superiors do battle, and the Superior Kid Majestic kills Andromeda. M'Onel in turn kills him. Kid Quantum and Star Boy kill Hawksmoor. The Legionnaires leave the reality, and City Boy joins them, afraid for reprisal from his former comrades.
Brainiac 5 learns that the Doom Patrol's chief is his father. They both have a joyous meeting.
April 3. Darkseid declares war on the Legion. His forces take out the Legionnaires at the Outpost, and eventually take down the forces at Legion World. A squadron of Kryptonians from New Krypton begin fighting the Parademons assaulting the Earth. R.J. Brande takes Pulse from the Academy as the U.P.'s only hope, using Pol's Time Trapper potential to take the young Uxas from the past on Genesis. With the help of Uxas, Darkseid retreats.
April 4. In the aftermath, Uxas is hidden away at the Academy. One of the Kryptonians, the boy Baal-Zee, is admitted to the Legion.
Magno returns to the Legion.
Mid April. Wave goes on an infiltration mission to AQR35. There she fails to prevent the ascension of Manifest Destiny, Lady Liberty's counterpart.
Investigating any surviving Sklarians on Legion World, Kono discovers that her family is alive. Initially hesitant, she eventually is reunited with her little brother and parents.
Star Boy's damaged DNA is healed by Caduceus.
Danielle Foccart subjects herself to an experiment, using nanites to create a cybernetic interface in her own brain to help facilitate her electronic activities.
Late April. On a mission to Talok VIII, Kinetix and Blok save the life of the "goddess" Farore. She offers to grant each one wish, and Blok inadvertently brings disaster to the Legion. Farore's spell not only turns Blok human, it alters every single non-human Legionnaire, turning them human as well. Umbra nearly has a miscarriage and Tellus nearly suffocates.
As a human, Blok enjoys life, and makes love to Catspaw.
Pulse is asked by Triad to begin a rapid training session for all the human Legionnaires, lest the Legion be caught flatfooted. This causes a rift between Pol and his fellows, which he weathers with strength.
Eventually, Brainiac 5 and Uxas manage to reverse the spell.
May 5. M'Onel holds a press conference, and announces that he is retaking the name Valor. At the Legion Academy, cadet Rads, an infiltrating New Valorite, flies into a religious fervor. He murders cadet Siphon, and begins a rampage. He is confronted by Pulse, and the two are apparently consumed in an explosion contained by Pulse.
May 6. In the aftermath of the Academy attack, the Legion closes the Academy. All students are offered Legion membership. Metabolass spearheads getting her squad and Pol's to go into the Legion, and she, Atomic Lass, Dreamscape, Echo Lad, Fortune, Gas Girl, Infrared, Quislet, Sandstorm, Singer, Toxic Kid, Tremor, Tsunami, Übergirl, and Zeta Boy join. Uxas, taking the name Golden Boy, is also brought onto the team.
Cosmic Boy takes a leave of absence in the wake of his brother's apparent death.
Mid May. Beacon encounters the Darkseid-controlled Hal Jordan, and uses lethal force against him. He survives, but she is suspended by the Legion, and is reprimanded by Ganthet.
Spark is approached by Metron to fulfill their deal, and she accepts her mission: she must incubate a baby for him.
Invisible Kid discovers that Caduceus was an old friend, and that he is brainwashed. After successfully restoring Caduceus's memory, he is surprised when Brainiac 5 ends their relationship.
Dr. Ryk'r asks Kinetix's psychologist Dr. Tara Frakes to help her evaluate the Legion psychologically in the aftermath of the Academy closing. She speaks with most of the active team. She decides in the end not to become a full member of the staff.
Dragonmage and the White Witch are abducted by the Crusaders.
May 26. In hopes of finding something to help recover the missing AQR24 Legion, Stopwatch and a small team travel to Roon to study magic. There, Stopwatch meets Cerise, a quirky librarian. He is instantly smitten with her, and she him. They are soon attacked by Captain Power and Justin Blood. Cerise's assistance is instrumental in the villains' defeat, and she is given membership in the Legion as a result.
