Timeline: 30001-31000




  • Births: Panne (November 18)1









  • February 14. In Plegia, the evil sorcerer Validar spawns a child: Robin, whom he plans on using as a vessel for the rebirth of the fell dragon Grima.


November 24. The Exalt of Ylisse dies suddenly. The role of Exalt falls to his daughter, Emmeryn (9). Emmeryn pledges to reform the system, and calls for the end of war against Plegia.[11]
Births: Lissa (March 6)11


Births: Donnel (June 4)12


September 2. Robin (16), a young man from Plegia, is assaulted by the arrival of the essence of the fell dragon Grima from an alternate reality. His memories are nearly shattered as a result, and he wanders out into the fields of Ylisse.[13]
September 2. Through a temporal fissure, Corrin (19/26312) and his band of revolutionaries find themselves in the future. They encounter Ylissean prince Chrom (19), Lissa (15), and Frederick (30), who help them battle the semi-visible Vallite warriors of their own time who have also passed into this timeframe. Among the visitors from the past are the already time-displaced in their time Odin (21), Selena (21), and Laslow (20), who reluctantly interact with their parents and associates.[14]
September 3. Chrom, Lissa, and Frederick find an unconscious young man, Robin, lying in a field. They find he is amnesiac, but tentatively bring him into their group as they head home toward Ylisstol, after Robin helps them battle bandits.[15]
September 4. Awoken in the middle of the night, Chrom and Lissa wander about, until they are attacked by zombies from the future. Also arriving on the scene is Chrom's future daughter Lucina (from AQR49) (17), who begins calling herself Marth after the legendary Hero King, who rescues Lissa from a zombie before disappearing. Robin and Frederick join the fight as well, as do the Shepherds Sully (19) and Virion (39). [16]
September 6. Chrom, Robin, and their band arrive at the Shepherds' Garrison. Robin meets many of the Shepherds, including Stahl (), Vaike (), Miriel (), Maribelle (Lissa's best friend), Sumia () (a pegasus rider in love with Chrom), and Kellam (). They battle a group of the "Risen" zombies. Sumia finds a wild pegasus.[17]
September 8. Chrom and his Shepherds arrive at the border between Ylisse and Regna Ferox. The Feroxi general refuses them entry, assuming them imposters. The Ylisseans are forced to prove their mettle, and are victorious. At one point, Sumia arrives on her steed, and rescues Chrom from certain death. This pairing up of the two inspires Robin.[18]
September 9. Chrom agrees to fight on behalf of the East-Khan of Ferox, Flavia (), in a tournament to decide who acts as ruler of Ferox. Chrom, Flavia's chosen champion, faces "Marth" in battle. He sees that Marth appears to carry the sword Falchion, which has passed to him over the centuries, and is thought to be unique. Marth is not forthcoming in how she acquired it. Chrom is ultimately victorious, and Flavia becomes Khan of the entirety of Regna Ferox, and the alliance is formally forged. The West-Khan, Basilio (), sends his former champion Lon'qu (28) along with Chrom to join the Shepherds.[19]
September 10. The Shepherds, en route home, come across a village that has been taken over by bandits led by Roddick. A village boy named Donnel Tinhead ("Donny") (14) runs into the Shepherds, who pleads for their help. Donny, wearing a pot on his head, tries to help, and manages, despite his complete lack of formal training, to do so. After the village is liberated, Chrom invites Donny to join the Shepherds, and a grateful Donny agrees.[20]
September 12. The day the Shepherds return to Ylisstol, Plegian forces raze a village and massacre its people, and capture the noble girl Maribelle, and hold her for ransom. Exalt Emmeryn takes a small force to the border to negotiate for Maribelle's release. Plegian king Gangrel demands the Exalt hand over the Fire Emblem. When Emmeryn does not accede to his wishes, he orders his underling Aversa to kill the girl, but the novice mage Ricken () comes to her rescue (leading to his admission to the Shepherds after the battle). Chrom leads an attack against the Plegians, who are routed, but Gangrel's desire for war has come to fruition.[21]
September 14. "Marth" breaks into the royal residence to aid Chrom and Robin to thwart assassins. She prevents one from killing Chrom, but another destroys her mask, revealing she is a woman. She joins with the Shepherds to defend Emmeryn, hoping to thwart her death as it had occurred in her own timeline. The assassins are led by Validar, who is surprised to see his son Robin, who holds no memory of him. The thief Gaius (18), horrified at the idea of this being an assassination job and not simply a robbery, defects to Chrom's side when he offers Gaius sweets. Also during the fight, the apparently sole surviving taguel, Panne (40), arrives, and offers assistance to the Ylisseans. Emmeryn impresses Panne, who joins Chrom's Shepherds.[22]
September 16. Cordelia (18) joins the Shepherds after she escapes Plegian forces' overrun of the border. She helps the Shepherds escape a war party. Emmeryn leaves the Fire Emblem in Chrom's care to safeguard it in case of her death or capture.[23]
September 19. Plegian forces capture Ylisstol, and Exalt Emmeryn.[24]
September 20. En route to the Plegian capital, the Shepherds encounter the Grimleal, worshipers of the fell dragon Grima. They rescue the young manakete Nowi (1011) and the mercenary Gregor (), who join the Shepherds.[25]
September 22. The Shepherds reach Plegia, just in time for the Feroxi Flavia to save Emmeryn from execution. They engage in battle with Plegian King Gangrel's forces (led by Aversa). The warrior monk Libra joins up with the Shepherds during the battle. The Plegian sorceress Tharja (18) defects to Chrom's side as well. The surviving pegasus knights, led by Phila, appear, but the heroes are soon overwhelmed by conjured Risen zombies. Phila and the knights are slain. Gangrel brings the fight to a halt as he demands either the turning over of the Fire Emblem, or the death of Emmeryn, who is once again in mortal peril. Chrom refuses to allow his sister to die, but Emmeryn takes the choice away from him: she casts herself from her high perch, dying on impact. The Shepherds are forced to flee, leaving Emmeryn's body behind.[26]
September 24. The Shepherds rescue a traveling merchant, one of the incarnations of Anna, who joins their group.[27]


April 20. Lucina is born to Sumia and Chrom (20) in Ylisstol, the Halidom of Ylisse.[28]


  • July 15. In an alternate reality bubble, Owain is born to Lissa (18) and Donnel (17).13


  • In an alternative timeline bubble, Lucina (17) leads the surviving children of her timeline into a temporal vortex. She appears in the year 30111 in the Universe, while the rest (including Owain [16], Inigo [], and Severa []) appear in random locations in 30114.[30]


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