Timeline: 2701-2800



  • The Doctor (second incarnation), Polly Wright (24), Ben Jackson (24), and Jamie McCrimmon (23) are caught up in a hostage situation when a Selachian squad takes over the Galacti-Bank. The cleverness of the Doctor and his friends results in the defeat of the Selachians. The Doctor uses their reward to pay a fine and donate to charity.1


  • While visiting the planet Tor-Ka-Nom, the Doctor (eighth incarnation) walks in on a serial killer, and is knocked out, and soon tried and convicted of his crimes, and sentenced to death. Izzy Sinclair (17) uses her guidebook from the planet's future to lead the authorities to the true killer, saving the Doctor's life.2


The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Leela (3722) visit P'tarr, a planet with large armored sapient creatures. They stop marauding partially cyber-converted humans.


  • The Despotate of Aleph and Tav collapses, and the planet is subsequently ruled by an Elder Council. The world's name is changed to the Great State of Aleph and Tav.


An Earth medical ship crashes on the planet Cherdor. Over time, the survivors develop a society based around sterilization procedures in medicine.


The Doctor (second incarnation), Jamie McCrimmon, and Zoe Heriot () arrive on a planet in orbit of a pulsar. A mystery involving shadow creatures results in the Doctor spending years communicating with them while out of temporal phase after receiving a message from his "eleventh" incarnation.


The Doctor (fifth incarnation), Peri Brown (), and Erimem () visit the Garazone system. After a jump, they travel to the Nekromanteia sector, where they are pulled into warring corporate interests and an evil cult. The Doctor is killed for a time and kept in a pocket universe. Ultimately, the cat Antranak apparently sacrifices itself to save creation.


The Unheld homeworld is conquered by the Earth Empire.


The DNA monster lands on Xanthu.


The Doctor (third incarnation) inadvertently brings Jo Grant (24) and Mike Yates (32) (both 1973) to a space station in this year, where the political wedding of Chalnoth Hegemony Regent Tharlar and Teklarn Corporation CEO Tina Andresson is about to take place. Circumstances force Jo to pose as a security consultant, with the Doctor and Mike as her assistants. A bombing leads to the unraveling of a conspiracy to prevent the wedding from taking place. Jo befriends an A.I.


A human colonial ship lands on the planet Mordee. The ship's main computer Xoanon, at the verge of achieving sapience, is damaged. The Doctor (fourth incarnation) appears, and assists in the repair of the ship, implanting a copy of his consciousness into the ship's computer, inadvertently causing its nascent intelligence to go insane. After the Doctor leaves, it begins manipulating the humans, and over time transforms the Survey Team into the savage tribe Sevateem, and the technicians aboard the ship into the Tesh. Both groups worship it as a god.


The Doctor and his companions Susan, Ian Chesterton (), and Barbara Wright () arrive on a space ship in orbit of the Sense Sphere. Finding trapped Earth explorers, they face the telepathic Sensorite species, and start building bonds of trust. Making it down to the Sense Sphere, they discover that Earth Empire agents are poisoning the water supply, and have to stop them along with reactionary and traitorous agents within the Sensorite government.


The Doctor ("ninth" incarnation) brings Rose Tyler (2006) to Altair VII to see the monument to the late superrich Drake Ayelbourne. Ayelbourne turns out to be alive and somehow still young, and brings Rose into his citadel, hoping to get her to stay with him. When Rose refuses, he turns his robots on her and the Doctor, who cleverly reprogrammed them. They break his time-twisting device, causing Ayelbourne to transform into his proper age, which leads to his death. After escaping, the Doctor and Rose are confronted by the mysterious man who has been abducting the Doctor's companions throughout his lives. The man reveals himself to be an old, bitter Adam Mitchell, who tells them of how the Doctor ruined his life. When Rose shows sympathy, the Doctor does not, driving Adam into a furious rage. He attacks them, abducting Rose, and kicks the Doctor in the face.


The planets Okaara, Psion, Euphorix, Slagg, Rogue, Aello, and Karna conquer the planet Citadel. They form the Vegan Solidarity in the aftermath, leading to the defeat of Gordania, and the end of the longstanding interplanetary conflict.


The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and K-9 (Mark II) visit a Lorq time vault ship, and befriend the Lorq child Ts'ril. After curing a plague, the Doctor discovers that ancient bacterial enemies of the Time Lords, the Crialans, are attempting to take over the universe and make all life their hosts. The Doctor is forced to wipe most of the Crialans out, as they refuse to back down.


  • The Athramite Policy is founded by the unification of the various nation-states of the planet Athram.


  • Terra Alpha is conquered by Earth colonists. The native Alphidae are driven underground.

The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Ace McShane () visit the colony world Terra Alpha, ruled with an iron fist by "Helen A", who insists on false happiness throughout the population, and has dissenters and the sad "disappear". The Doctor and Ace foment rebellion, and Helen A is overthrown. Her executioner, the Kandyman android, is dismantled and shot out into space, where it enters a time vortex and reappears in 2388 on Tara.


The Doctor (seventh incarnation), Ace McShane, and Hex Schofield () visit an artist colony, Glasst City, on Nocturne. They face a killer harmonious creature that feeds on art.


The Doctor (fourth incarnation) and Romana (second incarnation) visit the colony world Hephastos, which has been overrun by its social media to the point of privacy being illegal, and the computer managing the whole thing going crazy and killing the most inane users. They disable the computer and free the populace by overwhelming it with inane trivia, helped by the contact of the Doctor's "eleventh" incarnation sending a message, which gives him advice to save the core of the computer.


  • The Monoids rebel against the humans on the generational ship Ark. They enslave the humans.


The Doctor ("twelfth" incarnation) and Clara Oswald (27/2014) travel to a near-impenetrable bank, and team up with the cybernetically-enhanced Psi and the mutant Saibra to pull a job for a mysterious employer. Despite many difficulties, the foursome succeed in freeing the captive "Teller" creature and its mate, with the Bank getting destroyed in the process.


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