In the Crusaders' headquarters, Dragonmage is murdered by Captain Power. The White Witch begins to gather power, in order to destroy the Crusaders.
Nicole Collins travels to Doom Patrol Island, and seduces Pete DeJesus. She absorbs some of his radiation, and gains powers similar to those of her late cousin.
May 30. When the Legion is contacted by AQR24's Rond Vidar, they reach a breakthrough in finding that reality's Legion, and rescue the members from the various timelines where they are scattered. When the AQR24 Legion attempt to pass through to their reality, they are assaulted by their Rond, who has gone insane. His telepathic attack puts Lightning Lad in a coma. Saturn Girl returns to the prime reality, traveling to Titan with a group of Legionnaires in search of Vidar. Vidar, declaring himself Universo, escapes.
AQR24's Saturn Girl decides that she must remain in the prime reality until Universo is defeated.
Early June. The new Saturn Girl meets the former Saturn Girl. In order to help her understand things quickly, the two "mind meld."
The White Witch escapes captivity, and attacks the Crusaders. They barely escape with their lives. When several Legionnaires arrive too late, Mysa angrily quits the team.
Than Saugin of the Legion goes on a date with Stretch of the Doom Patrol. They are chaperoned by Kinetix and Ultraviolet.
The new Black Witch gives Blok a "gift," allowing him an hour a day as a human, while also using him as a mystical spy.
June 3. Jerin Digby goes on a photo shoot, meeting radical Imskian protesters.
Star Boy and XS visit Xanthu and have dinner with Thom's brother.
Spark receives a message from Metron, which notifies her that New Genesis has likely fallen, and he is likely dead. As a result, Cosmic Boy asks Lady Liberty to go on a recruitment drive, for the United Planets may be next to fall.
Setting out on her mission, Rosie meets with the Legion of Substitute Heroes and recruits them. She then travels to Earth, and does the same for the Doom Patrol.
June 4. Imskian terrorists murder Bray, Lala, and Neera Digby, as well as Bray's lover Hompaq. Jerin survives his assassination attempt. The Emerald Eye attempts to take control of the grieving Ultraviolet, who barely manages to ward it off.
June 4. Lady Liberty recruits the Workforce for the mission.
June 5. At the funeral of the Digby kids, the other Emerald Eye infuses Jerin with the souls of his lost siblings. While on Legion World, he calls upon them, and they are merged with him bodily. Later they learn how to separate their essences into restored bodies.
June 5. Lady Liberty recruits the Amazers for the mission. She subsequently rescues the Gorilla Gregg from a DNA monster. She subsequently meets and recruits Metamorphon while going for coffee with Gregg.
June 6. The Imskian terrorists attack the Digby home, and the four energized Digbys combine again to save Ultraviolet. After the murderers are captured, Jerin, Lala, Bray, and Neera are offered a reserve membership in the Legion. They accept.
Xao Jin rises from the grave, resurrected by the sliver of Mordru within him.
June 10. The extra-dimensional imp Mxyzptlk appears on Legion World, and harasses Superboy before realizing he is in the 31st century. He forces all active Legionnaires to take part in a "Contest of Champions". In the end, Valor is victorious, and Mxyzptlk is defeated.
June 16. The Legion leaders decide to hold a second round of team-ups for new cadets. The first team-up is Matter-Eater Lad and Metabolass, who travel to Bismoll on a diplomatic mission, and stop Betrayal Lass from procuring a powerful item.
June 18. Echo Lad and Magno infiltrate the band of Hitesh Narvekar, and defeat the Fatal Five. Hitesh decides to find himself. Josh decides to commit suicide.
June 18. Traveling to Triton, Lady Liberty attends a sporting event, and meets the Olympic skier Giselle Hébert. After revealing her manager, Alux Cuspin, as a criminal, Lady Liberty invites her onto the team. She grudgingly accepts.
June 18. Shvaughn Erin is promoted to Captain, and Dyrk volunteers to throw a party for her.
June 19. Lady Liberty arrives on Mars, and Hitesh and Radhika Narvekar defeat Grimbor the Chainsman. After some talking, she recruits Hitesh into the Legion. He takes the code name Jam.
