Timeline: 2998



  • Tenzil Kem briefly works at a fast food restaurant in order to supplement his income while at school.
  • January 10. Teenagers Rokk Krinn of Braal, Imra Ardeen of Titan, and Garth Ranzz of Winath board a shuttle headed to Earth. The youths are able to foil an assassination attempt on the life of famed entrepreneur R.J. Brande. Brande is impressed with the teens' cooperation, despite their disparate backgrounds and planetary origins, and inspires within Brande the idea of a group of teenagers dedicated to the preservation of the United Federation of Planets that would be a public display of how that organization's members can cooperate, and thus inspire unity.1
  • January 10. Pol Krinn, Time Trapped, briefly appears during the events of the rescue of Brande. He quickly departs.
  • January 11-15. R.J. Brande has his assistant Luornu Durgo approach the three youths. Rokk Krinn is a magnoball star, whose manager, Alux Cuspin, has been embezzling his earnings. Cuspin overplays his hand, and ends up getting arrested for his fraud. Imra Ardeen is recruited from her new position with the Science Police. Garth Ranzz is having little luck finding his brother as criminal elements toss him around. Rokk, Imra, and Garth meet with Brande, who introduces the idea of the "Legion of Super-Heroes" to them. The kids find Brande's offer appealing, and agree.2
  • January 16. Cquaa, Kathoon, Lallor, Tharn, and Tharr are admitted to the United Planets.
  • January 19. Rokk Krinn, Imra Ardeen, and Garth Ranzz, now Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, and Lightning Lad, stop the villainous Grimbor the Chainsman after he liberates a number of exotic animals from a local zoo.
  • At the Casino Asteroid, Tinya Wazzo is attacked by a patron. The Luck Lord Dar uses a temporal displacement device to transport her away for her own safety, inadvertently sending her back in time to the year 1998. Appearing in her place is the L.E.G.I.O.N.'s Durlan (Ren Daggle) from that era. The Durlan escapes, and manages to make it to the planet Naltor. There he encounters a mob of anti-Durlan protesters, and is narrowly rescued by R.J. Brande, there on a visit regarding Naltorian membership in the United Federation of Planets.
  • January 22. The Legion of Super-Heroes is introduced to the Federation Council. The Legion's status as official law-enforcement is approved after it saves the entire council from a bomb planted by the White Triangle in its main meeting hall. They are aided by Luornu Durgo, R. J. Brande's assistant, and Tinya Wazzo, daughter of Bgztlian Ambassador Winema Wazzo, who become members as Triad and Apparition.3
  • UFP President Jeanne Chu forces the Legion of Super-Heroes to initiate a draft from the member worlds. The first group of draftees include: Martian Gim Allon, with the code-name Leviathan; Terran Lyle Norg, Invisible Kid; Xanthusian James Cullen, Kid Quantum; Aarokian Jenni Ognats, XS; and Durlan Reep Daggle, Chameleon. Also drafted is Querl Dox of Colu, who ignores the request.4

The first five members elect Cosmic Boy as leader of the Legion.
Gim Allon quits the Science Police in disgust after saving a group of hostages while being hampered by opportunistic Chief Desmond Wilson.

  • January 30. The Bart Allen/Thaddeus Thawne clone is released from his incubation chamber. Thaddeus Thawne dubs him Thaddeus Thawne Jr.

February 1. Roon Dvron is transferred to the Science Police contingent on Roon.
February 2. Col'gomn Tar'ladz is born on Vyrga.
February 2-3. The Legionnaires take on their first official mission, and the first five meet the new appointees (save Brainiac 5). Leviathan, as Presidentially placed leader, leads the group against Tangleweb. Kid Quantum is killed by Tangleweb, who escapes. Leviathan hands the leadership to Cosmic Boy, and becomes deputy leader.
President Jeanne Chu, Cosmic Boy, and Leviathan travel to Xanthu to give the news of Kid Quantum's death to the Amazers and the Cullen family. Jazmin Cullen curses the Legion after receiving the news.
Jazmin Cullen begins to undergo dangerous experiments to ensure that her powers do not need mechanical assistance. Afterwards she enters the Uncanny Amazers, taking her brother's code-name as her own.
