Timeline: 3002



  • R.J. Brande (1152) takes a team of Legionnaires (Gates [15], M'Onel [], Kinetix [], and Chameleon []) with him into the Kwai Galaxy in order to facilitate peaceful relations.
  • January 15. The Legion commemorates Foundation Day, the four-year anniversary of the foundation of the Legion, by inducting the first set of cadets at the new Legion Academy. The enrollees include Ming Sul, Amp Girl, of Earth; I-45ENG, Babbage, of Robotica; Kent Shakespeare, The Bard, of Earth; Ilshu Nor, Beast Boy, of Lallor; Chad Welsh, Boom Boy, of College Planet; Condo Arlik, Catalyst, of Phlon; April Dumaka, Catspaw, of Earth; Grava, Comet Queen, of Quaal-III; Gladus Brukk, Crusher, of Khundia; Tal Nahii, Gas Girl, of Lallor; Drura Sehpt, Infectious Lass, of Somahtur; Somi Gan, Life Lass, of Lallor; Taryn Loy, Metabolass, of Bismoll; Berta Skye Haris, Nightwind, of Earth; Peter Dursin, Porcupine Pete, of Earth; Deen Toro, Retro, of Draylax Prime; Fr'oz, Sabre, of Cquaa; Timothy Santoza, Siphon, of Earth; Tuva Lashuokalali, Tsunami, of Risa; Ron Karr, 2-D Kid of College Planet; and D'l, Zero G, of Dulchup VII.

The Legion discovers their old associate Kon-El, the early 21st century hero Superboy, adrift in space. They bring him back to Legion World, where he takes a position on the team.
While Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl are visiting the "memorial" to Element Lad on Trom, Element Lad appears before them, claiming to be Garth Ranzz.
After a battle with a group of Apokoliptian heroes, the Legion discover the AQR16 Clark Kent, who has broken through his brainwashing. He leads them back to Apokolips, and the Legion manage to defeat Darkseid, who is trying to conquer/destroy all of time.
The Legion try to return Clark Kent to his proper timeline but are unsuccessful. He remains in the Legion's care.
Late January. M'Onel returns to Legion World, and reveals that Brande and the group of Legionnaires have been attacked by the Credo. The Legion travel en masse to the Kwai Galaxy, and with the help of Live Wire, they manage to rescue their friends, and end the Credo threat when Garth transforms Singularity into tromium.
A terrorist attack led by Cockrumite criminal Dycas Padd (alias Devil) disables Metropolis. They nearly succeed in assassinating Federation President Winema Wazzo. They are stopped by a small band of Legionnaires.
During the attack, Metropolitan teen Carter Jones finds a mace, and wings grow from his back. He later decides to become a superhero.
Among the fatalities in the attack is Mikaela Christopher, killed when her train derails. She leaves behind an orphaned son, who soon discovers she was a supervillain.
January 29. The Fatal Five attack the Legion with a huge assemblage of their alternate reality counterparts, the Fatal 500. The Legion barely holds their own against the villains' massive numbers. Kon-El travels to the 21st century to recruit his teammates on the Teen Titans, and the combined teams manage to temporarily defeat the Fatal 500. The Titans return to the past, while the Legion is scattered through time. The Fatal 500 recoup. Cosmic Boy, with the assistance of the Time Trapper, recruits the Legion's counterparts from a year hence, as well as Legionnaires from across the multiverse, to aid in the villains' defeat.
The Trapper creates a batch of quantum duplicates he calls the "SW-1 Batch" while the Legionnaires are scattered. He sends them to have an encounter with AQR13 and AQR37 Legions.
Early February. Thanot and Azra Saugin come to Legion World. Seeing his sister Kinetix in her current state, Than sets out to cure her. He runs into Tenzil Kem, who, along with Dreamer, travel to Roon to find Lady Mysa to give him powers that might help Zoe. The trio has a run-in with the fledgling GLOE, and rescue a Roonese girl named Anu. They then meet up with Mysa, who unlocks Than's potential.
Upon returning to Legion World, Than uses his power to usurp Zoe's own, which allows him to dissolve the Terrorform, and restore his sister to normal.
February 4. Upon Dreamer's recommendation, Tenzil is admitted to the Legion as Matter-Eater Lad.
Anu, with Tenzil's recommendation, enters the Legion Academy as Singer.