June 20. Sun Boy and Tsunami travel to Rimbor, and team up with Ultra Boy, in an encounter with Derek Morgna. Dirk is kidnapped, and his DNA is used to empower his half-sister, Deborah as Sun Girl. Morgna and Sun Girl are caught and sent to prison. Morgna's associate Mar Londo escapes.
June 21. Sun Boy sleeps with Übergirl.
June 21. Lady Liberty, continuing her drive, recruits several mystically-powered heroes to the cause in rapid succession: Mariana Boba and Hao Li, the former Crusaders, who are given the power of Fate from the Helmet of Nabu after it frightens them (their shared form is called Tapestry); the Question, Hannah Wells, on leave from her reporter job; the demon Etrisayne, released from her confinement by her father after the arrival of the Wizard Billy, and now with her and Jim's daughter; the daughter of the Persuader, Nyuen Lialla, who takes down a demon, and becomes the Blade Maiden; and the archer centaur Mikelangelo, who goes by "Mike". Most of these take place on Earth, with Mike's recruitment on Roon. They travel with her for the duration, and are dropped off at the Legion Academy.
June 22. The planetary governor of Quaal III becomes the King Zombie. The Workforce and the Legion conspire to reverse the zombie virus which has taken over the population, and Inferno and Toxic Kid team up to stop it. They are successful. The governor commits suicide as a result. Inferno visits Sun Boy, and they admit they love each other, and make love for the first time.
June 22. Lady Liberty returns to Roon. There she has a confrontation with former Legionnaire Mysa, who is resistant to ally herself with the Legion. Mysa tells Rosie that she will consider the request.
June 23. Lady Liberty finds herself crashing on New Tamaran. There she is brought before Queen Koriand'r. She soon learns that former Legion cadet Remolan'r has lied about rejection by the Legion. When he learns that he can participate in a mission against Apokolips, he joins up with her.
June 23. Soon, the Spirit of '76 crashes on Almerac. Brought before Queen Maxima, she is given an audience with the irksome Prince Maxim. Rejecting him for potential Legion membership, he stows away on her ship. She grudgingly allows him to accompany her.
June 24. Infrared and Ultraviolet travel to Rentac in order to locate missing children. They rescue them, but not before a Triana is briefly taken over by the perpetrator, Auntie.
June 24. After absorbing the power of his cousins Duncan and Connor, Gaven MacLeod kills The Kurgan (who has just killed Lizzy Naysmith), apparently winning The Game, and reality warps around him, leaving him with naught but his sword. He briefly unites with his dead love, alive again, but she leaves him, not recognizing him. He then makes contact with the Legionnaires, and is temporarily admitted to the team.
June 24. Meeting up with the Legion's Wanderers, Lady Liberty puts it up to them to decide if Maxim is Legion material. They actually decide to let him join up.
June 25. Stopwatch and Fortune travel to the Asteroid Casino in Sector G14, and Fortune attempts to infiltrate the Luck Lords so as to locate Eryk Davis Ester. She meets the Luck Lord Dar, discovers Eryk is alive, and is inducted into the Lords under the assumption of being a double agent.
June 25. As Lady Liberty drops Crossfire and Maxim off, Mysa shows up, and agrees to join in on the mission. Meeting Rosie's recent set of magic recruits (Tapestry, Mike, Etrisayne, Blade Maiden, and the Question), she realizes that they have a shared destiny, and she forms a Shadow Pact with them.
June 26. When visiting Ferrus VI, Lady Liberty recruits Milestone (Dwayne Christopher, searching for his father and having gotten information from the mysterious information broker), Sizzle (Lai, mother of Jol, and wife of the missing "Tyr,") and Xoom (still searching for Vandal Savage). Also there is Scout, who decides to stay and protect the world from the threat of Dinosaur Rex.
June 27. Rond Vidar is murdered. Investigating Legionnaires Live Wire and Wave travel to Titan, and meet up with Micah Aven. They encounter the extra-dimensional Universo, who nearly unleashes the native Universo.
June 27. Jin-Sang Anh begins traveling to Xanthu.
