Timeline: 2996-2997



  • Volta Reina is killed in a cave-in. She is survived by her husband and son, Condo Arlik, Sr. and Jr. (9).

Candi Pyponte-LeParc, taking a tour of her father's factory, tries to help a man her father injures. The injured man, having attempted to hit her father with it, exposes Candi to a gene-bomb, and she undergoes horrible genetic and physical mutation. This results in her looking like a green hulking monster.
April 7. Luornu Durgo escapes from a psychological facility. She sneaks onto a ship owned by tycoon R.J. Brande. He initially believes her story that she was fleeing murderers. He takes her on as an assistant.
Lyle Norg and Jacques Foccart develop an invisibility serum. Lyle uses himself as a test subject and gains the ability to become invisible at will. This discovery comes to the attention of the Earth government, and they become espionage agents.
Caleb Michaels and Mara Grace are also recruited to Earthgov Intelligence. They meet Lyle and Jacques, among others, and all begin training under Jae Minh. Lyle and Caleb soon become boyfriends.
R.J. Brande arranges for Brainiac 5 to take an internship at the Time Institute on the colony world of Talus.
In AQR35, Rokk Krinn, Imra Ardeen, and Garth Ranzz save entrepreneur R.J. Brande from assassination. They soon found the Legion of Super-Heroes as Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, and Lightning Lad.
September 21. Gim Allon graduates from the Science Police Academy in Ares City, Mars. He is assigned to Ward 16, along with friend Gigi Cusimano.
September 25. The dolphin {θ!eee} is born in the Atlantic Ocean.
September 26-30. A comet impacts Mars, injuring and trapping Martian citizen Chardic Milian. Science Police officer Gim Allon is also exposed to its radiation while chasing a criminal and subsequently rescuing Millian. Both are taken in by the Martian government, though Milian is kept in seclusion. After a few days in a coma, Gim awakens and discovers he has the power to grow in size.
Ling Sul runs away from home with her boyfriend Jaim Kendu.
October 17-29. R.J. Brande approaches Earthgov Intelligence and Durlan Security for help in investigating a child slave ring run by the Luck Lords, in hopes of finding the whereabouts of the missing and presumed dead Leland McCauley IV. Black Hole offers young Lyle Norg, and Durlan Intelligence Division agent Yera Algallzz recruits her son Reep Daggle for the mission. Algallzz follows them. The children are captured by the Luck Lords, and put to work in one of their Asteroid Casinos, where they meet Tinya Wazzo and the novice Luck Lord Dar. Discovered, they try to escape, and only manage to do so with the sacrifice of Yera, who is captured. Yera is secreted away to Black Hole, where agents of Jeanne and Madelyne Chu begin performing experiments on her.
November 16. Bender Bending Rodriguez is "born" in Mexico on Counter-Earth.
Verj Griffay is sent on a mission to assassinate a Braalian official. He succeeds. This is his first murder.
December 24. Braal and Titan sign an armistice, ending their nearly decade-long war. Both worlds join the Commonwealth of Human Nations.


  • January 16. Elia declares war on Earth, and begins abducting citizens from Earth and its colonies and allies.

