Timeline: 2999



  • A funeral is held for Gim Allon; on the return trip, the sorceress Mysa abducts Kinetix, her mother Azra (38) and brother Than (), and fellow Legionnaires Invisible Kid (), XS (), Live Wire (), and Triad to Zarrox. Mysa, after a brief skirmish and a discussion with Zoe's mother, restores Zoe's power and original form and sends the Legionnaires home.1
  • Live Wire is appointed acting Legion leader.
  • Winema Wazzo is confirmed by the Federation Council for the position of United Federation of Planets Vice President.
  • January 21. The Legion holds tryouts for new members. Numerous applicants are rejected, but there are a few who make the final cut: Braalian Dyrk Magz, Magno; Tasmia Mallor, Talok VIII's planetary champion, Umbra; and Princess Jeka Wynzorr of Orando, Sensor, who resembles a giant snake.
  • Brek Bannin (Polar Boy) and Lydda Jath (Night Girl), having recently failed to attain membership in the Legion, decide to create a group of Legion rejects who are dedicated to performing good even though they may not be "Legion material". They form the Legion of Substitute Heroes, along with Infectious Lass (Drura Sehpt), Color Kid (Ulu Vakk), Chlorophyll Kid (Ral Benem), Fire Lad (Staq Mevlen), Stone Boy (Dag Wentim), and Antenna Boy (Khfeurb Chee Bez). The Subs travel to Kathoon to begin training.

The rejects Blast-Off (Jahr-Drake Ningle), Henner Zoloft (Radion), and Boshi M'Butu (Particon) are recruited for the Workforce.
Four rejects form the first Legion of Super Rejects: Ze Tongue, Density, Phantom Lad (Solon Darga) and Cherry Bomb.
Among other rejects include Dragonmage (Xao Jin, rejected for his mystical power basis), Splitter (Floyd Belkin, who returns to Lallor), Cannus, Calamity King (Eryk Davis Ester), and Dreamer (Nura Nal, who begins to date Star Boy).
The Legion of Super-Rejects is handily defeated and imprisoned by the new Legionnaires.
Invisible Kid is elected leader of the Legion, and leads the team to a victory over Mantis Morlo on Vyrga.
Chameleon fends off pressure from the leaders of his planet to take the post of spiritual leader, and goes on a date with Sensor, during which they save the lives of people involved in a boat crash.
Mysa (145) recruits Dragonmage in the pending fight against Mordru.
Brainiac 5 contacts the Legion from the past. A rescue attempt is made, but fails, as Triad is also sent back in time. During this encounter, Lori Morning acquires the Hero Dial.
President Brande informs the Legion about Mordru, who kills a shaman on the planet Anatac and then almost causes a war between the United Planets and the planet Sklar. The Legionnaires confront him, but he fights them off, turning Element Lad into crystal. He destroys Sklar, threatening to do the same to any other planet that offers resistance.
Pür An'nan suffers radiation poisoning when Sklarian Space Station 2A is damaged by Sklar's destruction. His life is saved, but as a side effect he obtains the ability to transmit toxins to other life forms. He and his parents subsequently become refugees.
Sklarian Brita An'nan, studying abroad, horrified by the destruction of her homeworld and people, and the presumptive deaths of her entire family, has a nervous breakdown.
President Brande oversees the gathering of a large super-powered task force (which includes the Legion, Dragonmage, Workforce members Radion, Particon, and Blast-Off, and Amazers Monstress, Kid Quantum, and Atom'X) to fight Mordru. Mordru locates the Emerald Eye in Shrinking Violet's possession and fights her for it, during which Atom'X gets in the middle and is killed. Shrinking Violet and the Eye merge and propose marriage to Mordru as a trap. The allied force manages to seal Mordru inside an airtight vault, leaving him with no oxygen, which results in his returning to a state of slumber. During the battle, Blast-Off of the Workforce is killed, Mysa is restored to her youth, Magno loses his powers, and Violet is separated from the Eye, which disappears.
The Legionnaires and others destroy Mordru's talismans. Radion and Particon leave the Workforce.
Shrinking Violet discovers that the Emerald Eye has bestowed Gim Allon's powers on her and she takes on his code-name of Leviathan in his honor.
