Timeline: 29001-30000



April 17. Ike (16), son of leader of the Greil Mercenaries, Greil, is finally given remit to join them. Ike joins Greil's second, Titania (33), and the brothers Oscar (23) and Boyd (17), on a mission to liberate the village of Caldea. With little effort, the bandits are ousted.[12]
April 20. Allies of the Caldean bandits kidnap Greil's daughter Mist (13) and Oscar and Boyd's younger brother Rolf (9). Ike runs off against orders to rescue them, and Boyd, Oscar, and the healer Rhys (19) feel compelled to join him. The battle commences, and the mercenaries defeat most of the villains, eventually with the help of Titania. The Greil mercenaries Shinon and Gatrie arrive at the last moment to save Rolf.[13]
April 22. Ike joins Titania, Shinon, and Gatrie in a mission to a port taking out pirates. During the engagement, they come across the pegasus knight Marcia, who is searching for her brother. Ike rescues her, and she departs, feeling indebted to him.[14]
April 24. Forces of King Ashnard of Daein begin an invasion of Crimea. The capital is evacuated, with publicly unknown princess Elincia () ushered out in secrecy. The Greil Mercenary sorcerer Soren (16) also escapes, heading for the Mercenaries' headquarters.[15]
April 27. Soren reunites with the Greil Mercenaries and informs them of the invasion. He joins Ike on a reconnaissance mission, where they find themselves under assault by Daein troops. Rhys finds an unconscious Elincia, and brings her back to their headquarters. More Daein forces assault the Mercenaries, and though they are defeated, Greil orders his group to evacuate and to accompany Elincia to Gallia.[16]


  • Births: Nowi (September 21)1


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