Timeline: 2921-2940



February 1. Carol Miller (78) founds MomCorp.


  • September 19. Paranoiacs Fran and Eric Russell's daughter, Iris Ann Russell, is born.
  • The Russels, with the help of 27th century scientist John Fox (39/2645), create a time pod and send their infant daughter Iris back in time, fearing nuclear annihilation.
  • Other births: Sussa Paka (March 25), Yondu Udonta (April 6)


  • The Terran colony world of Rimbor is re-incorporated. Tovah Latham is elected its first governor.


  • October 17. Hubert Farnsworth (), working for MomCorp, creates the first Farnsworth-type (Sport Utility) Robot. It is extremely energy inefficient, running largely on alcohol made for human consumption.


  • The Mara, having regained some control over Tegan Jovanka (23), gets the TARDIS to land in this era on Manussa. It takes over Tegan completely, and soon takes control of Lon, the son of the Federator of the Manussan Federation. The Doctor (fifth incarnation) and Nyssa (40) work to save Tegan and stop the Mara's return. At the commemoration ceremony of the Mara's defeat, the Mara rises again, but the ritual is disrupted, and the Mara is once again defeated.1



  • J'Onn J'Onzz (1082) assumes the role of Rene Jacques Brande, a young entrepreneur.


  • On Counter-Earth, a scientist, trying to resurrect her dead wife, discovers a water-based compound that interacts with biological material, creating a temporal/telepathic link to her wife's essence, and creating a brain-like biological mass, that has full access to the memories of the deceased. Using the substance to contact long-dead inventor Ron Popeil, she and the brain mass create a system that allows the brain masses to survive long-term without full bodies.2


October 15. Yera Algallzz is born in Tlamavv, Durla.



After nearly a decade of struggle, the colony world of Rimbor's government collapses. Governor Tovah Latham is killed, and his daughter, Shanna, takes up with the leader of the Emerald Dragons gang.


December 11. Gozz Daggle is born on Durla.



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