February 26. The Legionnaires return to Earth, with the exception of Magno, who goes to Braal to see if his powers can be restored. The other members of the Mordru-fighting task force go their separate ways, save for Monstress, who joins the Legion.
Brita An'nan adopts the name "Kono", the Sk word for "survivor". She becomes a mercenary.
The Composite Man escapes confinement and the Legion fights and defeats him.
The Dryad Blok, seeking knowledge amongst the stars, leaves his homeworld.
M'Onel fights the Khunds on Silvan and Daxam, unknowingly causing a setback to the Dark Circle.
The other Legionnaires are summoned by Cosmic Boy from a time warp to help him and the Legionnaires in the 21st century fight C.O.M.P.U.T.O. They defeat it, allowing them all to return to the 30th century. Ferro and the monkey Koko join the Legion and travel to the present. Inferno remains in the past.
March 9. With the reunion of the Legion, Ferro is officially admitted to the team.
Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) appears from the 21st century and helps the Legion stop the faux Green Lantern Corps alongside his 30th century descendant, Cary Wren. Once the mission is over, Cary loses her newfound powers. She is then approached by the Guardian Ganthet, who is impressed with her nobility, and is taken to Oa for training as a new Green Lantern.
The Legionnaires familiarize themselves with the new Legion Outpost. A ceremony formally dedicating it to the memory of Gim Allon is held, and Dyrk Magz takes on the job of managing and performing monitor duty there.
Andromeda discovers an odd anomaly in interstellar space, which she refers to as "Fires of Creation." An image of her appears at Legion Headquarters and asks M'Onel to follow her. He leads a team of Legionnaires to examine it.
An attempt is made on the life of R. J. Brande by some Sklarians who later kill themselves; the Legion Espionage Squad commences an investigation of it.
Spark is told that she will continue to have headaches until she accepts that she is now different from Live Wire or until she regains her lightning powers. Spark attempts the latter, but is killed instead, and revived by her teammates through use of electricity on Korbal, restoring her original powerset.
April 23. Darvan, Dryad, Hykraius, and Trill are admitted to the United Planets.
Ferro seeks counseling from Doctor Ryk'r, who becomes the Legion's regular therapist.
Shvaughn Erin is promoted to Lieutenant.
June 21. Hearing word of forces gathering against the United Federation of Planets, R.J. Brande sends his agent and friend, Ren Daggle, off to open relations with the Cooperative. Daggle quickly stops sending reports back, and R.J. presumes him lost. In actuality, Daggle takes the form of R.J. Brande himself, and successfully ingratiates himself with Cooperative President Arnus. He decides to emulate Brande, and form his own "Legion", as a way of showing the long-deceased Vril Dox II up.
June 22. The Coalition worlds, aware of the growing power of the mysterious Dark Circle, re-ratify the Compact, strengthening the alliance in the hopes of possibly restoring the old Federation. They become a friendly rival to the young United Federation of Planets.
Star Boy and Monstress investigate a communications blackout on Xanthu. They find it under attack by the Natra Dellons. They and the Amazers try to stop the invaders, but before they can, the Khunds arrive and fend the invaders off, gaining influence on the planet. Kid Quantum is invited to join the Legion.
June 30. Amy Wong (21) begins working as an intern under Professor Hubert Farnsworth (158) at his Planet Express business on Counter-Earth.
Invisible Kid has a reunion with his old Blackhole teammate and ex, Caleb Michaels. He then resigns the Legion leadership and hands the reins to deputy Saturn Girl.
Karate Kid quits the Workforce over Leland McCauley's attempt to use the space anomaly for profit. He seeks refuge amongst the Legion. R.J. Brande resolves the issue by buying out Karate Kid's contract from McCauley.
Star Boy, Monstress, and Kid Quantum discover intentional jamming of Xanthu's communications and try to stop it, but are attacked by Khunds. They survive the attack, but are unable to prove the Khunds' complicity, as they have destroyed all the evidence.
July 2. Karate Kid and Kid Quantum officially join the Legion, and Sensor and Chameleon resign.