Palet Vad, impressed with her young student Tenzil Kem (13), sleeps with the boy. She then has him prepare food for R.J. Brande. Tenzil impresses Brande so much that Brande hires him to work as the Legion head chef.
The nations of Chogk and Mihja enter a total war state, and chemical weapons are fired across the planet Angtu. Millions are slain in the conflagration. Among the survivors are the super-soldier Mano and the teenage boy Sartec, both of whose bodies are mutated by the exposure. In a fit of pique and despair, Mano uses his newfound powers and causes Angtu's destruction by igniting the planet's core. All the survivors, including Sartec, are slain, though Mano himself is miraculously unharmed.
February 9. Pol Krinn (Time Trapped), Bits, and Rads (3003) materialize in Metropolis. After the universe is destroyed in a temporal paradox upon the arrive of R.J. Brande, the Time Trapper restores the timeline by taking Rads from this era. Pol is hospitalized from his radiation exposure.
February 10. Brainiac 5 reports to the Legion and begins work in his lab at the Legion's new headquarters. Tenzil Kem also arrives.
The Legion battle and capture Mano.
Winath objects to runaway Live Wire being its representative, and sends his sister, Ayla Ranzz, to Earth to replace him.
February 14-15. R. J. Brande's business rival Leland McCauley creates his own team of super-youths in the Workforce. The founding members include his ward Sandy Anderson, Inferno; Rimborian Jo Nah, the Ultra Boy; the Taltaror beautician, Sussa Paka, Spider Girl; the Lallorian Sev Tcheru, Evolvo; and Val Armorr, the young martial arts expert, Karate Kid.
February 16. On Alpha Proxima II, teenagers Matt Decker, T'Cela of Vulcan, Thanizhevan th'Enshas of Andor, and Kora alga Cijak of Tellar rescue politico Raoul Picard from an attempted assassination. Picard endorses their formation of a team of youthful heroes as Trekker, Logique, Kid Chill, and the Beard, they form the Host of Heroic Adventurers, who work as free agents across worlds of the old Federation.
February 17. The governments of the planets Alpha Proxima II, Vulcan, Tellar, and Andor sign the Pact of Heroism, allowing the Host of Heroic Adventurers to have policing authority in their sovereign space.
February 17. Pol Krinn (Time Trapped) is finally released from the hospital, and he takes Bits with him to Vanishing Point.
On Lallor, the government follows Xanthu's example and forms a team of young heroes with Floyd Belkin (Splitter), Ilshu Nor (Beast Boy), Somi Gan (Life Lass) and Tal Nahill (Gas Girl). These kids are called the Heroes of Lallor.
Ayla Ranzz arrives at Legion Headquarters and chooses the code-name "Spark". She meets Brainiac 5 and Tenzil Kem.
February 22. After a battle with the spying Ultra Boy, Live Wire resigns from the Legion, and accepts Ultra Boy's invitation to join the Legion.
The Legion goes on a mission to "Planet Hell", and end up teaming up with the Workforce.
March 3. The Legion continues its recruitment drive, seeking out other draftees. Laurel Gand, the xenophobic Daxamite, comes aboard as Andromeda. Archaeologist Zoe Saugin is chosen as Aleph's member, Kinetix. Three contestants from Imsk compete for the position, but when contestant Micro (Lalo Muldroon) kills fellow contestant Ion (Meino Felki), Shrinking Violet (Salu Digby), takes him down, and joins the Legion herself. From the planet Silvan, the creature Lume refuses to leave its homeworld, and Vyrga's Ti'julk Mr'asz (Gates) refuses membership, citing political differences.
March 4. Thom Kallor (Star Boy) is designated as Xanthu's replacement for Kid Quantum on the Legion, but in traveling to Earth, he suffers from injuries in a spaceship crash, that delay his arrival there. With the departure of Star Boy, his place is taken on the Amazers by Manny J, who takes the code name Slick.
March 5. Apparition and new member Andromeda take a cruiser carrying new recruits Brawler, Cannus, and Tomb to the new Legion Academy on Warnabros. They are briefly waylayed by Motarian pirates.
Invisible Kid gives his newly-invented flight rings to the Legionnaires.
Half of the Legion defeats and captures Tangleweb, while the rest of the team stays behind on Earth despite objections.
One of Triad's bodies is attacked by agents of the White Triangle and nearly dies.
