Timeline: 26981-27000



  • January 19. A squad of bandits from Taliver Mountain assaults the Lorca Village in Sacae in the middle of the night. Most of the inhabitants are slain, including the chieftain Hassar and his wife Madelyn. There are fewer than ten survivors left. Despite being the chieftain's daughter, the other survivors reject Lyn's (17) claim to lead the remnants of the tribe, and they all depart, leaving Lyn alone.1
  • July 3. Lyn finds the unconscious young tactician Mark (17) lying unconscious outside her ger. Their meeting is interrupted by the arrival of bandits in the remains of her village. With Mark's aid, Lyn defeats the bandits.2
  • July 4. Lyn and Mark arrive in Sacae's largest city, Bulgar. There they encounter young Lycian knights Sain (19) and Kent (19), who realize Lyn is who they are searching for. Lyn and Mark depart before full contact with them, and are soon attacked by bandits out to kill her. Sain and Kent come to the their aid, and the four of them take down the villains. Lyn agrees to accompany them to the Canton of Caelin, where Lyn's grandfather resides.3

July 7. Lyn's party visits a shrine, which has also been overrun by the Ganelon bandits. The rout the villains, and Lyn soon discovers that the sacred sword Mani Katti is hers to wield.[4]
July 12. Lyn's party enters the Kingdom of Bern, and finds a bandit-devastated village. They encounter Lyn's Pegasus knight friend Florina (16), and come to her aid. The bandits attack. The wandering young archer Wil (17) joins them in repelling the bandits. Sain invites Florina and Lyn into "Lyndis's Legion", the new name for their band. The two agree.[5]
July 14. Lyndis's Legion stops at a ruined fortress to rest the night, and finds a lame young woman named Natalie, who is searching for her husband. Associates of the previous bandits assault the temporary base. Among the bandits is Natalie's husband, Dorcas (34), who had joined their disreputable group to get money to pay for Natalie's surgery. He defects to Lyn's side, and the bandits eventually give up after many of their number are defeated.[6]
July 20. On the edge of the Bernese-Lycian border, Lyndis's Legion is again attacked by the Ganelon bandits. The cleric Serra (16) and her hired companion, the magic student Erk (15), run into the conflict, and after being attacked, join on the side of Lyn. After the bandits' defeat, Serra learns of Lyn's status as a marquess's granddaughter, and she and Erk join Lyn's group.[7]
July 26. Lyndis's Legion arrives in Araphen. As they arrive, bandits attempt to destroy the castle. The captain of Araphen's guard, Rath (20), appears, and Lyn offers her team's aid. During the attempt to get into a side entrance to the castle, they conscript the aid of the friendly thief Matthew (18). After the bandits' defeat, the marquess spews racist vitriol to Lyn because of her Sacae heritage. She and the Legion depart. Rath overhears the marquess's racist monologue, and quits, accompanying the Legion.[8]
July 29. Lyndis's Legion reaches Kathelet. A boy, Nils (1206), appears and entreats Lyn for help in rescuing his sister. Lyn agrees, and the Legion engages in battle with agents of the Black Fang. The monk Lucius (16) joins them as well. Though they defeat the Black Fang's local leader, they find Nils's sister Ninian (1206) to be gone. Eliwood of Pherae (16) appears, carrying a rescued Ninian. Eliwood departs, and Ninian and Nils ask to join the Legion, which Lyn eventually accepts.[9] Lyndis's Legion further invades a Black Fang hideout to recover a special ring of Ninian's.[10]
August 7-9. Lyndis's Legion arrives in Caelin and engages the forces of the usurper, Lyn's great uncle Lundgren. At one point, the retired general Wallace (55) encounters them, including his former students Kent and Sain, and believes Lyn's story, and joins their side. They storm Castle Caelin, and Lundgren is slain by Lyn. Lyn meets her ailing grandfather, Lord Hausen, who happily accepts her, and begins the process of nursing him back to health.[11]
August-September. Lyn and Hausen begin to form a bond as he recuperates. Lyndis's Legion disbands, as Lyn takes on a role in the governing of Caelin. Kent and Sain are given leadership positions in Caelin's army, and Wallace formally comes out of retirement. Florina and Wil also join Caelin's employ. Rath, Serra, Erk, Matthew (19), Nils, Ninian, and Lucius all depart. The mysterious Mark also departs, seeking new opportunities to grow in tactics, after a warm farewell with Lyn.[12]

  • Births: Bors (March 3)


June. Marquess Elbert of Pherae departs his home with little explanation.

  • July 3. Eliwood (17), son of Marquess Elbert of Pherae, decides to go on a journey to find his father. On the day he is set to depart, with older soldier Marcus (42) and young soldier Lowen (), they find a village beset by bandits. Joined by village girl archer Rebecca (who wants to find her brother), they engage the bandits after Eliwood reunites with his old acquaintance Mark (18), who joins them. During the battle, Mark's old colleague Dorcas (35) joins on as a mercenary, as does his associate Bartre (). They defeat the bandits.4

July 8. Eliwood's group arrives in Santaruz. When Eliwood requests to see Lord Helman, his group is besieged by more bandits. Vastly outnumbered, they manage to rout the fiends when Eliwood's best friend, Hector (17) of Ostia, arrives. Hector is joined by his brother's retainer Oswin (), the spy Matthew (19), and the cleric Serra (17). [14] Eliwood and company reach Castle Santaruz, and defeat more mysterious agents. Matthew recruits the sellsword Guy to their cause, as he feels indebted to Matthew for once saving his life. They find a dying Helman, mortally wounded by Ephidel. They depart toward Caelin.[15]
July 9. While stopping for the night, Eliwood's company encounters a merchant, Merlinus (40), beset by bandits. They rescue him, and he volunteers to join them as their manager of inventory.[16]
July 11. Upon arrival in Laus, Eliwood and Hector are approached by their schoolmate Erik, son of Laus's marquess Darin. He feigns friendship, but neither believes him. Battle is soon waged. During the engagement, Serra runs into her old bodyguard Erk (16), who joins their group in exchange for helping his current client, the cleric Priscilla (), who has been kept from leaving Laus by Darin in an ephebophilic madness. Erik is defeated, but allowed to live after learning his father has fled and abandoned him to his fate.[17]
July 13. Eliwood's group arrives in Caelin to find it invaded by forces from Laus. Eliwood, Mark, Matthew, Serra, Erk, and Dorcas reunite with Lyn (18), Kent (20), Sain (20), Florina (17), and Wil (17). They drive out the invaders. Within Castle Caelin, Ephidel wounds Hausen, and departs with Darin, ordering the Black Fang Leila to finish him off.[18]

  • Births: Trec (February 22)


  • Births: Noah (January 19), Elen (March 24), Alen (August 15), Lance (September 25)


January 9. Karla () and Bartre () welcome their daughter, Fir, to the world.



  • In Aquleia, a noble boy, Klein (4), falls into a gladiator arena. A young gladiator, Dieck (15), comes to his rescue, and is attacked by a lion. He is repeatedly slashed by its claws, resulting in a number of scars. Klein's grateful parents, Louise and Pent, in their gratitude, bring Dieck into their home and begin treating him as a son.5


December 8. Nino () gives birth to twins Lugh and Raigh with her husband Jaffar () at her side.


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