Timeline: 2981-2985



  • January 1 (Monday). Thaddeus Thawne (49) is sworn in as President of Earth.
  • January 24 (Wednesday). The spatially coterminous children of Jason Blood/the demon Etrigan are born. Etrigan names the demon child Etrisayne, and Blood names the human child Justin. Neither is aware that Justin Blood is born without a soul, and Etrisayne is.
  • February 28. Maxima XXIV becomes queen of Almerac.
  • July 29. Leon Benjamin is born.
  • The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Peri Brown (22) are drawn to the planet Prophecy, a thousand years after the destruction of its parent world, Traken. They face the arrival of an ancient evil, and manage to defeat it.1


  • January. Roz Forrester arrives in Fury, Aegistus, and goes undercover at a bar. After a few days, a psionic N-Form monster attacks her, and she manages to kill it.2
  • The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Chris Cwej investigate the encroachment of alternate realities and the Doctor gets a rogue TARDIS to destroy itself. Roz Forrester rejoins them.3
  • June 3. The Doctor kills Earth Empress Helen I at her request.
  • Duke Walid is crowned Emperor of the Earth Empire. Civil war ensues.
  • Roz Forrester takes the rank of Colonel, serving under her sister Leabie.
  • June 18. The Tornado Twins Dawn and Don Allen help rescue Meloni Thawne from an alternate-future Inertia. They are aided by future incarnations of XS, Impulse, and Inertia. When Meloni meets Don, the two are immediately smitten, and they begin a whirlwind romance, despite Meloni's father's objections.
  • August 2. In Turkhana City, planet Rimbor, Mytra Nah gives birth to a son she names Jo. Marla Latham (18), the child's father, is a member of the Emerald Dragons gang. Marla feels he cannot care for the child, and leaves him to his mother.
  • August 28. Colonel Roslyn Forrester (44) is killed in action in Valhalla, Callisto.
  • September 1. Leabie Forrester is crowned Empress of the Earth Empire. She announces her plans to bring it to an end.
  • September 1. A funeral is held for Roslyn Forrester. At the proceedings, the Doctor suffers a heart attack in one of his hearts.
  • November 8. Pol Krinn (Time-Trapped) and Bits are reunited with R.J. Brande, who introduces him to young archaeologist Azra Saugin. Zoe Saugin (from the Pickle Crunch) and Spin (Lon Krinn) briefly appear, and Lon introduces himself to his future father. The Phoenix Force forces their departure.4


  • January 13. Ewa Krinn, outside Valor's Landing on the planet Braal, goes into labor. Hu Krinn finds a couple to help him who happen to be Azra Saugin and a time-traveling Pol Krinn. Pol midwifes his big brother, whom his parents name Rokk Krinn. Later, Pol declares his love for Azra, and they consummate their relationship.5
  • March. A Dalek ship launches on the Terran space station housing the cryogenically frozen Davros. He is resuscitated. A time corridor locked to London, Earth in 1984 brings the TARDIS and its passengers the Doctor (fifth incarnation), Tegan Jovanka, and Vislor Turlough into the action. Davros ignites a civil war among the Daleks.6
  • June 15. Winema Wazzo gives birth to a daughter after a difficult labor, naming her Tinya. Her father, secret Carggite Luonel "Turl" Bordro, when Tinya first triplicates shortly after birth, steals two of the infants. They are sold into slavery to repay Bordro's gambling debts.
  • August 20. R.J. Brande introduces Cherg Vox to Brainiac 4. They have sex, as Brainiac 4 wants to experience it under controlled conditions, as well as get pregnant. A child is conceived.
  • October 17. Shortly after her birth, Luornu Durgo undergoes her first triplication. Her Carggite doctors notice signs that she may have Triplicate Identity Syndrome.7
  • October 24. Azra Saugin reveals to her boyfriend Pol Krinn that she is pregnant. He asks her to marry him, and she accepts, but the Phantom Stranger appears. He injures Azra so as to cause her to miscarry, and forces the temporal displacement of Pol and Bits.


  • February 23. On the ice planet Tharn, Mysa Nal meets the Phantom Stranger, and undergoes a quest on his behalf. Wounded and freezing to death, her life is saved by archaeologist Azra Saugin. Mysa infuses Azra with mystical potential as per the Stranger's request.
  • April 8. Meloni Thawne (22) and Don Allen's (20) son, Bartholomew Dawn Allen, is born. His pediatrician notices that the boy has a very fast metabolism.
  • August 5. Snarl Dox, better known as Brainiac 4, gives birth to Querl Dox, soon to be known as Brainiac 5. Feeling no connection or interest in the child, she immediately abandons him.8
  • October 11. Azra Saugin gives birth to her clone daughter, Zoe Eve Saugin.
  • December 31. Dawn Allen () and Jeven Ognats's daughter, Jenni Donald Ognats, is born.9


  • June 11. The Tornado Twins Dawn and Don Allen (both 22) team up to battle the Dominators, who have begun abducting humans again. Ambushed by the Dominators' forces and those of Earth President Thaddeus Thawne, they are murdered.10 The dying twins manage to project their minds through Speed Force duplicates, which disperse through time.11

The Dominators abduct Don Allen's son Bart, placing him in a virtual reality program sped up to match his accelerated aging and perception. He is rescued by Earthgov agents (under the command of his grandfather, Thaddeus Thawne), and his mother is told he died in the attempted rescue.

  • July 5. Shikari is born to Etaki and Felos of the Kwai in the Progenitor's galaxy. A genetic throwback to the Kwai's warrior ways, Shikari is dubbed a Lone Star.
  • July. Iris Allen rescues her grandson Bart from Earthgov custody. She escapes into the past with him, traveling back to 2000. In the aftermath, Earthgov agents harass Meloni Thawne, thinking she had some part in the rescue.
  • Thaddeus Thawne brings the Cobalt Blue gem to a group of Zarroxian sorcerers in hopes of using it to gain power. Zoom, Eobard Thawne (38/2456) attempts to take the gem for himself, but he is defeated by Wally West, the Flash (2001). Wally then destroys the gem altogether.


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