The Durlan living weapon Sein Hebttle (the Composite Man) escapes from his imprisonment. He murders Doyshuu leader Gozz Daggle.
A space-faring negative energy being attacks a rocket flown by teenage pilots Jahr Drake Ningle and Nicole Collins. It is unable to get in due to the vessel's shielding, but it does somewhat irradiate the interior. Jahr Drake develops super powers as a result.
The Legionnaires battle the Composite Man. He is defeated by Saturn Girl, who suffers mental damage.
Azra Saugin and her son Than visit Zoe at Legion Headquarters at the same time Rokk Krinn's parents and little brother Pol are visiting. Azra recognizes the boy Pol as her onetime lover.
April 1. Kinetix, on an archaeological dig with Violet, loses her powers.
April 12. Officer Shvaughn Erin is assigned as the Legion's Science Police liaison.
Live Wire, frustrated with McCauley's shady dealings, quits the Workforce.
Gladus Brukk begins genetic resequencing as part of a volunteer super-soldier program.
Doctor Micah Aven comes to Earth to attempt to heal Saturn Girl's mind. He is confronted by Cosmic Boy, with whom he shares his suspicions that President Jeanne Chu was responsible for the Braal-Titan war and might not be dealing truthfully with the Legion either. Cosmic Boy begins a plan to uncover Chu.
Andromeda confronts the thugs who attacked Triad and is they poison her with lead. She is given a miraculous cure by Brainiac 5.
Kinetix leaves Earth in a quest to regain her lost powers.
Violet discovers a White Triangle medallion in Andromeda's quarters, leading the Legionnaires to consider her a traitor.
Science Police officer Sybelle Deacon is assigned to Shvaughn Erin and Gigi Cusimano. She beats members of the Purple Plunderers, and assists Legionnaire Leviathan in saving dragon-like creatures.
Ultra Boy and Apparition begin a romantic relationship.
Terran White Trianglers attack interspecies couples in Metropolis, including Ultra Boy and Apparition, who, with other Legionnaires, fight them off.
Daxamite White Trianglers begin destroying Stargates, including the one for which Kinetix was bound.
May 21. Invisible Kid forms the Legion Espionage Squad, with members Apparition, Shrinking Violet, Triad, and Chameleon.
Andromeda tells Kivan Roxxas of the anti-lead serum Brainiac 5 invented for her, sending him a sample of her blood. Roxxas, in turn, uses his political clout to prevent Cosmic Boy from expelling Andromeda from the Legion for her White Triangle ties.
R. J. Brande goes to Trom to convince Tarn Arrah to come off-planet with him to create more Tarnium for new Stargates to replace the ones destroyed by the White Triangle. Tarn refuses, feeling the need to attend a conference on Trom's U.P. admission, sending his son Jan instead.
June 25. The White Triangle Daxamites, now in possession of the anti-lead serum and under Roxxas's orders, destroy every living creature on Trom. Young Trommite Jan Arrah has a mental breakdown over his grief. Brande is forced to use his telepathic abilities to numb the boy's emotions in order to help him through the coming battle.
June 26. The Daxamite White Trianglers attack Earth, wreaking great destruction. The Legion and Workforce work together to stop them, but the Trianglers are defeated only when R.J. Brande brings Jan Arrah to create tarnium for a Stargate that sends the Daxamites away to a red sun planet.
Andromeda, seeing how she was manipulated by Roxxas, confronts him directly, and in the fight, both apparently die in a nuclear furnace. Andromeda actually survives and exiles herself to Planet Hell as punishment.
Valor appears in the power surge that activates the Stargate.
Live Wire is reinstated by Cosmic Boy, and he brings Saturn Girl back to her senses.
Apparition dies in Ultra Boy's arms during the battle. Because of the particular circumstances of her splintered existence, her soul does not move on, but becomes entwined with his, though it is dormant.
Among the dead civilians from the attack are the parents of Chuck Taine, and Carter Jones's mother.
June 29. Gil'D, Linsner, Naltor, Pankrordia, Phlon, Risa, Triton, and Zwen are admitted to the United Federation of Planets. Trom is given honorary membership.
A funeral is held for Apparition and the apparently-dead Andromeda. Cosmic Boy invites Jan Arrah and Ultra Boy to join the Legion, but these invitations, and Live Wire's reinstatement, are overruled by Federation President Jeanne Chu.