February 6. Sailor Mini-Moon of (2059) tries out for the Legion of Super-Heroes, and inadvertently summons a temporal vortex, which pulls Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Leviathan, Sensor, XS, and Invisible Kid through time to the mid 21st century. The rest of the Legion, along with Officers Erin and Magz, follow soon after using the time-platform. An out-of-phase Time Trapped Pol Krinn and his robot buddy Bits also accompany them. The Legion find themselves in the middle of the collapse of the Omniverse. Though the threat is stopped, some important events take place during their time in the past (see 2059): Magno's powers are restored, and he resigns from the Science Police to rejoin the Legion; Star Boy and Dreamer end their relationship; Jacques Foccart is forced back into phase with normal space/time, and returns with the team to the present. Ganthet assigns Green Lantern Cary Wren to assist the Legion in their temporal adventure, and she returns with them to the present as well.
February 7. Cary Wren adopts the code-name Beacon, and is admitted to the Legion.
The Legion travel to Summer World to enjoy the beach.
Lori Morning, her mutant temporal powers emerging, gathers a team of villains (the "Legion of Super-Villains") to challenge her old friends. They include: Astro Boy, Titanic Girl, Static, Triathlon, Go-Thru Lass, See-Thru Kid, Gecko, NCES, Smartiac 5, LePURPLEthan, Mobilex, Stellar Boy, Fences, Mega Boy, B'Onel, Captain Ugmo, Magyes, Eclipsa, Snakey, Kid Time-Effect, Fighting Kid, Two-fer-One, Mapquest, Chip Turne, Bolt Boy, Sabrewolf, Sleeper, and Ringlet. They attack the Legion on Summer World and are quickly defeated.
A temporal anomaly appears: Samus Aran. In trying to help her get back to her proper universe, XS and Beacon are apparently lost.
The Legion of Super-Villains recruits Hart Druiter, the Nemesis Kid. He is soon chosen for an infiltration mission to the Legion.
Mid February. XS and Beacon return to the 31st century.
February 12. A Legion try-outs is held, and one new members is inducted: Hart Druiter, the Nemesis Kid.
February 14. Live Wire approaches Brainiac 5 to help him create a replicated body. Brainy aids him, and Garth manages, using his power, to transfer his consciousness to the new body. The Jan body then becomes awakened with the persona of Jan from the crystals; just after he saved the Legion a billion years earlier. Element Lad takes a leave of absence from the Legion.
February 20. The Legion is attacked by telepathic visions generated by the Emerald Eye II and Glorith, manipulating the Legion reject Counseling Lad (Zen Tenorai). This is Glorith's first foray into taking on the Legion, and no one is sure what her motives are.
The visions, while traumatic, also enable some changes to come into effect. Vi and Lyle decide to end their relationships with Jeremy and Bobbi, and Zoe reveals her romantic interest in Vi.
Late February. Element Lad, on the planet Zyzan, meets one of the few survivors of the planet Dryad, a youth named Blok. He and Blok begin making a monument on the planet to the memory of the Dryad people.
Officer Omar Magz is reassigned to Legion World.
On a tour of Shanghalla, Wildfire is confronted with the images of Atom'X and Blast-Off, and it causes him to remember. Then he is attacked by the manipulated Evolvo, who ruptures his suit. The disembodied Wildfire energy finds the body of Gim Allon and takes it over.
When the Legion capture Evolvo, they discover that Glorith is behind this strange turn of events.
Several Legion relatives are kidnapped, including Johanna Norg, King Charlz of Orando, Pol Krinn, Impulse (just arriving in the future), and the imprisoned Brainiac 4 (who agrees to join Glorith's "posse" voluntarily). Attempts are also made to take Omar Magz and Thanot Saugin.
Using Azra Saugin's amulet and Than's powers, the Legion travel to "the nexus of time," and rescue the captives. Glorith and Brainiac 4 escape.
Sensor finds herself shunned by her family because of her new form.
Early March. A training session of the All Male Revue (Plus One Girl) on Zyzan results in the apparent loss of Dirk Morgna, Tellus, and Blazerr.
Thanot Saugin enters the Legion Academy as Bio, and Impulse is also admitted.
Cosmic Boy and Kid Quantum visit her parents on Xanthu, and they discover that Glorith has sent Proty to pretend to be James Cullen to confuse and upset her parents.
A few "rockets" crash into Brainiac 5's lab, holding Dev Emm (M'Onel's childhood friend from the 20th century), Kara Zor-El (the alternate universe Supergirl from the 20th century), and the 34th century Legionnaire Mental Lad.