January 22. The full membership of the Commonwealth of Human Nations declares war on Elia.
February 2. The essence of Dawn Allen finally fades away. Her daughter Jenni is later told she and her brother Don died fighting the Dominators, which is essentially true.
S.L.A.N. is slain by criminals. Her son, I.Z.O.R. is sold into slavery and brought to the Blackstar Juvenile Correction Facility.
February 12. The android Hedwig Nonnick is first activated by Xelandia Jamik on Xanthu.
A shuttle containing Winathians Mekt, Garth, and Ayla Ranzz crashes on Korbal. There, the kids are attacked by Lightning beasts, which results in the three obtaining electrokinesis. Shortly thereafter, Mekt runs away from home.
May 13. Luornu reveals her true story to Brande, who promptly adopts her. He has a falling out with the Carggite government as a result.
Nura Schnappin has a vision of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Realizing that they are her destiny, she takes the more "alluring" surname of Nal (her mother's) as her own.
May 23. Earth Espionage Agents Lyle Norg and Jacques Foccart rescue Condo Arlik Jr. from a facility where he is being held captive by the Dominators. Condo is returned to his father, and the smitten boy kisses Lyle. Lyle chooses not to pursue romance with Condo because of the age difference.
May 23-27. In other raids of the Dominators' labs, numerous genetically-altered people, mainly children, are rescued, including Jenni Ognats (who escapes with the first use of her Speed powers), April Dumaka, Tal Nahill, Somi Gan, Ilshu Nor, Sev Tcheru, and Floyd Belkin.
June 1-8. Xanthusian President Jobbas Inspar and Prefect Lamar Zandoz conceive of the Uncanny Amazers superhero team. Lamar goes on a recruitment drive. He recruits James Cullen as leader (with the code-name Kid Quantum), Thom Kallor (as Star Boy), Candi Pyponte-LeParc III (Monstress), Hedwig Nonnick (Konk), Marak Russen (Atmos), Randy Burroughs (Atom'X), and Lonna Leing (Insect Queen).
June 9. While taking a shuttle for their premiere to the public, the Amazers' ship is forced to land on Antares after the pilot is murdered. The culprit is eventually discovered to be Vyrgan renegade Mantis Morlo. Kid Quantum encounters a living biomass, and his powers inadvertently force-evolve a semi-sapience into the "Proteans", who Morlo begins manipulating using his scientific prowess.
June 11. Andorian thaan boy Thanizhevan th'Enshas (14) is caught in a mystical ice storm, and gains the power to generate a heat reducing energy.
The 2997 Cosmic Games are held. The Meteors win the gold metal in magnoball with the help of their new star forward, Rokk Krinn. Rokk wins a second metal in freestyle magnoball. His exemplary performance earns him the nickname "The Cosmic Boy".
July 31. Elia surrenders to the Earth-led alliance of worlds.
An alternate-future Inertia attacks a lab owned by former Earth President Thaddeus Thawne. Inertia is attacked by younger future incarnations of himself, XS, and Impulse, and ends up killing himself, but not before injuring his younger self. The scientists at the lab later use the blood left behind to create Inertia.
September 29. A Time-Trapped Pol Krinn appears at this point at the secret remains of the Justice League Cave in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island, Earth, where he has a meeting with R.J. Brande, who he learns is J'Onn J'Onzz.
Jacques Foccart is attacked by his associate Mara Grace and forced to ingest Lyle Norg's invisibility serum. He barely survives the incident, and is taken in by Black Hole.
October 2. Zoe Saugin finds a mystical pool on Titan, and using the Moon of Kol as a catalyst, gains super powers.
October 10. The United Federation of Planets is re-founded by several worlds in the Milky Way Galaxy, an organization dedicated to the mutual betterment of its member worlds and to bring about peace and mutual understanding, as its antecedent once had. Among the founding members are Aarok, Bgztl, Bismoll, Braal, Cargg, Durla, Earth, Imsk, Mars, and Titan. Earth President Jeanne Chu is elected the union's first President.
The Earth-based Science Police is established as the entire Federation's primary policing agency.
Garth Ranzz runs away from home to find his brother Mekt.
November 22. The planets Counter-Earth, Decapod X, Amphibios IX, and others found the loose confederation the Democratic Order of Planets.
November 26. The city of Henod in Chogk is bombed by Mihja forces on Angtu. Among the slain are Teeret and Enorm. They leave behind their only son Sartec, who is forced to take care of his ailing grandfather Ulemmose.
December 21. Aleph, Athram, Colu, Corvan IV, Daxam, Pasner, Silvan, Vyrga, Winath, and Xanthu are admitted to the Federation.
December 22. Roon Dvron graduates from the Science Police Academy on Mars.
Tenzil Kem travels to downtown Prilos on Bismoll. There he joins the cooking school run by Palet Vad.
December 27. Omar Magz graduates as part of Braal's first U.P. Science Police graduating class.
Roderick Doyle, along with his White Triangle allies, begins plotting to assassinate R.J. Brande.


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