Timeline: 2651-2700



A colonial expedition from Earth arrives on the planet Ekron. They settle there, renaming it "Aleph".


  • Hargreaves, the A.I. aboard the HMS Aquitaine revives the crew just in time for the ship to be destroyed by a black hole. The Doctor (fifth incarnation) and his companions Nyssa (40) and Tegan Jovanka (23/1983), along with an alternate future Hargreaves in a severed robot head, arrive, and rescue the crew from Aquitaine's destruction, and are taken to human civilization. Hargreaves rejoins his crew.1


Steven Taylor is briefly abducted to the Death Zone on Gallifrey in 6701.


The Earth Empire invades and conquers Tractis, committing near-genocide on its population, all in order to obtain its mineral wealth.


  • The ice hauler Canterbury stops to investigate the seemingly derelict ship Scopuli. Executive officer Jim Holden takes a small team (engineer Naomi Nagata, her right hand man Amos Burton, pilot Alex Kamal, and medic Shed Garvey) with him. While on their away mission, a stealth ship, Anubis, owned by the corporation Protogen, destroys Canterbury with a nuclear warhead.2


The Doctor (seventh incarnation), Roz Forrester (), and Chris Cwej () arrive on the colony world Scientifica, and begin a mission to ensure a powerful extra-dimensional race, the Ferutu, are defeated, in order to save reality. The job is complicated by the appearance of the Doctor's fifth incarnation and companions Adric (), Nyssa (), and Tegan Jovanka (). Ultimately, they are successful.


The Doctor (seventh incarnation) and Benny Summerfield () visit the planet Hogsumm, which the recently awoken criminal Sheldukher has visited in order to capture a legendary Highest Science of Sakkrat. Things are complicated by the visitation of Chelonian invaders and time-displaced 20th century commuters. The Doctor and Benny learn that Hogsumm is not Sakkrat, as it was all a ploy to get Sheldukher to return the advanced brain entity The Cell. The Chelonians and commuters are ultimately trapped in stopped time.


The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Peri Brown () visit Gralista Social and Peri gets infected with a disease, but the mysterious aliens the Viyrans cure her by helping her want to forget.


The Doctor (sixth incarnation) and Peri Brown, aboard the TARDIS, arrive at Telos, and manage to defeat a Cyberman plot to undo the destruction of Mondas in 1986. They are aided by the mercenary Gustave Lytten (who dies in the attempt) and some of the survivors of Telos's native population, the Cryons.


  • The Three Supreme Beings in the utopian enclave of San Dimas, California, send Rufus on a mission to the past to help Bill Preston and Ted Logan pass their history course and ensure their cult's beginnings. During Bill and Ted's actual adventure, they briefly appear in this time and meet the Supreme Beings and many of their citizens.3


  • The "Swampies" (Broclotons) of Delta Magna are expelled from their home planet and placed on a reservation on one of the planet's moons.
  • Dystopia fan Chuck De Nomolos attacks Rufus's classroom in San Dimas. He intends to use robot duplicates of Wyld Stallyns Bill Preston and Ted Logan to kill them in the past. Rufus manages to escape into the timestream. De Nomolos departs for 1991, where he and the robots are defeated.4


  • The Alephian colonial government is overthrown by Jewish extremists. The new government declares the independence of the Despotate of Aleph and Tav, and cuts off ties to Earth.
  • Diplomatic overtures result in the Earth Empire recognizing Aleph's independence.


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