Element Lad and Blok discover Dirk Morgna on Zyzan, and transfer him to Legion World. There he is given probationary membership in the Legion. He takes the code-name of "Sun Boy."
Dirk sleeps with Dreamer, who then breaks up with Matter-Eater Lad.
Mid-March. Leviathan and Kinetix travel to Imsk to meet Vi's family. Shortly after, they begin a relationship.
Amp Girl and Retro begin a secret physical relationship.
Late March. Shikari takes the code-name Pathfinder.
Condo's attempts to woo Lyle fail, so he sets his eyes on Deen Toro.
Jerin Digby, Vi's brother, takes some illicit pictures of Spark and Kinetix, and is arrested for trespassing.
Several Legionnaires travel to the "mystical" planet Roon, and defeat the menace of the apprentice, Harry.
Upon returning, Sensor and Ferro are both mutated, Ferro so that he is handsome, and Sensor so that she is reverted to her Orandan normal state.
Cosmic Boy, Sensor, and Ferro travel to Roon to discover the origin of the change, and discover that it is the doing of Harry's mentor, Hermione. Hermione gives them the option of keeping one of their changes permanent, and Ferro gives up his chance. Hermione, however, advises that Ferro's powers are reflective of his mental state, and distort his form.
R.J. Brande appears to have a stroke. Brainiac 5 and Invisible Kid discover the truth about Mr. Brande, that he is in fact J'Onn J'Onzz. Brainy works to help Mr. Brande recover.
Early April. M'Onel and Umbra become engaged.
Karate Kid, who mistakenly believes that he might be in love with Ferro, decides to use Pro-Fem to have a relationship, so as to facilitate Andy's self-esteem and give him the pleasant face he deserves. Even with the aid of Sensor, the attempt fails miserably, causing Val's system to overload.
Element Lad and Blok discover Tellus as well on Zyzan, and decide to return to Legion World with him. Jan is forced to be quarantined, lest his appearance frighten others.
Andromeda rejoins the Legion, opting to take a reservist position.
Brainiac 5 and Invisible Kid begin a romantic relationship.
Mid April. Lar Gand and Tasmia Mallor are married on Talok VIII, a wedding attended by all of their friends. They take a honeymoon there.
Jenni finally makes a decision. She chooses to begin a relationship with Dyrk over Thom.
The Legion get a distress call from Kathoon, and discover the Legion of Substitute Heroes. Apparently they'd been betrayed by one of their own, Betrayal Lass.
The Subs are brought to Legion World for medical attention, and are allowed to remain as part of the support staff.
Legion World is destroyed, but time is reversed with the team-up of Retro, Amp Girl, and Dreamer.
Inferno reappears in the present, attacking the Legion for Glorith. She is arrested, and disappears from her cell into the past.
Brainiac 5 is able to disrupt the temporal storm that Glorith has set into place, and is able to bring Mental Lad home to the 34th century. He then travels to the 21st century. He returns to the future with Inferno and Devlin O'Ryan.
Winema Wazzo begins openly committing criminal acts, as well as having Tinya run into her lost triplicate. The encounter ends with Wazzo becoming a fugitive. R.J. Brande is reinstated as President Pro Tem.
Monstress returns to the present from her trip through time and space. She rejoins the Legion.
Wildfire reveals that he now occupies the body of Gim Allon to the rest of the Legion.
Late April. The Amazers are faced with disunity, especially after they hold tryouts. The team falls apart shortly after they admit a new member, Duplicate Boy. Duplicate Boy is soon revealed to be the soul of Gim Allon possessing the body of Randy Burroughs's dead brother. Gim's soul is expelled, and the soul of Josh Burroughs returns.
The reunited Amazers admit Particon, Radion, Blazerr, and Spider Girl to their ranks.
April 24. The Legion admit a bunch of new members to their ranks after the Leaders take a day off: Sun Boy, Inferno, Dev Emm (as Sexy Boy), Superboy, Supergirl, Blok, Tellus, Jacques Foccart (as Stopwatch), and Dragonmage and the White Witch (who immediately move to reserve status).
Sun Boy, Inferno, Blok, and Tellus get into a fight with the All-Male Revue, seeking revenge for their mistreatment by the AMR's hands.
The Legion take another trip to Summer World, and XS meets her Rogues Gallery for the first time.
