Timeline: 30000-22001 BCE


29185 BCE

  • The Doctor ("ninth" incarnation) and Rose Tyler (21/2006) arrive in this era, seeking answers to a mystery involving a Neanderthal boy, Das, in their present. They discover mentally dulled time-travelers from the future are there, and they stop their leader, Chantal Osterberg's, mad experiment to create monstrous hybrids.1

28505 BCE

  • Coruscant begins sending out sleeper ships as part of a long-range colonization effort.

27950 BCE

  • Coruscanti colonists make planetfall on the planet Alderaan.

26073 BCE

  • The Galactic Republic, a federation of worlds, is founded. The founding members include Alderaan, Alsakan, Anaxes, Axum, Bezha Two, Brentaal, Caamas, Chandrila, Corellia, Coruscant, Duro, Esseles, Humbarine, Kuat, Rendili, Rhinnal, Shawken, and Tepasi.

26020 BCE

  • Galactic Republic agents arrive on Ossus, and make first contact with the Jedi Order, a group of telepathic warriors. Friendly relations ensue.

25971 BCE

  • Neimoidia is admitted to the Galactic Republic.

24782 BCE

23967 BCE

23176 BCE

  • The Nuwali return to Earth, and introduce currently extant species to the Savage Land wildlife preserve.

22999 BCE

  • Births: Zuras (April 25)

22948 BCE

  • Births: Alars (October 7)

22850 BCE

The disembodied consciousnesses of Uranos and his followers drift into orbit of the gas giant that will one day be known as Uranus. Detecting the Kree outpost, they attempt to enter it. Contact with its energy barriers results in Uranos and the others regaining corporeal existence. The Eternals destroy the Sentry, but not before it releases a distress signal. The Eternals begin reverse engineering the Kree technology in order to build a ship to return to Earth.

22848 BCE

Uranos and a group of his Eternals depart Miranda for Earth, leaving a small group behind. The Kree arrive in the system, investigating the loss of their Sentry. They come across the Eternal ship, and kill half the crew, and take one of the Eternals back to Hala for study. The rest of the crew, including Uranos, manage to make planetfall on Saturn's moon of Titan.
The Kree vivisect their human Eternal captive. Discovering the Celestial genetic engineering, they petition the Supreme Intelligence, who grants them leave to visit Earth and conduct similar experiments on the natives.

22846 BCE

The Kree establish an outpost in North America on Earth, where they deposit the Nega-Bands (an inferior copy of the Quantum bands) and the Psyche-Magnetron, powerful Kree weapons. They take a group of humans and begin genetic experiments on them.

22825 BCE

The Kree abandon their genetic experiments on Terrans, leaving a Sentry at their base. They free their experiments, now dubbed "Inhumans".

22822 BCE

22729 BCE

Births: Sui-San[2] (December 15) (DEL:Titan)

22614 BCE

The Titanian Eternals' community undergoes civil war. Among the ashes, only one survivor remains: Sui-San (114).

22500 BCE

April 10. The Eternal Kronos creates an experiment in "cosmic" energies, disintegrating himself in the process, and destroying Titanos. Manifesting as an energy being, he begins traveling the stars.
October 24. Zuras (499) and Alars (448) create the first Uni-Mind among the Eternals, where upon they decide their leadership. Zuras is chosen. Alars, fearing civil war, departs Earth.
The Eternals begin construction of the city of Olympia in Greece.

22499 BCE

  • December 6. Alars (449) arrives on Titan and meets Sui-San (229). They plan to repopulate the Eternals of Titan.

22033 BCE

  • War breaks out for the first time between the Eternal and Deviant races on Earth.


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