Timeline: 3000



  • January 1. In the aftermath of the Rift incident, the Legion of Super-Heroes are formally disbanded by new Federation President Leland McCauley. Most of the surviving Legionnaires go their separate ways to find themselves: Spark returns to Winath; M'Onel remains in the superhero spotlight by joining McCauley's replacement for the Legion, the Presidential Oversight Watch; Dyrk Magz joins the Science Police, shortly followed by Kinetix; XS travels to Xanthu to visit with Star Boy; Apparition, pregnant with Ultra Boy's baby, travels to Rimbor to find Jo's family; Karate Kid opts to continue his galactic travels and travels to Steeple, and Ferro joins him. Cosmic Boy, Invisible Kid, Leviathan, Chuck Taine, Triad, and Sensor, along with ally Gear, meet up with R.J. Brande, and they begin plans to re-form the Legion. Gates (), believed lost with the others in the Rift, is actually taken into custody by McCauley's goons, and used to perform horrible experiments on his people.1
  • January 1. On Counter-Earth, Philip Fry awakens from cryogenic suspension. He meets cyclops Turanga Leela and robot Bender Rodriguez, and joins the Planet Express crew owned by his brother's descendant, Professor Hubert Farnsworth. He also meets bureaucrat Hermes Conrad, doctoral candidate Amy Wong, and staff physician, the lobster monster Dr. John Zoidberg.2