The Legionnaires at the space anomaly are drawn out of it by Evolvo's machine while he and Leland McCauley are showing it to the chief armorer of the Dark Circle/Affiliated Planets. Brainiac 5, Andromeda, and Kinetix are radically changed after their emergence.
The Composite Durlan is freed from Science Police custody by terrorist Kono (Brita An'nan). The anti-Durlan hysteria caused by the escape is increased by the Affiliated Planets, and several worlds secede from the United Planets as a result, including Orando. They then join the Affiliated Planets for protection.
The Legion has a major showdown with the Time Trapper.
Spark and Triad go to Winath to spy on the Affiliated Planets. Some rebel Durlans approach Chameleon about the theft of the Durlan living weapons. Leviathan and Invisible Kid discover that the Gil'Dan Federation Ambassador is actually an Affiliated Planets spy.
A group of Sklarians with Tyrazzian support raid Imsk, escape from the Legion, and destroy Imsk's stargate. At a party on Winath, one of the co-presidents is murdered by the Composite Man. In retaliation, Winath declares war on Durla and blockades the planet, just as Andromeda and Sensor arrive to combat the anti-Durlan hysteria.
The United Planets interrogates the Gil'Dan spies. Andromeda begins to remove communication-jamming devices from Durla. As part of a plan to reach Durla without upsetting the Affiliated Planets, several Legionnaires "quit" the Legion to "join" the Science Police.
The Composite Man fails to convince his fellow living weapon, Leejah Twanellzz, to join the Dark Circle and cripples her before leaving on his next mission for them.
Andromeda finishes destroying the communications jammers around Durla and the Legionnaires who had "resigned" to wear Science Police uniforms descend to the planet to help Chameleon. In doing so, they get from a dying Durlan the coordinates of the location of the living weapons.
Brainiac 5 is summoned to Colu.
The Legionnaires on Durla help Leejah Twanellzz, who joins them in their fight against the Dark Circle, also vowing, with Chameleon, to bring about societal change on Durla.
Brainiac 5, Leviathan, and Kid Quantum arrive on Colu to convince the Coluans not to trust the Affiliated Planets. The Composite Man attacks Triad and Spark on Winath, and is then transported with them to Colu, where he fights the entire group of Legionnaires, but is defeated by the Coluan populace through the Sleepnet.
The Affiliated Planets/Dark Circle attacks Durla. During the attack, the space anomaly collapses, stopping time. The Legionnaires, with the sacrifice of the Composite Man, restart time, in the process eliminating the anomaly and freeing the Time Trapper, who had been trapped within, and bring a quick end to the war on Durla.
The Legion and Science Police break into the Dark Circle's headquarters. Brainiac 4, who had been the leader of the Dark Circle, attempts to kill her son, Brainiac 5, but the Legionnaires save him.
The Legionnaires who "quit" to become Science Police officers officially rejoin the Legion, as do Chameleon and Sensor.
The Affiliated Planets reconstitute as a planetary federation no longer attached to the Dark Circle, and sanction the Legion as law enforcement within its boundaries.
R. J. Brande, King Charlz of Orando, and Leejah Twanellzz, the new spiritual leader of Durla, address the galaxy from Durla. Orando rejoins the United Planets. Gil'D is expelled from the Federation, and the Khundian Empire is temporarily suspended from the A.P.
Star Boy and Umbra, on a mission to Xanthu, meet some Starmen of the past. One of them is 21st century Starman Jack Knight. The Shade tells Thom that he is destined to become a 21st century Starman himself.
Invisible Kid, with some secret help from his missing brother Jacques Foccart, stops a scheme by Charma to manipulate planetary economies for personal gain.
October 4. CeCe Beck, Thunder, emerges into the late 30th century. The Legionnaires based on the Legion Outpost meet her on Fawcettworld, and there they stop the villain Dr. Savant (who has destroyed the Rock of Eternity) from continuing his campaign to wipe out magic. Thunder joins the Legion.
The Legion attends a celebration on the planet Lycidas over that planet's joining the United Planets. En route to this celebration, one ship of Legionnaires brushes against a Blight ship and is stranded on a crumbling moon, but manages to attract the other Legionnaires' attention and escape.
Element Lad changes Monstress's skin from green to orange.
