Timeline: 3000-2501 BCE


2994 BCE

  • September 18. The Flying Spaghetti Monster, a bizarre creature resembling a pile of noodles, comes into existence. A being of vast power, it creates a pocket realm where it observes Earth, and occasionally gives gifts of beer and strippers.

2949 BCE

2942 BCE

2904 BCE

  • The djinn Genie is tricked into an oil lamp.

2871 BCE

  • The planet Trill unites under one government.

2777 BCE

2715 BCE

  • The activist Zarabeth (28) is exiled to this time on Sarpeidon from her native year of 2241 CE.

2714 BCE

  • July 13-18. Commander Spock (39) and Dr. Leonard McCoy (42) (both 2269) are sent back to this era of the planet Sarpeidon through a gateway. They are aided by Zarabeth (30). Spock inexplicably bonds with ancient Vulcan thought processes of the time (though through no encounter with Vulcans) and engages in relations with Zarabeth. Spock and McCoy eventually return to their time.1

2713 BCE

2697 BCE

  • April 20. Zarabeth (46) is killed when she falls into a frozen lake, leaving her son Zar (15) an orphan and all alone.2

2693 BCE

  • Spock (40/2270), via the Guardian of Forever, travels to this time and meets his son Zar (20).

2681 BCE

  • The Guardians of the universe create the Manhunter robots, modeling their name and codes of conduct on the Manhunters (Peacekeepers) of Mars. They program them to police the universe as part of their goal of combating evil.

2644 BCE

  • Kherubim and Daemonite ships battle near Earth. Two of the ships crash on the planet, with the combatants finding themselves stranded. The factions continue the war on their new home. Among the Kherubim are Yohn Kohl, Zannah, and Majestros.

2618 BCE

  • Forces of the Rutan Host attack Sontar. With the Kaveetch defense failing, scientist Meredid Roath creates a batch of clones, squatter and more durable than a normal Kaveetch, to fight off the Rutans. The clones attack the Kaveetch, and declare themselves the true Sontarans.

2590 BCE

  • The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Sam Jones (18/1997) visit Stonehenge at the time of its construction. They teach the Great Bear, a tribal leader, the error of his ways.

2585 BCE

2572 BCE

The Doctor, Susan, Ian Chesterton (32), and Barbara Wright (30) arrive in the TARDIS in Giza. They inadvertently prevent the assassination of the Pharaoh, and then escape in the TARDIS.

2537 BCE

2533 BCE

  • January 29. The goddess Hestia is born to Rhea and Cronus. Fearing Ouranos's curse, Cronus swallows his daughter whole.

2530 BCE

  • April 18. The Titan Rhea gives birth to the god Hades. Shortly after his birth, his father Cronus swallows him whole.

2528 BCE

  • December 15. The god Poseidon is born to Rhea and Cronus. His father subsequently swallows him.

2524 BCE

  • June 29. The goddess Hera is born to Rhea and Cronus. She is shortly swallowed by her father.

2521 BCE

October 14. The Titan Rhea gives birth to a fifth child, Demeter, whom Cronus, the father, also swallows immediately.

2518 BCE

  • February 6. A sixth child, Zeus, is born to Rhea and Cronus. When Cronus tries to eat him, Rhea replaces him with a rock, and takes him to the goat lady Amalthea to nurse and raise.


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