Timeline: 2961-2970




  • Barry Allen (34) arrives from 1997. He rejoins his wife Iris (32), and they resume their life together.
  • September 14. XS (13/2998) briefly materializes in this time period, and meets her grandfather, Barry. They bond quickly before Jenni departs again.1
  • September 21. Wally West (21/2001) materializes here, hoping to prevent Barry Allen's death at the hands of Cobalt Blue. He comes across Impulse (3/2001), XS (14/2999), and Kid Flash (Iris West [] of 2019), who are becoming possessed by the Cobalt Blue crystals. The possessed Jay Garrick (83/2001) appears, along with two dozen other Flashes from across time (including the Tornado Twins [16] from 2979), and they all attack Wally. Jay is possessed by Cobalt Blue. Barry Allen then arrives at the scene, and helps Wally fight the "Lightning Brigade". They manage to free Jay, and then the three of them cause the other Flashes to vibrate back to their own time. Jay eventually leaves, and the Cobalt Blue fragments reform. Wally saves Barry from an energy blast, and pulls the Cobalt Blue entity away with him.2
  • October 6. Barry Allen is recalled to the past, where he dies in the Crisis.


May 25. Donald and Dawn Allen are born to Iris Allen (33) in Central City, Missouri, North America, Earth.
Other births: Marla Latham (November 2)


  • The Earth Empire government, despite heavy opposition claiming it will lead to the dissolution of the Empire, establishes the Commonwealth of Human Nations in order to promote trade, technology, and mutual defense among the human-dominated worlds. The Commonwealth's founding members are Earth, Mars, Lallor, and Aarok. Titan takes an observer status.


  • The Doctor, Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright, and Vicki Pallister land on the planet Xeros, finding themselves out of sync with time, and seeing a possible terrible fate as frozen displays in an alien museum. In avoiding this fate, the travelers help the teenage Xeron population to overthrow their Morok conquerors.3


Bismoll joins the Commonwealth of Human Nations.
September 3. Tars Cresco is born.
September 24. Zapp Brannigan is born.


February 21. Sussa Paka (39) encounters an escaped male slave hiding in her home. Enchanted by his noble savagery, she decides to keep him secretly protected.


January 6. Sussa Paka's (42) hidden kept lover, Vol, is taken from her home by the Taltaror authorities. He is executed as an escaped slave.
October 29. Sussa Paka (43) secretly gives birth to a boy. She names him Telvol.


Aleph joins the Commonwealth of Human Nations.
December 12. Chwayo is born on Yvach.
December 21. Pol Krinn is born to Ewa and Hu Krinn on Braal in AQR12.


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