June 28. Pathfinder and Zeta Boy are forced to team up with the alternate reality Alchemist in recovering his creation Dawnstar. While tracking her, they are faced with Dawnstar's destruction of the planet Starhaven. Tracking her back to Earth, they discover that she is being controlled by Manifest Destiny, and take him down. Freed from her mind control, Dawnstar and Shikari use vast mystical powers to restore Starhaven and its people.
June 29. Tsunami and Infrared have a date, and realize they have no romantic interest in each other.
June 30. After an encounter with the "goddess" Nayru, Kinetix meets Dawnstar on Starhaven. She then is teamed with Atomic Lass, and travels to Korugar, where they take down a criminal ring. Reunited with Dawnstar, they return to the Outpost, where they discover she and Than's destiny anew, along with an encounter with the Time Trapper, who claims to be Pol Krinn.
July 1. Dawnstar meets Beacon, and they, along with Kinetix, travel to Oa. They then take Kilowog and the souls of his people, and restore the planet Bolovax Vik and its people to life. Kilowog is restored to flesh.
July 2. Lady Liberty meets the Imskian intelligence agent Verj Griffay (Boytoy), stowing aboard the Spirit of '76. She hopes to recruit him to the Legion, and agrees to help him rescue his associate, Q'Laht Strumm.
July 3. Victoria Swift, having a meal with Candi Pyponte-LeParc III on Xanthu, is interrupted by the appearance of her mysterious father, The Shade. He imparts her with new powers.
July 4. Danielle Foccart is abducted from Legion World by Sharn Nux.
July 4. Invisible Kid and Gas Girl team up in investigating Dominator activity.
July 4. Tellus and Dreamscape travel to Colu, and discover Nux's use of the Sleepnet and Danielle Foccart to murder Coluans. They take her down and rescue Danielle.
July 4. Lady Liberty and Boytoy travel to Xanthu, where they meet a few other superhumans, converging as if by destiny: Jin-Sang Anh (Hot Pants), Nicole Collins (Blast-Off), and Victoria Swift (The Shade), just having received powers through her father, the original Shade. The sudden arrival of the mysterious Hollow leads them to rescue Q'Laht Strumm (the Khundian Bomb), defeating the White Triangle's Triangle Man. The youths agree to join the Legion, but decide to remain together as the Freedom Fighters. Rosie realizes her mission is over, and she must begin training this squad herself.
July 7. Übergirl and Marvel Boy are assigned a diplomatic mission, helping President Brande deal with potential U.P. members and super-powered youths who are prospective Legionnaires. The candidate from L-World, Diesel, is psychotic, and murders Brokeback candidate the Bear. They take her down.
July 7. Lobo attacks and conquers Vega Colony.
July 8. Inertia and Dream Girl team up, and travel to Olympus, eventually solving the mystery of the disappearance of Emo Boy.
July 8. Valor and Superboy attempt to liberate Vega Colony. Slo-bo arrives per Lobo's demands. Dawnstar also arrives, and Lobo sacrifices his existence in restoring his homeworld.
July 9. Polar Boy and Quislet rescue Tehra Shau on Tharr, who had been running amok as Killer Frost.
July 9. Science Police Sergeant Gigi Cusimano arrives at her new assignment, the Legion Outpost.
July 10. Singer and Timber Wolf team-up with a released Sun Girl, which results in the capture of Dr. Mar Londo. Singer takes in another victim of Londo's, dubbing him "Roy". Singer tells Dreamscape there is no romance between them, resulting in a falling out.
Element Lad and Tremor travel to Yarel, where they encounter Singularity hunting the Progeny. Discovering that Singularity was a creation of the Progenitor, the two come to a detente.
July 12. Zen Tenorai, the former Counseling Lad, is officially assigned to the Legion Outpost.
July 12. On Zuun, Phase and Sandstorm battle the God Warrior while rescuing miners.
July 12. Wildfire and Probe travel to Agathon, which is undergoing electrical disruptions. They encounter a group of persons who are combinations of entities. Wildfire is attacked by the late 2-fer-1, until the Eclipso entity flees. Probe's eyes are revealed to the entire Legion.
July 13. Gates and Miss Mage go to Marixi, and defeat the eyeballmongering wizard Lennox. Lennox subsequently sets up a shop on Legion World.
