Timeline: 2941-2950



March 22. Saltar Vula is born to Deonetrion and Robutalio Vula in Onetiskyol, Korugar.
August 19. Cherg Vox is born on the planet Colu.


May 19. Mano is born in Merdon, Chogk, Angtu.


  • August. The Doctor (seventh incarnation), in the Black TARDIS, visits the freighter Lorelei, where the crew begins to be killed off. There he meets medic Liv Chenka (41). Discovering that it's a man suffering from intense fear of robots behind the killings, and willing to destroy a planet to turn people against the use of robots, the Doctor and the crew overcome their fears and stop the mad killer, and the planet Ventalis is saved by the sacrifice of noble robots.


January 1. The Doctor ("ninth" incarnation), Alison Cheney (2003), and the Master android arrive via TARDIS in the United Kingdom. After a battle with telepathic aliens, the Master dies, sacrificing himself for the Doctor, while the Doctor, amnesiac, disappears in the TARDIS. The amnesiac Alison is taken in by the British royal family, and takes the name Elizabeth X.
February 22. Antalla Crempal is born in Klmnspor, Bgztl.
November 4. T.H.A.R.O.K. is born on Linsner.


The Doctor (eighth incarnation) arrives on Dalek-occupied Nyxice VII, and is preunited with Liv Chenka, as well as reunited with the Dalek Time Controller. He is forced to betray her trust as he allows the planet to remain subjugated in order to stop an Eminence fleet from being unleashed on an unsuspecting universe.
Liv Chenka escapes Nyxice VII, allowing herself to be lethally irradiated.
Berta Maya Harris adopts her family's legacy of the Nightwind upon the loss of her eyesight.


November 5. Nyeun Chen-Ti is born on Earth.


January 18. Gym'll is born in Bey'reyf, Cquaa.


The Head Museum begins mass producing psycho-cranial clones of nearly everyone from Earth and Counter-Earth's history.
October 18. The psycho-cranial clone of Richard Nixon is created in the Head Museum on Counter-Earth.


April 22. Arnold Camden is born on Counter-Earth.



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