Timeline: 2986-2990



  • The Imskian Intelligence Service begins a program to create espionage weapons of children.
  • February 7. Meloni Thawne (24) and Impulse (2) arrive in this time. They break Fran and Eric Russell out of prison, and take them into hiding. While fleeing the Science Police, toddler Jenni Ognats (1) is abducted and held for hostage by Earth President Thaddeus Thawne (54). Thawne agrees to let Jenni go under the condition that Meloni return to him, and Bart leaves the era for good.1
  • Shvaughn Erin's () abusive father begins forcing her to undergo ProMan treatments.

May 4. Carter Henry Jones is born to Lila Smith and Willard Jones in Metropolis, North America, Earth.
May 22. Somi Gan is born on Lallor.
The Speed Force essence of Dawn Allen returns to her family.

  • June 12. The sublight ship carrying timelost astronaut Major Vance Astro (30) lands on Alpha Centauri II. Vance finds himself in a fully-populated colony world, and learns that faster-than-light flight has been achieved, and his mission was pointless. The people could not awaken him early because a strange chemical malfunction caused Vance's suit to be the only thing preserving his life. Vance unhappily accepts his new life.2

June 14. Jina Cenn is born to Joan and Riley Cenn in Allens, Braal.
July 6. Kyl Emeer is born to Yessar and Fil Emeer in Olympi, Titan.
August 12. Pela Orfiin is born on Titan.
Marla Latham falls into a temporal anomaly, where he spends decades serving the goddess Elise. He is returned to the moment he vanished, having aged 30 years.
November 1. The TARDIS, carrying the Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Mel Bush (), arrives aboard the starship Hyperion III. They are drawn into a murder mystery, and the Doctor ends up destroying a new type of sapient plant creature called the Vervoids to save the lives of the crew and passengers.


  • January 1. Earth Empress Leabie Forrester signs the Articles of Decolonization, officially ending the existence of the Earth Empire, and granting full independence to all subject worlds. She is elected by the Commonwealth of Human Nations as its new Secretary General.
  • February 17. Humre Durgo walks out on his family.

April 1 (Sunday). Verj Griffay (2) is abducted by the Imskian Intelligence Service.
April 4. Karina Gast is born to Kess and Kath Gast in Beleto Otz, Thanagar.

June 18. Dwayne Christopher is born to Mikaela Christopher in Dakota, Indiana, United States, Earth.
June 20. Joseph Kevin Faulkner is born to Natasha and Kurt Faulkner in Chicago, Metropolis region, North America, Earth.
June 30-July 1 (Saturday-Sunday). The Brotherhood of the Badoon invade the Sol system. The heavily weakened Earth Navy is quickly crushed. Within hours, the defenses on Pluto, Ganymede, Io, Mercury, Venus, and Triton fall. The Badoon are unable to approach Titan due to overwhelming telepathic attacks.
July 2 (Monday). Mars surrenders to the Badoon.
July 4 (Wednesday). Earth surrenders to the Badoon.

  • July 5. Charlie-27 (29), a Jovian pilot, lands on the Ganymede surface, and is immediately attacked by Badoon. He jerry-rigs a transmat to escape. He appears on Pluto, where he meets Martinex T'Naga (36), and they team up to fight more Badoon, and escape via another transmat, this time to Earth. Major Vance Astro (31) and Yondu Udonta (61) are brought before the Badoon emperor, and Vance tricks them into giving him Yondu's sacred arrow. Yondu uses the arrow to escape with Vance. They run into Charlie-27 and Martinex, and after a brief scuffle, escape with them. The four declare themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy, and plan to liberate Earth.3

August 31. Peter Dursin is born to Radha and Neeraf Dursin in Kolkata, India, Earth.

  • November 19. The Solar resistance, led by the Guardians of the Galaxy, drive the Badoon out of the Sol system.
  • December 31. War breaks out between Titan and Braal.


The Titan Institute takes Imra Ardeen (5) away from her family for training.
March 13. Fr'oz is born to Vr'ok and Gr'ov in Yuoakk, Cquaa.
While visiting Rimbor, R.J. Brande (1138) meets dock worker Marla Latham (54), and recruits him to his organization. The two became very good friends, and Latham eventually becomes one of Brande's personal assistants.
May 22. Hadru Jamik is born to Xelandia Jamik on Xanthu.
June 18. Ayet and Medd are born to Twix and Lisb in Azhezg, Exor.
July 8. Erias is born to Alee and Tedosal in Adamstown, Rann.
August 6. Evan Jude Black is born to Bruce Black and Gary Banner in Birdcage, Brokeback Planet.
December 16. Jol is born to Lai and "Tyr" in Rembetothkenssatchogla!fuv, Tyrraz.


February 14. Pür An'nan is born to Fiva and Crez An'nan in Et'nos, Sklar.
March 30. Baal-Zee is born to Rehna and Hegh-Zee in Kandor, New Krypton.
June 2. Maxim is born to Queen Maxima XXIV and King Tawfen in Vobil, Almerac.
June 19. Dwight Conrad is born to LaBarbara and Hermes Conrad on Counter-Earth.
Shvaughn "Sean" Erin (11) goes into shock when the onset of puberty collides with the ProMan she's been taking. Nearly dying, she ends up liberated from her abusive father and submissive mother. She becomes a girl again.
September 6. Jancel Ardeen is born to Sydne and Bertor Ardeen in Titanopolis, Titan.


January 7. Fryd Kallor takes his son Thom (5) to a black market geneticist to "fix" his mutant powers. This results in Thom's powers becoming highly unreliable.
July 2. Danielle Foccart is born to Janelle Pasteur and Rene Foccart in Paris, France, Earth.
September 28. Mark Rissey is born.


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