July 14. Kid Quantum and Golden Boy go on a time-traveling escapade, where there are many revelations.
July 15. Exor is admitted to the United Planets.
July 17. Hal Jordan is released from psychiatric care, and placed under the recognizance of Beacon.
July 17. Phase is reunited with Dar, and learns what has happened to him in the interim. She refuses to get back together until he leaves the Luck Lords. He gives her information on the location of Enya. She, Apparition, and Saturn Girl rescue Enya and capture Winema. Using AT-units from AQR24, Enya's mind is restored.
July 17. XS and Inertia visit Impulse, and give him reserve Legion membership. He decides it is time to grow up, and with the aid of Max Mercury, bounces off the edge of the Speed Force, physically aging a couple of years, but also jump-starting his development. He adopts the code-name Flash, as well as a new look.
July 17. Listener manages to escape the Valorite stronghold by destroying their space station. He escapes with a captured Resurrection, but is nearly killed by Valour in the process.
July 17. Dawnstar is admitted to the Legion's reserve by Pathfinder and Zeta Boy. They, with the help of Mano and Kinetix, restore the world of Angtu.
July 17. Cosmic Boy and Kid Quantum receive an executive order from President R.J. Brande, allowing amnesty for those who join the Legionnaires in the upcoming battle with Darkseid.
July 18. Enya Wazzo is admitted to the Legion as Ethereal.
July 29. The Legion of Super-Villains, Crusaders, Fatal Five, Sinestra, and Star Sapphire arrive on Legion World to engage in the invasion. The recruits also come to Legion World. There are a number of confrontations. And separately, several of the Legion's couples consummate their relationships. Marvel Boy meets and is given custody of his daughter, who he names Saila. Ster Saffir is rid of the Star Sapphire entity.
July 30. The Legion invade Apokolips. During the invasion, there are heavy casualties on both sides. Kanto, Boom Boy, and Granny Goodness are slain by Night Girl, Catalyst, and Kid Quantum, respectively. Golden Boy learns the truth of his identity. Losses for the hero coalition include Atmos, Cannus, Chlorophyll Kid, Color Kid, Comet Queen, Fire Lad, Gorilla Gregg, Konk, the Metal Men, Metamorphon, Particon, Radion, Slick, and Stellar. The mission fails, and the Legion escape, collapsing the interstitial space on their way out (and destroying the Threshold network). Andromeda dies giving the heroes time to escape.
July 30. The villains betray the heroes just after arrival. New horrors Shrill (an apparently resurrected Douglas Nolan), Terror (a Terrorform), Forme (a resurrected Gozz Daggle), a resurrected Dragonmage, and a resurrected Celios appear as reinforcements for the villains. The Legion's side sustains further losses, as Blazerr, the Cyan Cicada, Kid Polaris, and Porcupine Pete are all murdered, as is apparently Splitter. Kung-Fu Kid defects to the heroes' side by killing Seboy. Mano turns against the Fatal Five, killing Validus. He is in turn killed by the Persuader, who is killed by Blade Maiden. Tellus kills Celios, responding to her desires. The villains then turn on each other as Moisture kills Havoc in a moment of weakness, and Yakuza reacts by beheading Lantern. Brainiac 4 leaves the Legion of Super-Villains as she tries to blow everyone up, but the bomb is stopped by the Matter-Eater Lad, who dies in the attempt. Lazarus Kid is mortally wounded and left behind. He is captured. Kung-Fu Kid surrenders to the Legion.
July 31. Cosmic Boy and Kid Quantum resign from the Legion. Star Boy, Monstress, and Insect Queen travel to Xanthu, and begin negotiations with the government. The Legion offers membership to all of the recruits. Spider Girl declines the offer, joining Neon's Workforce. Jam, Sizzle, and Die Hard opt to remain on Legion World. Milestone decides to continue his search for his father, bringing with him Crossfire and the recalcitrant Maximum, retaining reserve status. The Freedom Fighters head out on the Spirit of '76, just after Boytoy meets Neera Digby. She and her siblings return to their homes. The Shadow Pact's members resign from the Legion. Karate Kid gives Myg reserve Legion membership, and he heads off to find himself. The surviving Subs (Night Girl, Stone Boy, and Infectious Lass) take Legion membership.
