Timeline: 2876-2900



The Doctor (third incarnation) and Jo Grant (1973) visit a deserted scientific outpost on Lezarata, and the Doctor falls into a coma. Jo seeks answers, and becomes the victim of an attack by a malevolent sonic entity that had attached itself to Thomas Edison's original phonograph recording. Jo becomes trapped as a sonic entity, and the Doctor must trick the entity, now possessing Jo's body, into giving it up. The Doctor succeeds, possessing Jo's body for a time. Dr. Benjamin Chikoto, an earlier victim of the entity, asks the Doctor to erase the recording that he is left on.


Roj Blake's (29) resistance group is betrayed and captured by Terran Federation forces. His family and closest allies are executed, though are claimed to be sent off to penal colonies in the outer worlds of the Empire. Blake himself is subjected to repeated torture and brainwashing, causing him to eventually decry his own movement to the public. His conditioning subsequently results in his entirely forgetting his freedom-fighting past.1


The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Leela (3722) visit the mining colony on Kaldor, and face an attempted coup on behalf of Taren Capel, a madman who believed robots should rule over humans. Capel takes control of most of the androids in Kaldor City and kills most of the human population before being killed himself by a robot. The robot D84 sacrifices his life to save the Doctor, Leela, and the others.


January. Members of the resistance in the Terran Federation bring the amnesiac Roj Blake (32) to one of their meetings. He learns of his conditioning, and his memories begin to awaken. The meeting is interrupted by security forces, who massacre the attendees, leaving Blake the only survivor. They soon capture Blake and trump up charges to remove him from the population without making him a martyr. He is sentenced to exile on the penal colony world of Cygnus Alpha for supposed crimes of child sexual assault. In the days after his conviction, his public defender and his wife look into the miscarriage of justice, and are murdered just after finding the evidence. The freighter London takes off from Earth with its crew of prisoners, who also include Jenna Stannis (26), Vila Restal (), Olag Gan (), and Kerr Avon (36).

  • Aboard a Deep Space vessel controlled by The System, the ship's computer becomes self-aware after damage suffered after its slaughter of the crew.

The freighter London is forced to take a detour as it comes across a space battle between unknown parties. During the tumult, Roj Blake (33) organizes a mutiny against the crew. Young mutineer Dre Nova is killed by foam, while computer specialist Kerr Avon takes control of the computer room.


The Doctor (fifth incarnation), Peri Brown (), and Erimem () arrive at the Earth colony Phoenix, where the few surviving inhabitants not in suspended animation live very isolated lives. They discover that the colony's leader had made a deal with the crocodilian humanoid Khellians to give some of the suspended animation colonists away as food. Realizing her mistake, "Auntie" helps the Doctor and his friends, as well as a trio of young agoraphobics to destroy the Khellians' new brood and save the colony.


June 22. Penelope Jimenez is born to Diana of the Amazons and Phil Jimenez on the island of Themyscira on Earth.


The Doctor (fifth incarnation), Nyssa (30), and Hannah Bartholomew (40/1911) find themselves in what appears to be 1770 France, but soon discover their memories have been altered. They find they are disembodied consciousnesses in a realm called Shadow Space, where they and a few human scientists are trapped as their bodies are held in stasis. After fleeing an apparently malevolent entity called the Steamroller Man, they eventually discover that anti-human aliens had infected the crew of a research station, and hoped to use a violence-generating plague to spread amongst the humans and destroy the Earth Empire. The Doctor and Nyssa escape, with Hannah having sacrificed her emotions to save the Doctor. She decides to remain in that time, and the Doctor regretfully leaves her.


The Doctor, Ben Jackson (), and Polly Wright () arrive on an asteroid, and encounter a squad of Earth Empire soldiers on a training exercise. They are soon caught up in the strange trap of a group of Schirr terrorists, who kill some of them and begin to transform the others into hosts for their rebirth. The soldiers are betrayed by their commander, but the Doctor's machinations result in the Schirrs' defeat, and the restoration of the survivors to full human.
Mysa Nal and a group of her fellow mystics team-up to defeat Mordru, locking him in a mystical vault on an asteroid (later called Yuen). During the fight, Mordru slays all of the mystics (including Mysa's lover Xao) save for Mysa, whom he ages into a hag.


The Doctor (fourth incarnation), Romana, and K-9 Mark II arrive on Skaro. Romana willfully regenerates into her second incarnation (subconsciously in an attempt to both contain the entity Pandora, as well as deflect the Key to Time, one that looks exactly like Princess Astra of Atrios. The Doctor and Romana come across a Dalek party, and are on hand to see the resurrection of Davros. Ultimately, the Doctor defeats the Daleks, the Movellan android enemies of the Daleks, and Davros, and liberate the human slaves.


  • The Doctor ("eleventh" incarnation) and Amelia Pond (22) visit a planet with a human colony, where the population is being transformed into monsters. Amy transforms into a butterfly creature, and the Doctor also begins transforming, until he disables a genetic splicing machine. The colony, now named Baginstoke, feigns wiping out by a plague, so as to cut themselves off from the Earth Empire.2


The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Leela arrive on a planet in a system so crowded that light rarely hits it, and meet a few researchers. There they face the threat of the plants ("white ghosts") that thrive in the light, now amok. The plants transform the researchers into their vampiric pawns.


The Doctor (fifth incarnation) and Nyssa (1981) visit a planet the Doctor once won in a bet. They find a young man there going crazy with a holographic representation of his late friend. They discover the last living indigenous sapient has possessed the hologram in an attempt to leave a legacy.


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