Cosmic Boy asks Invisible Kid to form an espionage squad and begin spying on the President, if he hasn't already.
Brainiac 5 uses his time machine to travel to the 20th century, returning with a beer.
August 10. Reaching majority, Cary Wren is forced to leave her orphanage and begins living on the street.
Doctor Zaxton Regulus seizes control of Derek Morgna's laboratories and takes Dirk Morgna hostage. The Legion defeats him, but not before he injects Dirk with an experimental radioactive gold solution, which, after Dirk is bombarded with radiation from an overheating nuclear reactor, causes Dirk to glow and project light like a sun. Valor appears again during the battle with Regulus.
President Jeanne Chu assaults Jan Arrah on Trom.
Live Wire is taken by police on the planet Bisbe, who mistake him for his brother, Lightning Lord. Lightning Lord facilitates Live Wire's escape from the police (murdering several), and takes Garth to Korbal, where he intends to kill his younger brother. Spark meets up with them and helps Garth defeat Mekt, but at the cost of Garth's right arm. The two of them return to Winath, Ayla eventually returning to the Legion.
Valor makes a third appearance in a power surge related to Brainiac 5's time experiments. Cosmic Boy gets Brainiac 5 to cause Valor to appear intentionally, and they find his location in the Phantom Zone. They realize they would need the help of the 20th century Superboy to free him.
A number of Legionnaires use Brainiac 5's time machine to travel to the year 2000 and meet Superboy. They enlist his aid and bring him to the present a short while later, though XS is lost in time.
Superboy, Ultra Boy, and the Legion travel to Korr and fight the Scavenger for possession of an item that would help complete the machine necessary to retrieve Valor from the Phantom Zone. During this fight, Shrinking Violet encounters the Emerald Eye of Ekron for the first time. Superboy accidentally lets slip to a journalist that the Legion is trying to rescue Valor. Brainiac 5 invents a personal force-field belt to protect himself from assaults.
Valor is secretly rescued (the public is thrown off by a faked failure). Superboy is made an honorary Legionnaire and is returned to the 20th century by Brainiac 5.
Brainiac 5, trying to rescue XS, gets stuck in the timestream, and the 20th century villain Chronos, who had himself rescued XS, attacks the Legion in seeking their time machine, inadvertently destroying it and an entire wing of the Legion's headquarters. Chronos dies and leaves his assistant Lori Morning in the 30th century.
The Legion consults the Time Institute's Rond Vidar in rescuing Brainiac 5. They manage to make contact with him, but the Science Police's interference causes Chronos to be revived and attack them. Brainiac 5 figures out how to stop Chronos and return himself to real time, a plan which the Legion carries out, whereupon Brainiac 5 is arrested for illegal time-travel experimentation.
Kinetix, adrift in space since her destination Stargate had been destroyed, is rescued by the hag Mysa.
Cosmic Boy contacts Live Wire and asks him to form a rescue squad in preparation for when President Chu would directly attack the Legion.
September 22. Kreezj, Orando, Somahtur, Talok VIII, Xaxiv, and Zuun are admitted to the United Planets.
September 23. The planets Vulcan, Tellar, Andor, and Alpha Proxima II forge the Coalition Compact, formalizing their alliance.
September 26. Star Boy finally arrives on Earth and joins the Legion. Gates finally joins at the same time.
October 4. Architect and engineer Chuck Taine is brought in to fix the Legion's headquarters building, and stays on permanently.
President Chu, using the Psycho Pirate (the telepathic dolphin {θ!eee}), wipes Jan Arrah's mind, places false memories in it, puts him inside an armored suit, and trains him to attack the Legion, who she sees as threats to her ambitions due to their capacity for time travel. She sends Jan to attack the Time Institute, where Rond Vidar and Saturn Girl are examining Lori Morning. Saturn Girl manages to fight off Jan.
Valor, upon Cosmic Boy's request, leaves on a fact-finding mission.
President Chu sends Jan to the planet Guron to attack it and then sends the Legion to stop him. Shrinking Violet stops Jan and the Saturn Girl reads his mind, which implicates Ambassador Wazzo in the crime of brainwashing him.