August 6. "R.J. Brande, Jr." meets his genetic donor, and they have a minor battle. Brande has another stroke, allowing the clone to flee. He is soon confronted by a team of telepaths, including Saturn Girl, Probe, Wave, Tellus, and Sensor, who mind-meld with him, allowing him to learn the truth. As a result, he ends his conflict, and helps restore Brande to vitality.
August 7. Listener transfers to the Wanderers team. Kung-Fu Kid joins Milestone and friends on their travels. R.J. Brande reveals his son (his clone) J'Aq "J.J." J'Onzz to the galaxy, as well as his true identity as J'Onn J'Onzz. Cosmic Boy and Kid Quantum rejoin the Legion as a result, declining resumption of leadership. Brande recruits his son to the Legion as the Red Son.
August 8. Red Son meets the Lazarus Kid.
August 8. The Xanthusian government and the Legion formally establish the second Legion Outpost.
August 10. Visiting Epsilon Epsilon Epsilon, the Wanderers' Statuesque meets AQR12's Wünderkind. They have a brief battle, but offer each other their service in the search for Diana.
August 13. R.J. Brande resigns from office. Vice President Kulo of Rann is sworn in as President of the United Planets.
August 21. Spark Red, Spark Blue, and Armor of the SW1 Legion appear on Legion World. Armor is taken for treatment while the Sparks are allowed supervised travel. They encounter LSV members Metalla and Chaos attempting to recruit Abyss, Repulse, and Twine. Spark Blue kills Repulse while the others escape severely injured. The refugees are incarcerated, but then disappear.
August 31. Nemesis Kid takes a leave of absence from the Legion of Super-Villains. Tharok declines membership. Saturn Queen announces a new direction for the team: faux heroes. Abyss and Twine join.
August 31. Warfire heads for New Tamaran to take the throne.
August 31. Reserve Legionnaire Crossfire buys the liner he and his compatriots are aboard, and orders it to New Tamaran, in order to challenge the throne.
August 31. M'Rissey and Danielle Foccart begin searching for Glorith.
August 31. The goddess Elise recruits Jo Nah as her champion.
August 31. Vampire Mytra Nah and Pernisian reptiloid Pernisius team-up, abducting Wolves' member Hubble Tezcohp. They use Hubble to try and ambush Timber Wolf. Nah feeds on Pernisius.
August 31. Singer takes a leave of absence from the Legion.
August 31. The tween Titans lose a member in Sparrow, who quits out of jealousy.
August 31. The Secret Six's campaign of infiltration begins: Beppo (Kenji Savage) joins the tween Titans; Streak (Bobby Garrick Savage) joins the Doom Patrol; Crypto (Rosa Douglas Savage) joins the Shadow Pact; and Comet (Purl Platt Savage) joins the Workforce.
August 31. Star Girl (Jess Knight) joins the tween Titans.
August 31. Brawler (Ven Mordafia) joins the Workforce. Kono and Scar take leaves of absences.
September 1. Niewa Quav is promoted to Captain Shvaughn Erin's second-in-command. Officer Bianca comes aboard prior to transferring to Xanthu.
September 1. Roon Dvron comes aboard Legion Outpost Kem as Lieutenant Gigi Cusimano's second-in-command.
September 1. Drew Mann is pulled from his pending death in 2000 to this time by Universo of AQR35.
September 1. Cooperative President Augustus Freeman orders the readying of the League of Exemplars within a month.
September 1. Sun Boy secretly accompanies Timber Wolf for his reunion with Hubble. The vampire Mytra Nah is destroyed. Timber Wolf gives a transfusion to save Hubble's life from vampirism.
September 1. Pathfinder meets the Exemplars' Cosmic Boy.
September 1. Dawnstar arrives on Orando and unwittingly releases a plague which begins transforming the populace.
September 1. The SW1 Legion arrives on Legion World.
September 1. Legion Outpost Xanthu opens.
September 26. Brainiac 5 brings the android Metal Girl to consciousness.


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