April 29. Chameleon takes some of the new Legionnaires (Clark, Kara, and Dev), and starts to take them around the Federation. First they travel to Earth, where they recruit Penelope Jimenez (Statuesque) of Themyscira, the humanized dolphin, Earthwalker, and the non-telepathic Titanian Kaima Taleed, Bullseye. They depart Legion World on the Pilgrim-2, with hired pilot Devlin O'Ryan.
Cary Wren and Garth Ranzz travel to Central City, where they are faced with a battle with KOBRA. They are aided by a new hero, Hawkboy. Cary later returns to Earth to meet Hawkboy, and discovers his secret identity, 16-year-old Carter Jones. They begin tentative steps to a relationship.
Saturn Girl and Shvaughn Erin approach Science Police officer Omar Magz. Saturn Girl telepathically alters Omar's mind, forcing him to be unable to tell about his knowledge of Wildfire's identity. Erin then fires Omar.
Early May. While training in the use of their powers, Invisible Kid and Leviathan are faced with the threat of Doomsboy, who even the entire Legion can't stop. Doomsboy teleports away.
After a small encounter with Beacon and Hawkboy, Sheila Jawari, the reincarnation of Carter Hall known as Hawkwoman, begins assembling a villain team of her own. She recruits the genius Mariana Boba, and apparently tricks the senile wizard SHAZAM! (actually the late sorcerer's evil daughter, Blaze) into giving a disgruntled Wal-Mart employee, Jim Ahmadi, powers, who joins her as Marvel Boy.
Jacques investigates the spatial disturbance on Summer World, and discovers it is a rift between this universe, and a marvelous one. They meet a team of teen superheroes from this universe, the Galactic Avengers.
Hawkwoman's recruitment drive leads her to recruit a spoiled rich girl who generates exoskeletal armor, Indira Prasho (Blue Bug); the time-traveling, force-field suit wearing Michelle Carter (Bustier Gold); the Carggite mental- and plant-manipulator, Kwame Yonns (Evergreen); the Martian human held captive by the Martian government, the super-sized Chardic Milian (Skyscraper); the helmet of Uban-wearing magician, Hao Li (Entropy); the Darvan prisoner on Xanthu, John Greycrow (Particle Lad); and another Trommite survivor, who is stuck in liquid form, Sarb Netro (Moisture). They make a secret headquarters on Trom.
May 7. The Legion and Avengers agree to have an exchange program. Karate Kid volunteers to travel to the "Marvel" Universe. The Avengers pawn off on the Legion the bratty Powerpax. The Legion immediately pawns her off on the Wanderers.
May 10. Slo-bo is sent back to the past from the far future in order to kill Impulse, but he instead kills Harm again. After harassing the Legion some, and sleeping with Dreamer, and sending Lobo into the sun, he leaves to Talok VIII, where he joins the Wanderers.
The Legion Academy is separated into squads. Pol Krinn and Carter Jones both join the Academy, and are assigned command of squads.
The Legion deal with the Atom'X and Blast-Off appearances organized by Glorith, which lead to the rescue of Splitter and a traumatic encounter with an alternate Progenitor.
Carggite teenager Suonen Dinan dies.
Mid-May. Gim Allon finally comes back, this time in a Carggite body, which splits his mind in aspects. He rejoins the Legion, though remains in hiding. Leviathan (Digby) changes her code name to Ultraviolet, giving Gim back his code name.
May 17. The Gorgeous Ladies of Evil are organized, as the Lythylian ninja Rei Fujika (Yakuza), the friction-manipulating Yula Manif (Brake), and the milk spewing Kalca Gurtyo (Dairy Queen) join after the sponsorship of Winema Wazzo. Finally, the crazed Tamaranian, Tarakel'r (Warfire) joins up, and kills the Legionnaire Gear on Trom.
The Wanderers battle a group of brainwashed young versions of 20th century superheroes: including their teammate Superboy. They manage to stop their puppet master, Darkseid, with the help of the Main Man.
XS and Impulse team up with Meloni Thawne, and manage to rescue Max Mercury from the Rival. Max returns to the past. Then they run into the current version of Max. This prompts Bart to leave the Academy.
Glorith takes command of Winema Wazzo's Gorgeous Ladies of Evil, and unites them with the All-Male Revue to form a new Legion of Super-Villains. She then proceeds to recruit a few more members to her team: the married-too-young couple of Laevar Bolto and Eve Aries (Cosmic King and Saturn Queen), Mekt Ranzz (Lightning Lord), Ra's al Ghul, and Nemesis Kid. She then begins to infiltrate the Legion Academy in order to recruit Pol Krinn.
