Timeline: 27001-28000



  • King Zephiel of Bern (33), in his efforts to conquer the continent of Elibe, after conquering the nations of Ilia and Sacae, sets his sights on the marches of the Lycian League, putting its people on high alert.1
  • March 22. Marquess Eliwood's son, Roy (15), studying in Ostia, heads back to Pherae in preparation for the possible war. Lilina (15), daughter of Ostian marquess Hector, and close friend of Roy's, travels ahead, reuniting with Eliwood just as it is threatened by bandits. Roy and a few Pheraean soldiers (the veteran Marcus [61], young cavaliers Alen [18] and Lance [18], and young archer Wolt [15]), as well as Lilina's retainer Bors (21), confront the bandits, driving them out. In the aftermath, Eliwood (37), who has fallen ill, sends Roy out to meet with a mercenary group he has hired to supplement the Lycian forces.2
  • March 25. Roy's group (now accompanied by Eliwood's old friend, Merlinus [61], who manages the supply caravan) arrives at the rendezvous point, waiting for the mercenaries. While waiting, a royal nurse, Elen (19), appears fleeing Bernese soldiers. Roy refuses to let Elen face them alone, and fights to protect her. During this fight, the mercenaries arrive, led by the heroic Dieck (30), and including the large Lot (28) and Wade (28), and the pegasus knight Shanna (15), who join in the battle. After the Bernese are routed, they find Princess Guinivere of Bern (25) in the basement of the Bernese fort, and she joins their quest as an ally.3

April 6. Bernese forces launch an assault on Araphen. They attack an orphanage, slaying Father Lucius (37), who dies protecting his wards.[3]
April 7. The bulk of the Lycian army is slaughtered by the Bernese. At Castle Araphen, Marquess of Ostia Hector (36) is taken captive after being badly wounded in battle with Zephiel's dragon lords Narcian (30), Brunnya, and Idunn. Roy's growing army arrives at this time, and are joined by the rogue Chad (14) and Chad's sorcerer friend Lugh (14), both orphans from Lucius's orphanage. The castle is taken by Roy, but Lord Hector succumbs to his wounds. Before he dies, he asks Roy to lead the Lycian army and to take care of Lilina.[4]
April 11. Roy's army reaches the March of Laus, and find its marquess, Erik, has cast his lot with Bern. During the battle, the troubadour Clarine (15) escapes her captivity, and joins Roy in hopes of getting home safely. The swordsman Rutger (), working for Erik, defects to Roy's side when Clarine informs him that Roy's forces are at war with Bern. Laus castle is captured.[5]
April 14. Roy's army takes out a group of bandits tormenting a village near the mountains. Afterward, Saul (), a flirtatious priest of the Elimine church, and his archer bodyguard Dorothy (), join their group. Saul confronts Princess Guinivere over the fact she has stolen the Fire Emblem and is now traveling with it.[6]
April 18. Roy's army attempts to stop for the night in Thria under the care of Hector's cousin Orun, and find the castle in the care of Wagner, Orun's vizier. The thief Cath (15), having infiltrated the castle, warns Roy that Orun has been killed. Roy informs Wagner that they need to see Orun or leave, and Wagner launches an attack. Roy's forces engage in battle. Cath escapes the fight. Roy frees the Sacaean princess Sue (15) from captivity, and she joins Roy's team. Wagner is slain.[7]
April 23. Upon arrival in Ostia, Roy's army finds it in the midst of a rebellion instigated by its General Leygance, who hopes to surrender the city to Bern. In the midst of the battle, Roy meets up with another mercenary group hired by Hector, this one an Ilian group led by Zelot (37) and including Trec (20) and Noah (19). Noah parts from his new friend Fir (18), whom he met in the arena and had trained a bit. Zelot submits to Roy's leadership and helps quash the rebellion.[8] Roy's army overruns Castle Ostia, joined by Hector's spy ally Astolfo (32), and young soldiers Barthe (24), Gwendolyn () (Bors's sister), and Ogier (). Ultimately, Lilina is rescued before she can be executed, and Roy slays the traitorous Leygance. Roy informs Lilina of her father's death, and she joins him on his quest to stop Bern.[9]
April 24. Roy and a small band enter a cave near Ostia Castle. Facing a band of mercenaries, they face a mystical guardian, and Roy recovers the sacred sword Durandal, once wielded by his father Eliwood.[10]


A Throxillian station on the starless planet Cimmeria loses its light, and the Throxillians lose their vision. The Doctor (eighth incarnation) and Charley Pollard (19/1930) arrive in the TARDIS, and are hampered by the artificial intelligence ROSM. Eventually, the Cimmerians, great healers, learn of their mistake in blinding the people, and fix it. The Doctor mistakenly brings light to Cimmeria through artificial suns, but ultimately it's all right, as the ancient invaders, the Solarians, are actually archaeologists.[11]




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