Timeline: 2626-2650



  • The Vok Ascendancy is conquered by the Union of Cybertron. The Ascendancy is dissolved, and its planets, including Vokaz, are made subjects of the Union.



  • The Doctor (fifth incarnation) and Peri Brown (21) arrive on Androzani Minor in the TARDIS. They are soon infected with Spectrox toxemia, and drawn into a political conspiracy originating on Androzani Major. The Androzani president is assassinated, but the assassin and conspirators are all eventually killed. The Doctor is able to save Peri from the toxemia, but he has no cure left for himself. He manages to regenerate into his sixth incarnation.1
  • Contra Force, an anti-alien task force, sends its agents Bill Rizer (24) and Lance Bean, on a mission to a tropical island. They stop the creature code-named "Red Falcon", preventing Earth's enslavement.2


  • Levithia joins the Cyrrhenic Alliance.


  • The Cult of the Wyld Stallyns fully isolates the city of San Dimas, California, turning it into a utopia.



Levithian tyrant Graff Vynda-K returns to Levithia, and is rejected by the population, who support his half-brother Groobb Sondu-G retaining the throne.
Sida Taylor is born on Lajoch.


The Doctor (fourth incarnation) is recruited by the White Guardian entity (Master Order) to find the six segments of the Key of Time, a powerful temporal talisman. The Guardian recruits the Time Lady Romanadvoratrelundar (who the Doctor quickly nicknames "Romana") to assist him. Together with K-9 Mark II, they travel to the planet Ribos. There they encounter the former Levithian tyrant Graff Vynda-K (who dies) and a pair of human con artists before procuring the first segment of the Key.


Dodo Taylor is killed.
Steven Taylor steps down as King of Lajoch. His two surviving daughters begin a civil war over control of the planet.


Scientist John Fox attempts traveling through time, and ends up getting Speed Force powers, becoming the Flash.


  • The Doctor (tenth incarnation) and Donna Noble go to the leisure planet Midnight. While Donna relaxes, the Doctor faces a malevolent entity while on a shuttle tour of the planet's surface. The shuttle's flight attendant sacrifices her life to stop the entity.3


A democratic revolution causes the Taylor sisters to step down from their roles as leaders of Lajoch.


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