Late May. Superboy and Wonder Girl briefly travel from 2004 to the Legion World in this era.
The all new, all different Doom Patrol makes their debut.
Shikari is kidnapped to help liberate the planet Starhaven.
A young hero, Kid Flash (Joe West), shows up at Bart's house, and makes a trip to Legion World, where he sleeps with April. Though he at first seems to want to join the Legion Academy, he leaves.
Beacon, while visiting Oa, has a run-in with a Green Lantern Corps trainee, Vaz Lüt, who is the new Yellow Power Ring-wielder for the Qwardians, Sinestra.
Early June. A Durlan fugitive, Neophyte, infiltrates the Doom Patrol base, only to reveal that she is on the run from torturers. The DP takes her in.
Verj Griffay attempts to assassinate Madelyne Chu. He is stopped by the Psycho Pirate, and held captive by Chu.
Invisible Kid is ordered by Earthgov Intelligence Director Madelyne Chu to recapture Neophyte. He learns that Neophyte is an innocent pawn in Chu's Machiavellian ploy to usurp control of the U.P. by exposing R.J. Brande as a shape-shifter and using a clone of Valor to demand allegiance from the seeded planets. In pursuit of this goal, she orders Earth's secession from the United Planets.
The Legion thwarts Chu when M'Onel reveals that he is the true Valor. In the fight that follows, the cloned Valour realizes he is now without purpose and leaves for Daxam. Chu's telepathic partner, the Shadow King, attempts to attack the Legion directly, but the Legion requests help from the Galactic Avengers and Phoenix successfully stops the Shadow King.
Invisible Kid is granted a temporary leave of absence to establish his own intelligence network. He enlists Horace Canfield in this endeavor.
Dozer discovers the captured Verj Griffay, and gets him to join his new intelligence network. Verj adopts the code-name of "Boytoy".
M'Onel and Umbra begin a tour of U.P. worlds in the wake of his revelation.
Mid June. M'Onel and Umbra complete their tour and begin a period of seclusion.
Members of the Free Rann movement attempt a kidnapping of Karina Gast, the daughter of prominent Thanagarian senator Kath Gast. The group of Rannian youths that attempt the assault manage to grab her, but there is an accident when they attempt to use a Zeta beam to escape. Karina is maimed when her wings fuse with the body of one of the kidnappers. The Zeta beam had damaged the travelers' DNA, causing Karina to be unable to have her wings regrown. The youngest kidnapper, Erias, is merged with the Zeta beam, and disappears, bouncing through space.
June 18. When the Wanderers attend a conference in which Marzal and Almerac are considered for Federation membership, the obnoxious Almeracki Prince Maxim abducts Bullseye in an attempt to rebel. He is successful in taking out the Wanderers' powerhouses, but falls before non-member ally Troy Stewart, also in attendance. In the aftermath, Troy (as Cacophony), along with Elastikid (Taki Varnis) and pilot Reflex (Devlin O'Ryan) officially join the team.
Late June. Pol Krinn is kidnapped while on a field trip with his squad by Brainstorm, formerly of the Oversight Watch. While in captivity, an older version of his brother Rokk apparently visits him, revealing that, in the wake of Pol's death, he would become the villainous Time Trapper.
Cosmic Boy, in investigating Pol's disappearance, allies with the mysterious Question.
Justin Zeus, recently made CEO of McCauley Enterprises, forms a super team to rival the Legion: The Justice League of Earth. Zeus claims to be a descendant of Maxwell Lord.
Cosmic Boy, the Question, and the Espionage Squad trace Pol to a McCauley warehouse sub-basement, where they learn that the new Justice League are merely disguised members of the Oversight Watch. To save Rokk's life, Pol is forced to kill Brainstorm. After this, it is learned that Justin Zeus was a puppet of Brainstorm's the entire time.
Invisible Kid, having reunited with the team during the course of the investigation, resumes full-time member status.
Saturn Girl reveals to Cosmic Boy that, while he was under her control in the 20th century, she slept with him as an unconscious outlet for her unfulfilled desires for Live Wire.
June 27. Statuesque successfully completes three tasks for the gods. Chameleon returns to Legion World and Superboy is made Wanderers field leader.
The Legion Academy's first semester ends and summer vacation begins.
