Timeline: 2996



  • On Phlon, Volta Reina is killed in a cave-in. She is survived by her husband and son, Condo Arlik, Sr. and Jr. (9).
  • Candi Pyponte-LeParc, taking a tour of her father's factory, tries to help a man her father injures. The injured man, having attempted to hit her father with it, exposes Candi to a gene-bomb, and she undergoes horrible genetic and physical mutation. This results in her looking like a green hulking monster.1
  • April 7. Luornu Durgo escapes from a psychological facility. She sneaks onto a ship owned by tycoon R.J. Brande. He initially believes her story that she was fleeing murderers. He takes her on as an assistant.2
  • Tweens Lyle Norg and Jacques Foccart develop an invisibility serum. Lyle uses himself as a test subject and gains the ability to become invisible at will. This discovery comes to the attention of the Earth government, and they are soon recruited into Earthgov Intelligence.3

Caleb Michaels and Mara Grace are also recruited to Earthgov Intelligence. They meet Lyle and Jacques, among others, and all begin training under Jae Minh. Lyle and Caleb soon become boyfriends.
R.J. Brande arranges for Brainiac 5 to take an internship at the Time Institute on the colony world of Talus.
In AQR35, Rokk Krinn, Imra Ardeen, and Garth Ranzz save entrepreneur R.J. Brande from assassination. They soon found the Legion of Super-Heroes as Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, and Lightning Lad.
September 21. Gim Allon graduates from the Science Police Academy in Ares City, Mars. He is assigned to Ward 16, along with friend Gigi Cusimano.
September 25. The dolphin {θ!eee} is born in the Atlantic Ocean.
September 26-30. A comet impacts Mars, injuring and trapping Martian citizen Chardic Milian. Science Police officer Gim Allon is also exposed to its radiation while chasing a criminal and subsequently rescuing Millian. Both are taken in by the Martian government, though Milian is kept in seclusion. After a few days in a coma, Gim awakens and discovers he has the power to grow in size.
Ling Sul runs away from home with her boyfriend Jaim Kendu.
October 17-29. R.J. Brande approaches Earthgov Intelligence and Durlan Security for help in investigating a child slave ring run by the Luck Lords, in hopes of finding the whereabouts of the missing and presumed dead Leland McCauley IV. Black Hole offers young Lyle Norg, and Durlan Intelligence Division agent Yera Algallzz recruits her son Reep Daggle for the mission. Algallzz follows them. The children are captured by the Luck Lords, and put to work in one of their Asteroid Casinos, where they meet Tinya Wazzo and the novice Luck Lord Dar. Discovered, they try to escape, and only manage to do so with the sacrifice of Yera, who is captured. Yera is secreted away to Black Hole, where agents of Jeanne and Madelyne Chu begin performing experiments on her.

Verj Griffay is sent on a mission to assassinate a Braalian official. He succeeds. This is his first murder.
December 24. Braal and Titan sign an armistice, ending their nearly decade-long war. Both worlds join the Commonwealth of Human Nations.


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