Timeline: 2851-2875



  • Helen I is crowned Empress of the Earth Empire.



  • February 10. Captain Rorbach Braxton takes command of the Starfleet timeship Relativity, NCV-474439-G. His first officer is Lieutenant Juel Ducane (34).


  • January 31 (Saturday). Mysa Nal, daughter of the dread wizard Mordru (881), is born.


  • After Captain Rorbach Braxton of the USS Relativity recruits Seven of Nine (27/2375) multiple times to prevent the temporal destruction of the starship Voyager at various points in the 2370s, Captain Kathryn Janeway (40/2375) herself is also recruited. Commander Juel Ducane (36), first officer, helps them discover that a temporally insane version of Braxton himself is responsible. The primary Braxton is tried for crimes he did not commit, and stripped of his rank and command after undergoing temporal integration with his mad counterpart. Ducane is assigned command of Relativity.1


The Timeship Relativity begins monitoring the temporal-mystical field surrounding the planet Biisere, the site of a lost Earth colony. Captain Juel Ducane (38) sends Lieutenant Elesa Kamitsure (26) into the field, where she is temporally dislocated to the year 4999. The Temporal Concords agree to Kamitsure beginning a long-term infiltration and observation mission to allow for the study of the society built on the planet.


  • May 21 (Monday). Graduate student Kristin Wells (22) is given license by the Starfleet Temporal Division to travel back in time to study Superman. She travels back to the year 1996, where she encounters a great threat. She returns to this time, and seeks a commission in Starfleet after suspecting she will become one of the late 20th century's Superwomen.2


Professor Kristin Wells (28) uses her Temporal Division position to travel back in time to study the identity of Superwoman to finally address her suspicions. She brings futuristic technology with her to simulate posthuman powers.


December 23. The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Romana arrive on the third moon of Delta Magna seeking the fifth piece of the Key to Time. They find themselves embroiled in local politics between corporate men and the displaced "Swampie" race, as well as fighting off the giant monster Kroll. The Doctor turns Kroll into a piece of the Key to Time.


February 26 (Saturday). Kristin Wells (36) returns to the present to give birth to a daughter. She learns that the girl, whom she names Mia Cir-El Wells, is actually half Daxamite, and not Kryptonian, as the girl's father, "Dev-El", had claimed to be. Wells decides to remain in her own time and raise her daughter.


The Earth Empire invades and conquers the Schirr homeworld, renaming it "Idaho".


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