Early July. Investigating the mystery surrounding Wildfire, Lois Lane from his reality meets Superboy. They agree to see each other again.
Hawkwoman frees Devil, Canary, Arrow, and Lantern from jail and makes them Crusaders.
July 8. Almerac and Marzal are admitted to the United Federation of Planets.
The Crusaders attack the U.P. Congress but are stopped by a team of heroes from an alternate future. The Helmet of Uban is destroyed. Sean Erin and Linda Dox of this timeline are left behind.
July 13. Marvel Boy, Hao Li, and Mariana Boba surreptitiously quit the Crusaders. Hao & Mariana go into hiding; Marvel Boy joins the Legion.
Kinetix takes a leave of absence. Her transport is attacked by the Emerald Eye, causing it to crash on the mystic-filled world Tenagren. She undergoes training with a local priestess, Ashena, to better master her own mystical abilities.
Mid July. Marvel Boy goes through the rigors of Legion membership, and continues the new tradition of newbies battling the Fatal Five.
Nemesis Kid slaughters the old Legion of Super-Villains in order to gain admittance into the new team.
July 21. A clone of Ra's al Ghul is stolen from Legion World. He will go on to become the Villains' Lazarus Kid.
Late July. XS's Rogue Gallery is slaughtered by a new set of villains. Their actions cause a young couple to die, but their unborn child is spared. This child, Yewande Saunders, calling herself Xoom, grows up quickly, swearing vengeance against Vandal Savage. She won't let Jenni stand in her way.
July 31. Ra's al Ghul clones R.J. Brande, and brings a teenage clone to life.
Early August. Harry and Danny Alexie are given powers by "gods," becoming a new Hawk & Dove. They head to New York and soon join a new Teen Titans, which also includes the Doom Patrol's Leaf Lass; Saturn Girl's little sister the Sparrow (Jancy Ardeen); a ???; Ordnance (Sean Erin), and Superwoman 2 (Linda Dox), late of an alternate future; and the speedster Impulse. They are mentored by the revived Cyborg.
A new Kestrel is created of Harry and Danny's older brother, Kevin.
Mid August. Star Boy is transported back to the year 2019 by the Shade. He is returned moments later, six months having past for him.
August 27. The Legion of Super-Heroes battles the Legion of Super-Villains on Beltran. One result of this battle is that Apparition, in battle with her triplicate Phantom, merge, and then separate into her three forms. The Tinya Wazzo called Phase adopts the name "Tanya."
Early September. The Legion is once again split into two squads. One remains on Legion World. A smaller one stays in the Outpost on the outskirts of U.P. space. Shortly after arriving, the Outpost crew saves a little girl called Dalem from a runaway vessel. They do not realize that she is in fact the Emerald Eye.
September 4. In AQR35, the Alchemist completes his biological construct, Dawnstar.
Mid September. Celeste McCauley gathers a new Workforce. She hires reformed terrorist Brita An'nan (Kono), former intelligence operative and healer Caleb Michaels (Caduceus), enigmatic martial artist Scar, Robotican intelligence droid Cipher, and, after repairing his powers so as to give his true form full control, Sev Tcheru, who adopts the new code name of Selection.
The Outpost Legionnaires save the Draylaxian colony Shenar from the threat of Magmos!
Late September. The Emerald Eye's scheme comes to fruition, and all hope seems lost until Kinetix returns to the team, saving the day.
September 24. Polar Boy is given provisional Legion membership.
The cadets return to class. Inertia joins the school.
Porcupine Pete resigns from the Academy to take a position on the Legion of Substitute Heroes.
Roy Tarvish joins the Legion Academy and the New Legion squad as Rads.
A prank by Zero G coincides with an attack by Harry the Apprentice.
Karate Kid and the Cricket travel to the land of K'un L'un, and meet up with a displaced Kung-Fu Kid from the Legion of Super-Villains. They begin training to rescue the Princess Siyahna. Val comes to be the Iron Fist.
Early October. Beast Boy faces his inner demons.
Mid October. Marvel Boy, on a trip to Roon, temporarily obtains the Helmet of Nabu, which allows him to separate the forms of Etrisayne the demon and Justin Blood. In addition, Jim and Etrisayne conceive a child.
Star Boy learns of his half-brother/cousin, also named Thom Kallor.
Korugar, New Tamaran, Rann, and Thanagar are admitted to the United Planets.
