Timeline: 3001



  • January 3-4. In the Kwai Galaxy, the Legion of Super-Heroes (Live Wire [16], Saturn Girl [], Kid Quantum [], Wildfire, Shikari [], Ultra Boy, Chameleon [], Monstress [17], Brainiac 5 [], and Umbra []) find themselves in a full-on assault by the Progeny. They are eventually captured, and brought before the Progenitor, who is their lost friend, Element Lad. Jan had gone insane after his billion year long life, and his memories of them have faded severely. Upon the reunion, Jan reveals his plans to take the Progeny to Earth's galaxy, and wipe out everything there. Candi makes a plea to the old Jan, and he forgets her mid-conversation, and murders her as something aberrant. The Legionnaires immediately engage Jan and the Progeny, barely escaping. The even more insane Progenitor merges with the monster Omniphagos. In order for the team to survive and return home using Brainy's new Threshold system, Live Wire takes on the Progenitor/Omniphagos entity, and destroys it, but dies in the process. As Garth dies, his essence moves into the remains of the Progenitor-Omniphagos.1

The lost Legionnaires arrive on Earth, where they are briefly reunited with M'Onel. However, they are carted away, and are nearly assassinated by "President McCauley's" forces.
The formerly lost Legionnaires (Kid Quantum, Saturn Girl, Umbra, Ultra Boy, Brainiac 5, Shikari, Wildfire, and Chameleon) are reunited with the Reformation Squad (Cosmic Boy, Invisible Kid, Leviathan, Chuck Taine, Triad, Sensor, and Gear), and they visit Legion World. R.J. Brande sets the Legion on a mission, to once again become a force for unity in the Federation. The Legion sets onto regaining its members, and they quickly travel to Winath and re-recruit Spark.
Element Lad and R.J. Brande from two years hence time travel to the Progenitor's Citadel, where Jan uses his Progenitor-spawned abilities to restore Monstress to life. She is sent to a parallel timeline.
M'Onel is shot by Ra's al Ghul.
Saturn Girl, Spark, Invisible Kid, and Wildfire travel to the Kwai galaxy to request the aid of the Kwai in the mass use of the Threshold system.
Most of the rest of the Legion travel to Metropolis, and liberate McCauley's Footstep Drive complex, freeing the Winathians, Carggites, and Vyrgans held captive there, including Gates, who rejoins the Legion. The Legion officially declares itself active again.
The Legion attempt to confront "President McCauley," who reveals himself to be Ra's al Ghul. Before the Legion can take him on directly, he begins causing environmental havoc on the planet, and Hypertaxis begins.
With the destruction of McCauley's infrastructure, the now re-empowered Dirk Morgna awakens. Soon after, he is hit by energies of the "Terrorforms," which are supposed to ensure the survival of life on Earth. The energies transform him into a seed state.
Kinetix attempts to render aid to civilians, and is caught up in the Hypertaxis Wave. She is transformed into a hybrid Terrorform, retaining most of her prior knowledge, though her personality is muddled. Kinetix joins the Legion in trying to stop Ra's al Ghul.
Kinetix finds M'Onel and restores him, and he helps in the defeat of Ra's.
The destruction of the Earth's Moon, and the unparalleled devastation it would have caused, is halted by the arrival of Legion World through a Threshold. Legion World is left in permanent Earth orbit, in order to balance out the mass of the Moon.
Vice President Winema Wazzo is named as President of the Federation of United Planets.
Mid February-Early March. The Legionnaires begin in earnest attempting to reunite their former members, and a team travels to Xanthu. There they rescue Star Boy and XS, who are readmitted to the Legion. At that point, a new election is held, and Kid Quantum is elected leader.
Umbra takes a leave of absence from the Legion to investigate her fading powers. Traveling to Talok VIII, she discovers her connection to her ancestors has been severed by what appear to be the remains of her cousin, Grev. She regains control.
Spark announces that she is changing her code-name to Live Wire in honor of her late brother.
The force from Robotica attacks Earth. The Legion is sent to stop it. A group travels to Pluto and reactivates Warworld.
Brainiac 5 is taken captive by Robotican forces, and "Mr. Venge", the head of Robotica, reveals himself as C.O.M.P.U.T.O., having survived its destruction a thousand years earlier, and traveled to Robotican space, where it enslaved the Robotican people. Brainiac 5 manages to get C.O.M.P.U.T.O. to evolve beyond physical existence, and the Coluan madwoman Sharn Nux appears to perish.
March 12. During the Robotican incident, Apparition's ship finally arrives on Earth, and she rejoins the Legion, as well as being reunited with Jo. Timber Wolf is admitted to the Legion as well.
The Roboticans take control of Warworld/Pluto.
Khundia, Robotica, and Xanthu apply for United Planets membership and are (re)admitted.
Jan Dumaka and Obinna Etobo divorce. Etobo leaves his daughter in his mother's custody.
Mid March. A funeral is held for Monstress and Live Wire at Shanghalla. A "memorial" composed of Kid Quantum's memory crystals is set up for Element Lad on the planet Trom.
Kid Quantum convinces Spark to change her name back from Live Wire.