Mysa trains Kinetix in mysticism, giving her telekinetic powers, so she may find the Emerald Eye of Ekron for her.
The Legion confronts the United Planets Council with the Wazzo evidence and while replaying the evidence, President Chu points out the image of a Sun-Eater in the background. She adjourns the Council meeting, and tells the Legion that they must help assemble the Fatal Five.
Mysa declares Kinetix's mystic training completed and alters her form, sending her off to find the Emerald Eye.
Cosmic Boy tells the recovered Jan Arrah to meet with Live Wire, Ultra Boy, Andromeda, and Valor to form the rescue squad.
The Legion gathers the Fatal Five on Takron-Galtos. The Fatal Five is composed of five super-criminals, the cyborg Tharok, the axe-wielding Persuader, the murderous Empress, hand-glowing Mano, and Validus, the massive man with a transparent skull and mental lightning. The Five turn on the Legion and defeat them in battle despite the help of Brainiac 5, who is released from his prison cell to aid them. XS, after adventures with the speedsters of the 20th century, returns to the 30th century and is brought by the rescue squad to help save the Legion from the Fatal Five, which they do. Kinetix also returns to the Legion in the middle of this battle, seeking the Emerald Eye. The Legionnaires determine that the Sun-Eater is a hoax, and that the Fatal Five, who escape, are about to re-start the war between Titan and Braal. The Legion and rescue squad split up; one group (with Aven's help) stopping Titanian ships from attacking Braal; one group stopping the Fatal Five; and one group (the Espionage Squad and Brainiac 5) getting President Chu to confess her crimes.
In the aftermath of the incident, Chu is removed from office. She is replaced by R. J. Brande, who eases most U. P. controls on the Legion and pardons Brainiac 5 and Andromeda of their crimes.
While the Legion is away, Legion Headquarters is attacked by Protean intruders, who are defeated by Chuck Taine, Tenzil Kem, Marla Latham, Lori Morning, and Rond Vidar. All but one of the intruders die, and that one is taken by Lori as a pet, which she names Proty.
October 29. Live Wire officially rejoins the Legion, and Ultra Boy and Jan Arrah (as Element Lad) join as full members. Andromeda elects to not rejoin, and instead joins a monastery. Valor, taking the code-name M'Onel, joins the Legion as a "detached service agent."
The Legion Academy closes.
Cosmic Boy announces his resignation as Legion leader. He, Saturn Girl, Live Wire, Leviathan, and Invisible Kid begin work on a Legion Constitution.
Leviathan, XS, and Gates stop assassins on a mission to the Dajchu system.
Dirk Morgna escapes from the hospital to see his father, and the Legionnaires find a way for the two to touch again safely. The Legion is given custody of Dirk.
Dr. Gym'll, after being hired by Violet to handle the Legion's routine medical needs, arrives at Legion headquarters.
Shrinking Violet is elected Legion leader.
The Legionnaires battle the Amazers on Xanthu and Star Boy earns the right to stay with the Legion.
Apparition frees herself from Ultra Boy's body, and appears as a ghost to him and her mother.
The Emerald Eye of Ekron takes control of Shrinking Violet. She has the Emerald Eye of Ekron grant each Legionnaire his or her heart's desire. Doctor Regulus breaks free of the Science Police and takes over the planet Gallan, an incident investigated by both the Legion and the Workforce. Dirk Morgna returns to normal and Leviathan is killed stopping Regulus, all as a result of wish-fulfillment by the Eye.
The grief-stricken Shrinking Violet openly employs the Eye's power and attempts to use the Legion to find a way to revive Leviathan, but the Legionnaires prove unwilling to obey her commands. The Emerald Eye, through Shrinking Violet, takes direct control of the Legion, and begins having them remake Earth in its image, but Gates and Saturn Girl break free and lead Inferno and Shvaughn Erin against it, while Kinetix tries to take its power for herself. Seeing the unity of her team fall apart, Shrinking Violet commands the Eye to turn back time, a command which causes a huge explosion that sends a number of Legionnaires and others backward in time to the 21st century. The timelost include Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Gates, Shvaughn Erin, Spark, Inferno, Brainiac 5, and Ultra Boy (along with the ghostly Apparition).
In actuality, the Eye did not kill Gim Allon, but put him into a state near death, and suspended his soul.


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