Cosmic Boy and his younger brother Pol are endangered by a plot of his ex-manager's, Alux Cuspin.
The Legion holds an open tryout session. There are no admissions this day. Amongst the rejected applicants is Blazerr (Hamid al-Khaled). His audition is interrupted by Impulse, who has traveled from the 21st century to warn XS of an impending attack by a villain named Cobalt Blue.
The Legion stops an attempt by the Khunds to take Amilia Crugg back to Khundia against her will. Lori Morning is adopted by Crugg and joins the Workforce.
Spark and Leviathan use the Anywhere Machine to bring Kinetix back into contact with reality.
Dragonmage releases the Elements of Disaster, who take host bodies and disrupt scientific devices everywhere they pass. The Legionnaires on Earth stop Dirk Morgna (15), possessed by the Element Phy'r, from destroying Tokyo, and then stop the Elementals from awakening Mordru, re-imprisoning them. The planet Dryad is destroyed and the planet Gil'D is rendered uninhabitable.
One of the survivors of Dryad, a youth named Blok, travels to Barbec, where Brika (the host of the Element Rrox) passed away. He begins thinking of a way to cherish his people's memory.
The crimelord Pernisius captures Sensor and Thunder and uses their Legion equipment to locate the substance Eternium, which he uses to empower himself. He has several battles with the Legion before his ultimate defeat. During the adventure, Sensor escapes, but is captured and sent to Blackstar Juvenile Correctional Facility, where she meets I.Z.O.R., the Linsnerian Gear, and the two of them escape the prison. Thunder escapes as well. The Rock of Eternity is reassembled, and the Legion learns Dr. Savant was the mastermind behind the debacle.
Dragonmage turns himself in to the authorities. Dirk Morgna discovers that his vision has been altered, and glimpses something odd at a memorial service for Brika.

  • October 22. On JS-1967, Dirk Morgna and Mysa discover an energy being. It appears to be the residual energies of Atom'X and Blast-Off, but it had actually absorbed the energy remnants of the two slain boys and imprinted some of their memory fragments. Dirk, Mysa, and the Legionnaires rush the creature to Med-Station One, where the energy being is contained within a humanoid-shaped suit and takes on the name Drake Burroughs, a combination of the real names of Blast-Off and Atom'X.2

The Legionnaires vacation on Summer World, and later face the Fatal Five. The monkey Koko leaves Brainiac 5 in order to lead a planet of space monkeys.
The Amazers and the Outpost team of Legionnaires visit Earth.
Cosmic Boy, Monstress, Apparition, and Brainiac 5 head into space to help a ship in distress, and end up fighting Ares Series Battle Robots and an Emissary from Robotica.
The Blight burn out the Stargate network and come to Earth. They quickly invade, and over the course of a month, begin rounding up and enslaving the population of the planet. Many of the heroes become "blighted," in which they are directly mind-controlled into attacking and killing people. The blighted include Star Boy, Kid Quantum, Ultra Boy, Spider Girl, Leviathan, Kinetix, Element Lad, Ferro, Evolvo, Lori Morning, Karate Kid, Thunder, Atmos, and Triad.
All remaining resistance fighters other than Chameleon fall to the Blight. Cosmic Boy's group returns to Earth, rescuing him. Saturn Girl and XS escape from Blight captivity and join them. The seven Legionnaires infiltrate the Stem and succeed in defeating the Blight, liberating everyone.
Star Boy and Dreamer accompany the Amazers back to Xanthu.
Leland McCauley fires Spider Girl and Evolvo, and replaces them with adult operatives.
The United Planets Council votes to revoke the Legion's law-enforcement sanction and sanctions the Workforce in its place. They then impeach President R. J. Brande.
Thunder resigns from the Legion and returns to her native time period permanently. She claims she will return some day.
While trying to fix a Stargate that had been corrupted by the Blight, Workforce member Meta causes a rift in space to open up, killing him. Lori Morning gives up her Hero Dial so that she and Brainiac 5 can escape the rift. The suspended Legion arrive to save the day, accompanied by Drake Burroughs, who has joined the Legion using the code name ERG-1. The Legion seals the rift, but not before ten Legionnaires disappear into it.


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