Timeline: 2991-2995



  • April 30. Iruna Durgo kills herself with an overdose of Silverale. Her daughter Luornu (7) is taken in by the girl's grandmother Murlu.1
  • June 14. R. J. Brande talks his friend Tarn Arrah down from killing his son Jan (6). Tarn is drunk and referring to prophecies.

July 30. Drura Sehpt (7) undergoes genetic manipulation in order to prevent illness. This causes her to become a magnet for viral life forms.
October 1. Jonn Anderson and Maja Will give custody of their daughter Sandy (7) over to Leland McCauley (35), who takes her with the understanding that her nascent pyrokinetic abilities could help him in some way.



January 1. Jeanne Chu is sworn in as President of Earth.
The slave girls Tinya and Enya Wazzo, shortly after turning ten, are separated. Tinya meets the young boy Dar while running tables in the Casino. Enya is sold to a man named Yonert Ri, who proceeds to mentally, physically, and sexually abuse her.
June 19. On Xanthu, the DNA monster gives birth to a humanoid girl, appearing to be nine years old, based on the genetics of Lana Lang. The child wanders into the nearby town of Cordilo, and is taken in by a man named Doh Resim. The girl can give very little information about her life, as she is apparently amnesiac. She calls herself "Lonna Leing." Resim is eventually allowed to adopt Lonna.
July 21. Drianna Allon graduates from the Science Police Academy.
Laurel Gand joins the White Triangle.
Ral Benem, on the planet Mardru, is immersed in a solution. He undergoes mutation that begins to attune him to plant life.
Dobe Frice escapes Turebeau with several children, including Mara Grace.


On Dryad, Blok meets a group of children visiting his world (Chey-Nu, Yer Stituan, Wi Kanmuur, Ki-Lan, and Tita Nya). He befriends them.
September 3. Josh and Randy Burroughs break into a government facility on Xanthu, and are caught in an explosion. Josh is killed by a piece of shrapnel that pierces his heart. Randy, however, is given superpowers.
The Emerald Eye II travels through time to store the soul of Gim Allon in the deceased body of Josh Burroughs.
October 16. After the death of Murlu Durgo, her granddaughter Luornu is sent to a mental hospital.
Caleb Michaels meets the Earth goddess Gaea. After helping her plant some trees, she grants him the power to heal and promote life.
November 22-23. On an expedition, Azra Saugin is engulfed in a mystical energy. This causes her to slowly die. Her daughter Zoe uses the Moon of Kol and studies spells, using it to save Azra's life.


Kelana Strumm is killed in a battle between Khundian Imperial Forces and the Gil'Dan Defense Corps.
Rokk Krinn (12) is recruited by the Meteors, a magno-ball franchise. He signs up with Alux Cuspin as his business manager. Cuspin begins embezzling Rokk's earnings.
July 23. While trying to visit his house in Kent, the Doctor, Ace, and Benny find that it has been relocated to a distant world as part of a tourist trap. The alien procurer forces the trio to pose as a family. The Doctor manipulates until he is able to use the TARDIS to take the house back to its proper place and time.
Xao Jin begins training in mysticism under Chu Hua.
The GODLESS organization commits a terrorist attack on a Hindu temple in Hyderabad, India. Among the dead are Ika and Marith Tarvish, orphaning their son Roy.
Brainiac 5, performing an experiment, is interrupted, causing an explosion. The Coluan government enlists R.J. Brande to deal with their problem, recruiting him to his R&D department of Brande Industries.


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