Timeline: 2901-2920





  • Births: Az (January 26)


  • The Tracer Amy (3), adopting the name Abby, arrives on the Sphere casino station, reuniting with her now-pregnant sister Zara (3), and her lover Marek. Abby tries to help Zara escape Marek's control by revealing their psionic cheating, and she is beaten, causing her to lose a good deal of her compassion with the denizens who watched. She becomes an enforcer at the station, and sleeps with Marek. When she is threatened by the owner of the station, she causes its destruction by pulling away parts of its structure. She and Zara escape, and Abby suddenly realizes what she's done.2
  • Thondor Allen of Ganymede takes up the mantle of the Flash.


  • The Unitary Republic of Aarok, a Dominion within the Earth Empire, is declared, attaining full independence.


December 25. Ganglios is born to Elios and Nolatos in the village of Nerovofibrilios on the planet Hykraius.


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