Timeline: 2971-2980



  • Gozz Daggle ascends to lead the religious order of Doyshuu on Durla. One of his first acts is the forced confinement of the three living weapons created almost 170 years earlier.
  • The planet Hithis is conquered by the Earth Empire and annexed.


Roz Forrester discovers her partner Fenn Martle is taking bribes from a droid (secretly Tobias Vaughn). The droid orders Martle kill her, and she is forced to take his life. Roz's memories are soon wiped of the event.
September 28. Trizza is born in Reg'l, Omerta, Orion Syndicate.



  • July 29. With the birth of their daughter, Turanga Leela, Turanga Munda and Morris decide to, rather than raise her in the mutant slums under New New York City, they drop her off at the Orphanarium, in hopes of her having a better life.
  • The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Bernice Summerfield investigate a cryptic message from a Hith, and travel to Earth. They are soon caught up in a massive conspiracy amongst the Adjudicators and behind-the-scenes manipulator Tobias Vaughn (1054). With the help of idealistic Adjudicators Roz Forrester and Chris Cwej, they defeat Vaughn, and the Earth Empire begins to collapse. Roz and Chris join the Doctor on his travels.
  • The Earth Empire grants independence to Hithis.


Roslyn Forrester is declared legally dead. Her sister Leabie has Roz cloned, and the new baby is named Thandiwe.
The Earth Empire conquers the Ogron homeworld of Braaz (Orestes). The Ogrons immediately begin a rebellion.
August 5. Hannah Wells is born.


  • Don and Dawn Allen meet a time-displaced Wally West (2000). They decide to use their speed powers as heroes, despite their mother's warnings, and secretly save Wally and a Coluan from being killed by a xenophobic mob. They help Wally leave their time era.


  • Elizabeth X ascends to become Queen of the United Kingdom.
  • The illegal kept male child Telvol Paka (8) is taken from his mother Sussa (52). He is genetically tested, and sold to the Luck Lords.


  • The Doctor (third incarnation) and Jo Grant (23/1972) arrive on Earth's Skybase facility orbiting the planet Solos so as to convey a mysterious item to someone. The Earth administrator gathers various leaders of the Solonians in order to give them independence. The duplicitous underling Marshall Paul Whitsun has the administrator assassinated. The rebel leader Ky flees with Jo, and the Doctor is forced to assist the Marshall. The Marshall attempts to commit genocide on the Solonians by having his scientist use a terraforming device to alter the planet's atmosphere. The Doctor sabotages this with the help of Ky, Jo, and Adjudicators James Cotton and Mervyn Stubbs (the latter of whom is killed). The Solonians are transforming into "mutants" and the artifact serves as a catalyst to the Solonians' full transformation. Ky is the first to metamorphose into a powerful telepathic/telekinetic being, and he kills the Marshall. The Earth government's observers authorize the independence of Solos.1

April 25. Sartec is born to Teeret and Enorm in Henod, Angtu.
Kid Flash (Iris West from 2019) briefly materializes here, giving the Tornado Twins fragments of the Cobalt Blue crystal. They shortly also have a run-in with Wally West (2001).
Tractis is given Dominion status within the Earth Empire.
November 20. Sheila Jawari is born.


J'Onn J'Onzz gathers a group of heroes in order to form a new Justice League. The heroes include the Sandstorm, Tornado Twins, Kid Flash, Nightwind, Batwoman, Magno Woman, and Twelfth Woman. The group never really gels, and the team dissolves.
January 3. Hao Li is born.
February. M-2 era supervillain Captain Boomerang (George Harkness) is transported to this time period. Found by Meloni Thawne, they have a brief affair before temporal winds send him back to his own time.
April 24. Cill Thyrk is born in Buston, Vega Colony.
August 27. Juliana and Mariana Boba are born.
November 1. North American Regional Administrator Thaddeus Thawne is elected President of Earth. He brings his chief of staff, Jeanne Chu, along in his new administration.
November 27. Meloni Thawne gives birth to a boy. She gives him up for adoption. He is soon adopted, and named Owen Mercer.


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