Late October. Green Lantern in training Ster Saffir becomes possessed by the Star Sapphire entity and attacks the other trainees. Beacon and Kilowog stop the attack, and Ster loses his right ring finger. He allies himself with Sinestra.
Star Sapphire and Sinestra attack Oa. Beacon appeals to Ster's goodness and kisses him, prompting him to end the attack. Beacon enters the Central Battery, manipulating its energies to heal a time-displaced Kyle Rayner.
Beacon confesses to Hawkboy that she kissed Star Sapphire. He breaks up with her to free her of moral complication.
Karate Kid, Kung-Fu Kid, and Cricket battle the dragon, freeing Siyahna. Myg, encountering the dwarven Gomurr, accepts a link to the Crimson Dawn in order to save Val's life. This gives him expanded powers.
Kung-Fu Kid returns to normal space.
Early November. XS, Inertia, and Impulse fight an alternate-future Inertia with the help of several other Speedsters. XS chases the future Inertia into the Speed Force but is able to return with the help of the spectre of Barry Allen.
Jina Cenn, product of a secret Braalian experiment, is released from military service by Braalian Prime Minister Kal Penn.
Kyl Emeer, product of a secret Titanian experiment, is recalled into Project: Probe by Titanian Prime Minister Herni Raseel.
Mid November. Saturn Girl and Ultraviolet help Leviathan and Wildfire trade bodies. The Emerald Eye, angered at the intrusion into its plans, punishes Violet by giving her shrinking abilities to Gim.
Gim Allon emerges from seclusion and reunites with his family. Shvaughn Erin introduces him to Sean Erin.
Wildfire travels to Cargg to meet his body's mother, Sanra Yunto. He tries to explain that her son Suonen Dinan is dead and is caught up in an imbroglio.
Boom Boy sleeps with Catspaw and Catalyst.
Star Boy acquires a Star Rod from the Time Institute, passed down by the Knight family. He also meets Jess Knight, Kyle's descendant.
Brainiac 4 obtains the spell originally used to summon the hero Uncle Sam. Her creation Doomsboy attacks to distract from her mission, grievously injuring Saturn Girl. He and Brainiac 4 kidnap Invisible Kid.
Invisible Kid escapes the Legion of Super-Villains, his powers having been boosted thanks to Brainiac 4. Saturn Girl awakens, no longer telepathic.
November 28. Jina Cenn, Wave, and Kyl Emeer, Probe, join the Legion of Super-Heroes on a provisional basis. Their racist natures clash.
December 9. Legion cadets Amp Girl, Babbage, Beast Boy, Bio, Boom Boy, Catalyst, Catspaw, Crusher, Hawkboy, Nightwind, Retro, and Sabre graduate and join the Legion.
Disillusioned, Life Lass is approached by Omar Magz, who brings her into the New Valorite cult.
Mid December. Live Wire and Saturn Girl begin planning their wedding in earnest. Garth manages to convince Magno to be one of his groomsmen, and Imra manages to reconcile with Apparition.
Polar Boy is forced to learn some control over his powers.
Apparition is approached about running for Parliament on Bgztl. She and Jo agree to move there and become reserve Legionnaires.
Paul Carothers is empowered as Blaze's new champion, Captain Power, and subsequently joins the Crusaders.
Late December. The Academy graduates integrate into the Legion. Boom Boy has personality conflicts with Polar Boy, Cosmic Boy, Star Boy, Hawkboy, and Beacon.
Granny Goodness attacks the Wanderers.
After Statuesque discards the arrow Eros gave her, Eros gives her a suit of armor. He also reveals to her that Diana is her mother.
Tidas, Singer's dead friend on Roon, is transferred to a cloned body with the help of Brainiac 5, Kinetix, Bio, and Matter-Eater Lad.
Sklarian Pür An’nan, in a refugee camp, is approached by the Dryad Blog, who recommends the Legion Academy. He applies.
Darvanian Josie Bluehare saves a store clerk from a thief, and applies to join the Legion Academy.
On Risa, Daxamite/Kathoonian hybrid Triana Den decides to attend the Legion Academy when her friend Tuva Lashuokalali returns to that institution.
Thanagarian Karina Gast gives in to her mother's pressure to attend the Academy as a representative of Thanagar.
Saltar Vula's mutant abilities emerge at a concert, causing her to be arrested. Her father's friend Marla Latham manages to get her out of prison, but she must attend the Legion Academy.


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