In transporting the criminal Tharok, a small group of Legionnaires, including rookie Timber Wolf, battle and defeat the Fatal Five.
Mid April. Deen Toro, on Draylax Prime, begins dating Hur Pajaro, in order to get good magno-ball tickets. As they are also lab partners, they get caught in an explosion when lightning strikes some chemicals, and the boys are each given superpowers. Deen gets local past rewind abilities, and Hur gets superspeed abilities. The accident, however, sours their "relationship," so they call it quits.
May 2. The Hykraian professor Ganglios's mate, Celios, and best friend, Pelios, are murdered by the agents of a visiting Winema Wazzo. Ganglios is kidnapped.
Berta Skye Harris loses her eyesight. She decides to follow in her grandmother's footsteps as the new Nightwind.
Winema Wazzo begins recruiting a team of super-powered young men as a team of villains. Her first recruits are the criminals Micro (Lalo Muldroon) and Flesh-Eater Lad (Supork Chak), who later changes his code-name to Carnivore. She names them the All-Male Revue (With One Girl). Over the next two weeks, she recruits:
The deranged Phantom Lad, having her scientists increase his power levels; he kills his mentally abusive father, completely loses his mind, and is renamed Stealth;
The older Universo (Sarmon Ardeen), releasing him from imprisonment on Titan for previous telepathic crimes;
The racist, unintelligent, and incestuous Daxamite twins Havoc (Dav Isz) and Chaos (Heth Isz);
Inverse (Sed Nesh), Pol Krinn's ex-teammate on the Meteors, whose magnetic abilities have been amped;
Shroud (Grev Mallor), who had actually managed to steal some of Umbra's power;
Afterimage (Hur Pajaro), Deen Toro's ex;
Kung-Fu Kid (Myg Fen), the former boy mobster from Lythyl;
Battalion (Jarunel Ladro), the disillusioned Carggite who can make a large number of automaton duplicates;
Fusion, the combined form of Ryan Ock and Seth Drork, whose disgruntled positions on life in the O. C. (Omega Colony) caused them to kill people;
Seboy (Billy Lotar), whose position in the Earth navy was challenged by a woman, and led the semen-spewing youth to hate all women.
Blazerr (Hamid al-Khaled), under control via drugs;
Tellus (Ganglios), also drugged.
Late June-Early July. The Legion brings all the "Terrorforms" and seed-state people to Xanthu in order to reverse the effects. Unfortunately, while this is effective, Sensor is hit with a bolt of Hypertaxis energy, which begins fatally mutating her.
Amongst the seed-state persons released are Dirk Morgna, who returns to Earth and is sold into slavery by his father, to Winema Wazzo; and John Greycrow of Darvan, who is left as a pile of sand. He ends up being stranded on Xanthu.
M'Onel approaches Ra's al Ghul in order to gain his assistance in healing Sensor. After an escape attempt, he surrenders, and in fact helps Jeka survive. Unfortunately, the cure is to transform her into a humanoid/serpentine hybrid.
Mid-July. A keg of beer is irradiated on the College Planet, causing some drinkers to gain superpowers, including Ronnie Karr, Chad Welsh, and Wanda Zoranan.
August. The Legion of Substitute Heroes arrive back on Kathoon. There they hold "try-outs," and admit Betrayal Lass to the team. Peter Dursin applies for membership as Porcupine Pete, but then misunderstands and believes he is rejected. He begins traveling back to Earth.
Ling Sul (Mutilation) and Charma, along with their slave, Jamie Kennedy ("Dog Boy"), meet Behemoth (Wanda Zoranan). Charma adopts the new code-name of Charisma, and the three women declare themselves the Gorgeous Ladies of Evil (GLOE).
September 1. Battle droid I-45ENG is created in Reproduction Site 1 on Robotica.
Dreamer travels with Saturn Girl to Titan to use the Titanet to scan the future for potential threats. While there, she is attacked by Universo, who uses her to take control of the entire planet, as well as Saturn Girl.
Turning to Legion World, Universo takes control of the populace, save for Sensor, whose abilities allow her to see through illusions, and Shikari, whose path-finding sense allows her to see the true world. The two Legionnaires escape through a threshold to Steeple, and encounter Karate Kid and Ferro, who return with them.
The four Legionnaires attempt to stop Universo, but are ultimately defeated by the mind-controlled Legion. However, Cub Wazzo-Nah's mind somehow overrides Universo, and Saturn Girl and Dreamer are able to escape. They force Universo into a dream-world of his own.
The Legion discovers that at some point during the encounter with Universo, Cub's aging was hyper-accelerated so that he now appears to be a 10-year-old.
September 11. As a result of her aid in saving the Legion, Dreamer is admitted to the Legion.
Winema Wazzo meets the Luck Lord Dar. Thoroughly insane, she has him help her find her daughter Tinya's third triplicate. They succeed, rescuing Enya, and Dar kills her tormentor, Yonert Ri.
Early October. Officer Dyrk Magz is assigned to Legion World.
November 26. The Legion authorize the creation of a new Legion Academy. Applications by the thousands begin pouring in.
Late December. AQR16's Clark Kent is brought to Apokolips, where he is subsequently brainwashed.
Umbra returns to Legion World after her long leave of absence.


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