Brande reveals his plans to the Legion Reformation Squad of a new headquarters for the Legion: Legion World! Work begins immediately.
January 10. Bynaus signs on to the Coalition Compact, and the Host of Heroic Adventurers admits the pair 110001 and 110010 (both 18) to their membership as Duad.
January 11. Federation President Leland McCauley wins popular election to the Presidency, and is murdered by Ra's al Ghul, who takes his place.
The United Planets suspends all use of the Stargate network. Interstellar commerce is crippled. President "McCauley" announces a replacement for the Stargate Network will be complete within a year.
Dirk Morgna is attacked, and taken for experimentation by forces of "McCauley". The attack is arranged by his father, Derek Morgna.
January 19. Amilia Crugg is murdered by "Leland McCauley".
January 20. Saturn Girl, Live Wire, Chameleon, Kid Quantum, Umbra, Monstress, Brainiac 5, and Ultra Boy find themselves in another galaxy, trillions of light years from home. Element Lad and the amalgamated lifeform ERG-1 are nowhere to be found. A native of this galaxy, a young Kwai named Shikari Lonestar, helps to save the Lost Legionnaires in their first few days there from the Progeny. Saturn Girl, in fear for Ultra Boy's sanity, creates a false image of Apparition for him, and she decides it is best to make the "Apparition" for all of them.
Over the next year the Legionnaires lose hope as they continuously fail to find a way home and must repeatedly fight for their lives, most often against the Progeny, an alien race of insectoids whose primary goal is the extermination of those that their mysterious leader, the Progenitor, deems unworthy. Shikari becomes an unofficial Legionnaire.
The Legionnaires find ERG-1. The entity changes "his" code name to "Wildfire".
The government of Lallor, desperately poor from the destruction of their tourism industry after the loss of the Stargates, lays off the Heroes of Lallor. Beast Boy, Life Lass, and Gas Girl travel to Earth in an attempt to form a new Legion. Splitter is abducted by Glorith.
March 14. Draylax Prime and Tyrraz are admitted to the United Federation of Planets.
The Doctor (eighth incarnation) takes Grace Holloway (2000) to Tara, and together they liberate the planet from aliens who harvest the organs of volunteers. In the end, Grace is abducted by Adam Mitchell.
Chuck Taine begins work on the Bouncing Boy, an interstellar ship of his own design. He is assisted by old Legion comrades M'Onel and Gear. While building the ship, Chuck encounters the extra-dimensional energy being known as Quislet, and sends it to meet Kinetix.
June 21. Gaven Myran materializes at this date on Alpha Proxima II. He meets the Host of Heroic Adventurers, who refuse to allow him to return to his time for fear of timeline contamination. After aiding them on a mission, he joins the team as the Listener.
June 22. The Badoon girl Exela (16) is discovered by her male cohorts among the Brotherhood, causing her to flee. The starship Captain America and the Guardians of the Galaxy come to her rescue when her pod is under attack. She joins their junior team, the Galactic Avengers, as Bad Girl.
Racecar driver Clith Tanum is caught in an accident orchestrated by Niles Caulder. His body is killed, but his mental engrams are saved by the scientist Cherg Vox, who places him in a rudimentary android body.
August. On the planet Roon, youths Anu and Tidas take a secret trip to the Shadow Forest to explore. While there, they run into an owlbear, which mauls Tidas. Anu calls upon a unicorn to take them back to their village, but Tidas has already died by the time they reach the Forest's perimeter. Unbeknownst to Anu, Tidas's own nature causes his soul to linger in the forest.
In the aftermath, Anu undergoes a ceremony in which she declares owlbears her preferred enemy, giving her greater strength against them. She also saves a locket of Tidas's hair to keep her on the path of vengeance.
The Omertan model Trizza is pushed into a vat of chemicals by her Talokian rival Veris Torkal, which alters her body so as to make her grow. She is disgraced, and taken in by Cherg Vox.
Apparition arrives on Rimbor, and saves the life of Brin Londo, also known as Timber Wolf, the leader of a sect of the Wolves' gang.
Troy Stewart, continuing his campaign against pale-skinned people, sets up his sound equipment in a religious shrine. An accident ensues, and parts of the equipment are fused with his body. He gains the ability to manipulate sound.
Science Police Officer Zoe Saugin is sent on a mission to the Atlantic Ocean. She is assigned a partner, Cill Thyrk, and they, along with Quislet, assist Zoe's mother Azra and brother Thanot in finding an old magical artifact. Quislet absorbs the magical energy released by it, and accidentally fires it off at the group's undersea guide, a dolphin. The dolphin is transformed into an Atlantean humanoid, and Quislet opts to try to help the dolphin.
Pitras DeJesus is recruited by McCauley to test-pilot the new Stepship. On his first flight, he runs afoul of a dying energy being, and is forced to merge with it. He is rescued by the Science Police and brought to Earth, where he subsequently transforms into an energy being himself. After going on a mindless rampage, he is found by Cherg Vox, and brought to his private underwater headquarters.
Invisible Kid is approached by "McCauley," and asked to join his Oversight Watch, but when he refuses, is nearly the victim of assassination. He flees Earth with the rest of his former Legion comrades, with the help of his "sister" Danielle Foccart, who is calling herself "Interface."
Former Legionnaires Jenni Ognats (XS) and Thom Kallor (Star Boy) together aid the Xanthusian government and the Khund War Fleet to try and stave off a Robotican invasion. When they realize that Xanthu will fall, the Xanthusians and Khunds evacuate the planet, but Star Boy remains behind to continue battling the Roboticans. XS remains with her friend to help him.
Ming Sul sleeps with her best friend, Yem Ku. Their friendship is destroyed.
On Braal, Officer Dyrk Magz is forced into a conflict of interest when his friend Cosmic Boy is arrested for vigilantism. In the end, Dyrk helps Cosmic Boy, Leviathan, and Invisible Kid steal a Stepship.
October 19. Roon is admitted to the United Federation of Planets.
When Umbra undergoes a mental breakdown and Saturn Girl succumbs to it as well, the Legionnaires are led to believe that they have been rescued, as a false Cosmic Boy, Leviathan, Spark, and Element Lad appear before them, claiming to have the route home. The lost Legionnaires are ecstatic, but when the battle with the madman Singularity is finished, and Brainiac 5 can put his full efforts on restoring Saturn Girl, he is forced to temporarily turn off Saturn Girl's telepathic powers. The would-be rescuers vanish, as does the false Apparition, and the Legionnaires are more lost than ever. Saturn Girl steps down as leader, and Live Wire assumes the title.
Ayla Ranzz arrives on Winath, and discovers that her brother Mekt has been released from prison and reformed. Together they stop a conspiracy by rival farmers.
Karate Kid and Ferro are stranded on Steeple when Val opts to hospitalize Andy rather than escaping before environmental conditions prevent planetary departure for 18 years.
The Legion of Substitute Heroes arrives on Earth, and while attempting to aid the Oversight Watch, run afoul of them. They start the long trip back to Kathoon.
April Dumaka begins to fool around with Tomo Indawu.
December 31. Apparition, on Rimbor, gives birth to a son, despite the attacks on the Wolves' HQ by her mother's hired assassins. Her son is named Cub, in honor of her protector and friend, Brin Londo.


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