Timeline: 300-201 BCE


285 BCE

  • The demon Marlon, in its myna bird guise, transports the Brady children Greg, Marcia, Peter, Jan, Bobby, and Cindy, as well as the retired hero Wonder Woman to this era. They meet mathematician Euclid, who is soon possessed by Marlon's cohort Fleetwood, whose powers are poor, so Euclid constantly spouts random simple math equations. While stuck in this era for a few hours, Marlon's fellow demon, Chuck White, poses as a native of the era and competes athletically with Wonder Woman, losing despite cheating. Unable to defeat Diana, Marlon returns everyone back to 1972.1

283 BCE

  • June 9. Ptolemy (84) dies.

281 BCE

  • July 23. Seleucus (77) is assassinated.

274 BCE

  • October 25. Lord Nibbler is born.

272 BCE

270 BCE

  • February 25. Euclid (55) Dies.

260 BCE

259 BCE

  • The sorcerer Jusenkyo curses a series of springs south of Mt. Kinsei in China.

247 BCE

  • February 2. Hannibal Barca is born in Carthage.

246 BCE

  • Qin Shi Huang (14) succeeds his father as King of the State of Qin.

240 BCE

  • The village of Hyrule is founded on the planet that will one day be called Hyrule.

237 BCE

  • Vulcan scientists achieve spaceflight.

228 BCE

  • The Temple of Time is constructed by Hylian monks outside the village of Hyrule.

221 BCE

  • Emperor Qin Shi Huang (39) completes the conquest of the warring states with the conquest of the state of Qi, uniting China under the Qin dynasty. Qin orders the destruction of various walls between the former states of his reign, and the creation of new connecting walls in order to make a Great Wall.

215 BCE

  • The sorcerer Lo Pan (57) attempts to overthrow Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang (45). Despite his vast mystical power, Lo Pan is defeated. Qin works alongside Lo Pan's patron deity, the minor god Ching Dai, to curse Lo Pan. Lo is transformed into a disembodied wandering spirit, who cannot regain human form until he marries a woman with green eyes, and then he must kill her.2

211 BCE

  • A meteor falls on a village in China. After a message is found transcribed on it prophesying the death of the Emperor and the fall of the Empire, Emperor Qin (48) has the town massacred when no one admits to the act.

210 BCE

  • The Doctor (second incarnation), Jamie McCrimmon (24/1746), and Victoria Waterfield (15/1866) arrive in ancient China at the time of the first emperor. Believed to be holding the secret of immortality, they are forced by one of the Emperor's men to bring them the TARDIS. The Emperor Qin Shi Huang lets them go after seeing the inherent goodness of Victoria, who at one point tackles an attempted assassin. Emperor Qin gives up on his quest for immortality, and desires atonement for his life of crimes.3

September 10. Emperor Qin Shi Huang (50) of China dies. His son, Huhai (Qin Er Shi), ascends as Emperor after Qin Shi Huang's oldest son, the heir Fusu, follows a faked order from the late emperor to kill himself.


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